‘Gotham’ Female Joker?

‘Gotham’ Female Joker? [Spoilers]


ComicBook.com believes that Gotham’s Joker cannot be who many think it is. In the episode that aired Oct. 5, “The Last Laugh!,” Jerome met his end due to Theo Galavan. According to MovieWeb, Jerome has done his part to set up the future Joker. Is it possible the villain will be a woman?

Bruno Heller, Gotham‘s executive producer and writer, is aware that Suicide Squad‘s Jared Leto will certainly be a Joker unlikely to be topped. If Gotham had a female Joker, it would separate the two identities entirely and without confusion. It is also in the hands of the writers and director to decide when the clown will make his or her first appearance.

Season 2 of Gotham is also referred to as Rise of the Villains. That being said, more seem to be dying early in the season since there have only been three episodes as of Oct. 5. MovieWeb has predicted that this Joker will be like nothing audiences have ever experienced before. Heller could first take fans on a wild ride of many Joker possibilities, in order to keep the audience guessing.

According to MovieWeb, it has already been suggested that the Joker might not be revealed until later seasons. It is also possible that the identity will remain unknown until Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, which is not planned until the last episode.

When directly asked about the idea of a female Joker, Heller responded candidly that it is a possibility. ComicBook.com claims there has already been evidence on Gotham, as Barbara Kean is no longer Gordon’s fiancé but is now a villain, supporting the female Joker theory. Moreover, this idea also gains support from the comic book.

If Gotham is an “alternate reality” to DC Comics, in another alternate reality, Flashpoint, there has been a female Joker. In that world, Bruce is murdered and Thomas, his father, becomes Batman and his mother, The Joker.

Historically, in the comic books, Barbara Kean is not mentally stable. Barbara and Jim Gordon have a son together. He becomes a serial killer himself. Kean has a sadistic smirk and wild streak. Could it be the Joker in her starting to reveal itself on Gotham?

Heller says the twist of a female Joker is “100% possible.” He goes on to say that a core theme of DC is to transform and discover. He states a female Joker has been discussed and considered. Then, he stopped himself so he would not reveal too much.

Gotham, as described by Heller, is a story that is mind-blowing, rich, dream-like, and extremely expandable. He says this is both fun and scary at the same time, because, in this story, anything can happen. The writers enjoy exploring the bizarre, shocking, and strange. In fact, nothing can be too over-the-top to consider.

Gotham’s director promises the audience will see some of these surprising twists and it will be to the horror or delight of fans. Heller says as long as the viewers are engaged, then it was a job well done. Due to a fear of giving away too much, he will not reveal any further details about the Joker.

By Jeanette Smith
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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