Donald Trump and Women in America

Donald Trump and Women in America


There is one thing in common between Donald Trump and those strong women. They kick ass. There is. However, a difference in the methods. While Donald Trump thinks he is being funny and classy, real strong women actually are classy and funny. Just imagine a world where women can be made to “shut up” simply with a remark about their menstruation cycle. I don’t know about the rest of the emancipated entrepreneurial women out there, but I don’t think I would like to live in an America where pulling women down and using gender stereotypes as a catchphrase in political speeches is a norm. The problem, however, is much deeper than that. There are some (yes, nobody knows how many) people out there who thought that Donald Trump was funny when he referred to Megyn Kelly’s menstruation.

An entrepreneur? Yes. A politician? No.
There are many reasons why people should look up to Mr Trump. We can all agree on that. He is a self-made man. He has built his empire from the ground up. He has recovered from bankruptcy. He has gone through three wives. But… he has also owned beauty pageants. Treating women like a piece of meat and rating their body is not one of the best ways of impressing them. All his wives were from Eastern Europe. He either has good taste or likes being in charge.

On the political career (or the lack of it), there is not much to say. Mr Trump is use to the cruelty of the business world, and is trying to apply the same principles for politics. Taking into consideration that over 50 percent of voters are stereotyped as sensitive, empathetic women, it is not likely to work, Mr Trump.

Getting back to the image of a country where personal attacks on people are like standard norms. Could we, women, actually turn back on Mr Trump and ask him if he is getting enough sex, as he is getting a bit moody lately? Or simply check whether or not he took his Viagra last night? It would certainly not be more sexist than the remark about periods (menstruation). In a world like that, many problems would occur. People would not get help. A self made man will not care about the weak. Only sentimental women do, according to the views of Mr Trump.

Recently called a “perpetual RBF (resting face)” by Lauren Thomson, the politician would not care if half the population of the United States starved. He would have his businessman hat on all the time. This is bad news for people and the economy. History has already proved that oppressed people cannot build democracy. In one of his recent speeches, he suggested that the U.S. build a great wall to close off Mexico. Perhaps there should be a massive wall around Europe as well to keep the refugees out, instead of taking them in by the hundreds of thousands. That would certainly solve the problem. Or we could build a second Berlin Wall to exclude those who think differently. Is this the way forward for America? Hopefully not.

Written by Laura Farkas