Virginia Shootings – Time for Change?

Virginia Shootings – Time for Change?


Like so many others, the event that took place in Virginia on Wednesday 26th, shocked me to the core. Two journalists, a presenter and cameraman were shot dead on live television; and it was watched by thousands of viewers. As the camera switched back to the WDBJ studio, a stunned anchorwoman was left processing what had just taken place. Alison Parker was just 24 and was 2 years older than me. Adam Ward was only 27.

The lives lost that day will once again reinforce the message for America to take control of their loose gun laws. Not to mention that the second amendment of the United States Constitution is now, arguably, a little outdated.

The number of gun crimes and mass shootings that have happened in the USA is phenomenal, and seems like a situation out of control. This coming from a person like myself, a resident of the UK.

What message is this sending to the younger generation? We don’t realize the amount of violence that individuals absorb as children. What we see and do in life is partially influenced by the society around us. Two innocent lives were lost in this recent shooting; and it could have been prevented. These were two people still in their twenties and with the rest of their lives in front of them, including marriage. The actions made by the ex-journalist will perhaps have devastating consequences. There were so many witnesses, thus it will be remembered by thousands of people.

We’ve almost become numb to what we see and read in the news. We push these issues to the back of our minds because it happens to other people’s families, friends and in other countries. But what happens when it happens to us, our friends, our family, our country. Maybe we need to put ourselves in the shoes of others and do something about it rather than chatting about it down at the local pub or switching the channel on our televisions.

When will we stand together and fight to amend this constitution? How many more have to die before the nation takes action. Only time and undoubtedly death will tell.

Written by Natalie Redman