Terrorism on U.S. Soil

Terrorism on U.S. Soil



In the wake of 9/11, many wonder about terrorism on U.S. soil. Are there, in fact, terrorists among us on American soil? If you believe the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has it all under control, think again, because hundreds of terrorist attacks have been averted since September 11. Terrorism has become a new reality and “watchword” in America these days.

Since the horrible devastation of 9/11, terrorists have been contaminating American soil. In fact, there have been countless inhumane, narcissistic domestic terrorism attacks being carried out in almost every state of the U.S., mainly targeting large groups of civilians gathered together at public functions such as the Boston Marathon, movie theaters, or even sporting events.

America is the land of opportunity and many individuals of different nationalities are eager to come to our shores in pursuit of a better life. Thus, making it easy for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter American soil and overtake our nation. Some of the well-known target areas of vulnerability for immigrants include the Mexican border, California, and even Niagara Falls, Canada.

It is believed by locals living in these hotspots that the terrorists like to slip in through the cracks in the middle of the night. For instance, in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY, which is a hop-skip-and-jump from the Canadian border, there has been a significant amount of terrorist traffic linked to this hub. In fact, in September 2002, there was a group of men who were linked to terrorism and even made national headlines. This group was known as the Lackawanna 6, and they were found to be aiding terrorists as well as planning to join them on these heinous attacks being carried out against innocent citizens in their own country. The same country they were born in and have lived in their entire lives. A country that provided jobs for them and helped to ensure they were fed, clothed, and sheltered throughout their lives.

Many might wonder how these men could live with themselves after betraying America, as Judas did to Jesus. Growing up in a very urban community in Buffalo, NY, which is only five minutes from Lackawanna, residents of my neighborhood always feared the worst would happen via witnessing an epidemic of illegal aliens living among us. All of our corner stores were owned by Arabs or those of Islamic descent whom only hired their own family members. Many of whom were fresh off the boat and spoke no English. In many cases, it became evident our suspicions regarding their illegal alien status was true when they started getting deported. Some were desperate enough to ask for my hand in marriage in an attempt to stay in the country. As a result, I have been asked by at least a dozen Islamics for my hand in marriage. Moreover, many of them have offered large sums of money in order to gain assistance with obtaining a green card.

As a born-again Christian, I refused these gestures. However, I have witnessed countless neighbors as well as friends make arrangements with these illegal immigrants to help keep them in this country of life, love, freedom, liberty, and the American dream. Now, 20 years later, the epidemic of illegal immigration has grown to epidemic proportions and we, as a nation, are slowly losing the battle. While illegal immigration does not necessary go hand-in-hand with terrorism, there is concern that these individuals may be susceptible to extremist groups as a form of acceptance. However, people from all walks of life are vulnerable to these influences and could become involved in terrorism for various reasons.

Terrorism hit close to home yet again on July 29 of this year when another man, Nagi Mohammed, was found to be aiding terrorists in the very same suburb of Buffalo where they discovered the Lackawanna 6. This disturbing turn of events has led me to strongly believe that there are armies and colonies of these terrorists hiding among us. Please understand, I mean no disrespect to any particular group of people for I am a child of God and I love all people. However, can we consider terrorists to be normal human beings? Those involved in terrorism usually display no human emotion and are cold-blooded by nature. Thus, it is debatable how they can or should be viewed, especially when considering the horrific acts of terrorism they have plotted, planned, and/or executed.

Opinion and Blog by Elizabeth Harrison
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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