7.5 Earthquake Rocks the Peruvian and Brazilian Border

7.5 Earthquake Rocks the Peruvian and Brazilian Border


A 7.5 magnitude (M) earthquake occurred Nov. 24, 2015, at 22:53 UTC. The quake rocked the Peruvian and Brazilian border. The epicenter was in the Parque Nacional Alto Purus at a depth of 593 km. The tremor coordinates were 10.360°S 71.000°W.

The Tremor Occurred Near the Following Cities

175 km WNW of Iberia. Peru
248 km W of Cobija, Bolivia
250 km W of Brasilia, Brazil
270 km S of Tarauaca, Brazil
677 km ENE of Lima, Peru

Residents from Cusco, Peru report, several aftershocks and another states the room he was in moved slightly. He explained, “There was just an earthquake, and I was watching the water in my glass move.”

In Iberia, Peru a resident reported there were three tremors, each felt different in strength. A person in Lima, Peru stated they were on the ninth floor of a hotel and felt a light shaking.

The Earthquake Report website provided the following information: There are approximately 30,000 people who may have experienced strong tremors in the region; where there is “no adequate earthquake resistant housing.”

Large landslides are expected in the area, which is rainforest. “Due to the location of the epicenter, we expect that it will take many hours before news will come out of the jungle.”

The Public Slate will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as more information becomes available.

By Cathy Milne

Earthquake Report: Very Strong deep and dangerous earthquake below the Peru-Brazil border region
Featured Image Courtesy of frolicsomepl’s Pixabay Page – Public Domain License