Kris Jenner Meets Caitlyn for the First Time

Kris Jenner Meets Caitlyn for the First Time


It is a tense moment when 59 year old momeger Kris Jenner of the Kardashian family meets Caitlyn Jenner for the first time since the 65 year old made up her mind and decided to become a transgender woman. In a scene of the much publicized clip from E!’s I am cait docuseries, we see Kris Jenner’s reaction when she arrives at Caitlyn’s Malibu home. The two appear to be friendly, although the meeting clearly appears to be tense.

Before the meeting, Caitlyn talks about the “good times” they had together throughout their 23 year marriage before divorce in December of 2014. “I dont know if we’ll resolve anything or whatever. But I should prpbably get some things off my chest and probably her too. We moved on, both of us, but I dont want to throw all of the good times away, “Caitlyn says.” And for the kids, Kendall and kylie, I dont want tension. I don’t want to put then in a tough position. Thos is really very, very difficult.”

Caitlyn opens the door to a smilling Kris. “Oh my goodness look at your nice shoes,” she exclaims and hands Caitlyn Jenner a box of fresh cookies, a house warming gift. Then they sit down in the kitchen and share a drink. They staree at each other awkwardly before Caitlyn Jenner finally says “So?” and the clip comes to an end.

EW refers to it as a perfect “superteaser”. Although Kris Jenner sounds open hearted with her feelings, when she goes on to hit hard on Caitlyn Jenner in another clip while in tears saying, “You are sensitive and amazing to all these new people in your life, you’re just no so sensitive and amazing to the family that you left behind. “On the other hand Caitlyn Jenner replies saying, “I try to do everything I can to be nice, reach out. You have to see it from my perspective, be an ally when it comes to dealing with the kids.

Kris slams Caitlyn with the Vanity Fair article where she is quoted saying that her family was a distraction during her transition.”This is not the issue, I was defending myself. It was a disrraction from who I was. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you and the kids.”

While we cannot really tell if the two have been able to find common ground on their issues, Caitlyn and Kris have have since been spotted together suggesting that the two have resolved their issues. Caitlyn is seen seates next to Kris and her new boyfriend Corey Gamble at Kylie’s 18th birthday party. Another picture depicts them hugging outside a family dinning maarking their daughter’s big day.

Credible sources also indicate that the moment that has had I Am Cait fans talking, was just staged for the show on E pop(E! channel) and does not necesarily imply that the two are going through tough times at this point in their lives.

Written by Dennis Kiplangat