Trump: Next President of the United States of America?

Trump: Next President of the United States of America?


There aren’t too many places in America where you will find a person who doesn’t know, “The Trump.” A billionaire not afraid of flaunting his wealth and accomplishments, Donald John Trump SR, is a man of immense influence in business today. Born June 14, 1946 in Brooklyn, NY. He is one of five children born to a Scottish immigrant mother. Trump spent his childhood in New York before transferring to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

After a turbulent real estate career that started under his father’s wing, and even involved the Justice Department at one point, Trump has managed to build his name like the Pharaohs of old, branding everything he can put his name to. While unarguably successful, despite numerous bankruptcies – Trump Taj Mahal in 1991 and Trump Plaza the following year, just to name a couple – and a crumbling empire, one must ask; is Trump a likely candidate for President?

According to Presidential Election Polls of 2016, Trump won those polls in several states, including Florida. A state that has voted largely Republican since Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy; a strategy that fed off of racial tensions during the American Civil Rights Movement, and favored white votes. The Trump even managed to take the poll for Republican Presidential Nomination on Tuesday, August 19.

So the business tycoon has scored well on some polls, but what about his policies?

Trump is no fan of immigration. His plan, as Commander-in-Chief, would be to erect a wall between the Unites States and Mexico. Furthermore, the Trump would bill Mexico for the construction; a move which would likely put enormous strain on the state. He would expel over 11 million immigrants, come down on legal immigration, and institute a national job verification system; something even legal citizens would be subject to. Despite the lunacy of such a plan, and the detriment to US-Mexico relations, several other Republican candidates are following in the Trump’s wake. So is it likely this could be a winning strategy during election season? Probably not. Labeling an entire minority as murderers, rapists, and thieves is hardly conducive to votes.

But what of the middle east? While largely an issue tackled by Presidents Bush and Obama, the middle east will remain a factor for any hopeful candidate in the running next year. According to an interview in June with Bill O’Reilly, famous from the O’Reilly Factor, a Fox News talk show, Trump stated, “Take back the oil..” and “..bomb the hell out of ‘em…and then you encircle it..”. A game plan which entails deploying ground troops once more in a combat role in the middle east.

Whether either of these policies are actually viable, Donald Trump is currently at the forefront of Republican polls for President. Facts everyone in America should consider thoughtfully.

Written by August Tower