Sofia Vergara: Manganiello Engagement Off as Actress Wants No Babies?

Sofia Vergara: Manganiello Engagement Off as Actress Wants No Babies?


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello could potentially be calling off their engagement following reports that the actress is hesitant on having more children. As the former True Blood star has grown to the idea of starting a family with the 42-year-old, Vergara has reportedly been the complete opposite, uncertain whether she even wants to have another baby.

Star magazine alleges that one of her biggest fears is that she is too old to be a mother. Back when she was happily engaged to her previous lover Nick Loeb, the Hollywood A-list underwent IVF treatments as the couple geared up to begin the pregnancy journey together. Weeks later and the engagement is abruptly called off — Vergara supposedly ended the relationship but never commented on why she decided to break up with Loeb.

Either way, her being with her ex-fiance and having reportedly experienced the struggle of conceiving at her age has not been easy for the actress. Female Hollywood stars that are in their early 40s have every right to worry about having another child — their career is somewhat put on the line once they become pregnant. With Vergara earning close to $1million per episode on Modern Family, it is certain that the 42-year-old most definitely would not want to miss out on an entire season, let alone be replaced by someone else. It is not easy finding good paying jobs in Hollywood once the mid-40s are approaching. 

Manganiello is really into the idea of starting a family; he desperately wants to become a father and could see himself settling down with his fiancee, who gives the impression that having more children is not quite what she is hoping for. Vergara already has a 22-year-old son named Manolo, which makes her decision much easier on her — since she already has a child, Vergara is somewhat selfish by not considering her fiance’s needs. 

“Joe wants kids with Sofia Vergara – and in the near future. I know that he would be a great father, but Sofia isn’t thrilled about the idea of having kids,” the source tells Star. The insider would go on to add that Vergara is unsure of the idea of having another baby simply because of her age.

The downsides she sees to this are that she could potentially lose her job, and the struggle she went through to conceive with Loeb was enough to put her off the entire process for good. While there is some sympathy for Vergara, the actress does not even seem to be trying to get pregnant. Since Manganiello has allegedly made it very clear that he wants children, their marriage plans could potentially fall through, all because Ms. Vergara reportedly wants to close the chapter on having children.

Granted, having another child will mean Vergara will need to find time to be with the baby, and seeing the way her career has been going as of late, she would be disappointed not to fulfil all her working duties because she is held up at her home to take care of her child. If the woman does not want children but is forced into having one anyway, things are only going to get more complicated. Manganiello is better off without her if reports are true Vergara has suddenly decided to bail on the idea of starting a family with the Magic Mike star.

By Maurice Cassidy


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