Gay Marriage Is Not Gay Love, It Is Just Love

Gay Marriage Is Not Gay Love, It Is Just Love


The American family is steadily changing, and with the legalization of gay marriage, many gay and lesbian couples are heading for the altar. Although there are still many who fight against the human right of gay marriage, that is not stopping lesbian and gay couples from saying “I do.” The fight to legalize gay marriage was not about gay love, but was fought in the name of all love.

Although June 26, 2015, the day when gay marriage was made legal, was a great day for marriage equality, life after the altar, with its discrimination in the workplace and public harassment simply based on who one loves, proves that gay marriage has not made all Americans equal. There are many across the nation who have found that having a same-sex spouse still causes problems.

About 50 years ago, a similar marriage battle was fought to legalize interracial marriage. Marriage between whites and blacks who loved each other was forbidden then for many of the same reasons gay marriage was forbidden. The battle was fought by those who quoted Bible scripture to profess that God was against interracial marriage and by those who believed blacks to be inferior to whites.

Fifty years later, a marriage battle began anew in America – the campaign to legalize gay marriage in the U.S. Canada and the U.K. also allow for lesbian and gay couples to wed, but in a country where all people, religions and races are supposed to be welcomed, gay marriage as a basic right was being denied.

The first American settlers came to the country in order to practice their religion in freedom, but in the present world, not all religious people believe in the same God. Some do not believe in any god, and not all Christians are heterosexual. Christian lesbians and gays find it difficult to practice their religion due to fellow Christians who judge and criticize them instead of being like Jesus and loving one’s brother and sister.

These same Christians show up to congressional hearings and other state and federal buildings to protest gay marriage, but they are seldom found when young children are gunned down, homeless, or starving. It seems as though some who believe in the Bible only believe the parts with which they agree, causing the world to be more broken and filled with more hate than it currently is.

The LGBT community just wants the opportunity to love and to spend their life with the one they love. Gay marriage has no effect on “traditional” marriages or families, or on the children involved. Children have been growing up in divorced and dysfunctional families for centuries. There are kids who were abused by one or both of their parents who would much rather have been raised by two loving mothers or two loving fathers. The legalization of gay marriage means that some of these children will now have two loving parents who are in love and legally married with the same rights as heterosexual couples.

Marriage is an institution of love between two loving, committed adults. Lesbian and gay marriage is no more of a threat to marriage than “traditional” marriage. The biggest threat to marriage is divorce, and that has been occurring for years and still does. Better to work on cutting the divorce rate among all couples, which will have more of an impact on “traditional” families, and in a much more positive way.

Opinion by Kelly Newson

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

CNN: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide

Image Courtesy of Kentucky Photo File’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License