One Direction Will Be Heading in Different Directions? Seriously?!

One Direction Will Be Heading in Different Directions? Seriously?!


Take a deep deep deep breath, Directioners! A few months ago Zayn left that famous boyband and right now the rest of the group will be going separate ways. Oh well! what does it mean then? It means that we are not being able to see them on tour!

But chill out, Directioners. According to People, One Direction will embark on an extended hiatus starting in March of the next year. Ah! Thank God, They are only taking a break.
The group has decided to take a year long break from the band because they want to focus on their own projects. They made that decision after several days their newest music Drag Me Down being released.

The music video of Drag Me Down is the first music video without Zayn after he quit from the band. Zayn left the group because he wanted to be a normal boy and have some private time. Even though Zayn is no longer 1Ds member, he keeps on supporting his ex-bandmates. He showed his support by posting on Twitter Proud of my boys the new single is sick. Big love. ( x.
Directioners are not really surprised by the news because after Zayn left the band, they think that 1D is not the same without Zayn and they think that the British famous boyband will not ‘survive’. Besides, there a lot of going on lately with the group. There is news that Louis is expecting his very first baby and Zayn broke up with his girlfriend, Perry Edwards.
However, if they will be taking a long break, it means that there will be no tour for the fifth album. Oh no. but they need to take a break, they are human too, just like us.

Source told E! News that the boys love working together, they envision a future together but with the freedom to do other things as well.
Nevermind, One Direction! We wish you the best of luck and always support you guys!

Written by Triyanti Mandasari