The Movie Concussion Is a NFL Tale Fans Are Waiting to Hear

The Movie Concussion Is a NFL Tale Fans Are Waiting to Hear


For sometime now we heard about former NFL players committing suicide years after they retire due to concussion symptoms. For the longest time it seemed The NFL had no idea what was going on with these deaths. Until it came out that concussions were a lot severe than we thought and the NFL withheld this information from the public and probably the players. Which is why they started enforcing rules to protect the players that worked for them. Like the no helmet to helmet contact rule that was out in place probably around 2009. What was found in recent studies in concussions is that repeated head trauma causes you to suffer from a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

If all of this is confusing don’t worry cause you can see a visual explanation from Will Smith in his new movie Concussion. The movie follows a doctor by the name of Bennet Omalu. Dr. Bennet was the former NFL and NCAA doctor who found that chronic brain injury was common in the deaths of NFL players including Junior Seau. In the movie it shows that some key positions in the League office wanted Bennett to keep everything under wraps while Omalu does the exact opposite.

It looks as though Will Smith will have his hands tied in this movie as he gives off what we could see as another stellar performance. Now how could we hate anything Will Smith does since you know he’s Will Smith or the Fresh Prince, but that is of course you’re the people taking the shots.

With the NFL just wrapping up their court troubles on this issue a movie comes out calling them liars. The league owners spent most of May trying to decide how to deal with this movie’s coming release.

More on who Dr. Bennett is, he was born in Nigeria where he became neuropathologist. He first to find out the true destructive nature of football when he described, identified, and name CTE and present it to the world. Bennet first found the disease when he examined Mike Webster who had an odd life after retiring from the NFL. He was surprised to find him there since he assumed he passed from a heart attack. When beginning the autopsy he cracked his skull thinking he would see signs of Alzheimer, but was shocked to see a normal looking brain.

Omalu was able to tell the signs of depression through some other signs in his brain called symptomatology. Bennet also brought his age as another factor to why Mike actually did still have Alzheimer becuase it was odd that he’d look so old, but still didn’t sit on it 100%. After sending it to Pittsburgh University and looking over it after sitting on it for a few months he noticed changes on the brain. He said there was protein that shouldn’t have been there. That’s when he started to really examine and where the movie begins.

The biggest secret in entertainment history will be debunked for you in an entertaining two hour run time. Concussion comes out December 25 this christmas.

Written by Robert Desmarat