The Future Joker on ‘Gotham’

The Future Joker on ‘Gotham’


The future of Gotham‘s Joker is up in the air at this time. There were many fans who believed Jerome was Gotham‘s future Joker, right down to the laugh, claims CinemaBlend. However, Jerome is no longer an option for Joker as he has been killed by Theo Galavan.

In regard to the Joker, actor Cameron Monaghan, had this to say, “I think he’s the Joker in that he represents the idea, the greater concept. And somewhere, some kid or some person watched [his videos/the news coverage] and it burrowed into their mind, and one day it will snap and take them over. The idea of this person will possess someone completely new. So, I love that idea – something about it really is chilling and excited me when I read the episode.”

According to TV Line, the audience did not embrace the death of Jerome or departure of Monaghan. People questioned if the blade in Jerome’s neck was real, since he was part of the magic act with Barbara when he was killed. However, it is true and Jerome is actually dead.

CinemaBlend believes Jerome had an impact on Gotham. Since Monaghan says his character was the blueprint for Joker, expect there to be copycats. There has already been a hint of this possibility, and following Jerome’s death, there were many people causing mayhem and attempting to mimic his unique laugh.

Gotham can now create a new origin of the Joker’s story. This new narrative has already begun. The end of this episode showed multiple scenes of the mouths of young boys laughing madly while seeing Jerome on television. Then, the voice of his dead father predicted his son’s influence on the future of Gotham.

Jerome influenced the future Joker when he killed the police commissioner and deputy mayor on live television. The future Joker’s psyche has started to loosen and will begin to have a flair for the theatrical as well as a zeal for violence, as predicted by Bustle.

Meanwhile, Variety believes there are plenty of potential Jokers in Gotham. The short list includes a boy who has negligent parents, the drunk at the bar, and the two who killed a homeless man.

Bruno Heller explained to Nerdist that there are concrete answers to whom Jerome really was and viewers will learn about the myth of the Joker, how the myth began, as well as how the Joker emerged. The executive producers of Gotham stated at San Diego’s Comic-Con that this world is pre-Batman, therefore, the Joker is a mere ideology.

Heller also announced that there will be two more additions to the pre-Batman saga and there will be new locations to see as well. Heller told Nerdist that this season viewers will be privy to the bioengineering lab on Indian Hill, the depths of Wayne Enterprises, and its hidden features. Moreover, viewers will also meet Mr. Freeze and Dr. Hugo Strange.

Characters who are already known to be future villains have been provoked by Jerome. Both Penguin and Galavan have joked about making their laughs more distinctive. Creating a Joker that is a copycat killer is a first, says Bustle, but it works for the show.

Monaghan originally signed on for one episode of Gotham in the first season. Fortunately, he was able to return for a second season. Fans may miss Jerome’s unique personality and laugh, but within the city of Gotham, someone is becoming a greater villain.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

By Jeanette Smith
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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