Affordable Care Act Not Affordable for Some

Affordable Care Act Not Affordable for Some


The Affordable Care Act in its infancy was an idealistic means of providing affordable healthcare access to all Americans. I refer to the lofty aspirations of the Affordable Care Act as being idealistic due to the fact that many Americans to date still exist on the outskirts of ‘societal acceptance’ by choosing to not opt in for health insurance coverage.

While subsidies for the Affordable Care Act have helped 1 in 6 Americans cover the cost of health insurance, those who have foregone coverage even whilst under the threat of looming tax penalties still reinforce the gap between the haves and the have nots.

Medicaid for example provides coverage for those at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty level.The typically lower-middle class population will not meet those stringent requirements of public assistance and will again fall in the gap of choosing whether or not to feed their families or pay the approximate $100.00 per person to ensure affordable’ coverage.

This subsidy, while addressing the needs of some in securing affordable monthly payments, many are then left in the lurch trying to satisfy high deductible costs as well as high out of pocket maximums. To illustrate the point further, some are not guaranteed unlimited lifetime maximums and if faced with a debilitating illness or disease could quickly see the insurance coverage that they were strong-armed into buying be depleted and they be left making payments on a non-existent plan.

The Affordable Care Act and Obama Care are a great aspiration in an attempt to level the playing field for all Americans to have dependable and equal access to equility in medical care. There are still issues at hand that need to be addressed however and by each citizen exercising their right of choice (within reason and bureaucratic red tape) we work towards providing a truly democratic voice for the people.

Written by April Office