Jenna Jameson Heads to Celebrity Big Brother UK 2015

Jenna Jameson Heads to Celebrity Big Brother UK 2015


Jenna Jameson has been in the headlines for everything but anything career related. The former porn star turned web cam model left for the UK on Saturday for her next reality show Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Ms. Jameson appeared on Couples Therapy where she faked her relationship with John Wood in an attempt to earn herself a $250,000 paycheck. During that time she also appeared to be high on drugs and going through drug withdrawals. Her appearance earned a great deal of negative reactions from her fans and viewers of the show.

Jameson has also returned to the adult entertainment lifestyle claiming she would like to stay in touch with her fans by becoming a web cam model on the popular site However, Ms. Jameson has also appeared highly intoxicated on her webcam shows with many of the viewers posting photos of her performances displaying a very high Jameson.

In one of her recent interviews for, Jameson reports her sobriety means a great deal to her and she was very focused on staying sober. However, she also was just recently shown in a nail shop drinking champagne. Jenna Jameson is also in a legal battle with her ex boyfriend Tito Ortiz over a house she claims is 50% hers, yet the property records show Ortiz as the sole property owner. Jameson’s Hollywood Hills home was foreclosing during the time she and Ortiz moved into the Huntington Beach front mansion.

Jameson is now going to test the waters in a different country in a high stress level situation with her sobriety and her ability to play nice with the other cast mates of Celebrity Big Brother UK. Based on her performances in the past, Ms. Jameson will have a rocky road ahead of her. If the show doesn’t work out, Jameson will return to the US hopefully to check herself into Court ordered rehab in an attempt to get supervised visitation with her twin boys she has not seen in 2 years.

Written by Ingrid Redding

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