Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Split Amid Chloe Bartoli Alleged Affair?

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Split Amid Chloe Bartoli Alleged Affair?


Kourtney Kardashian has reportedly dumped Scott Disick following photographs emerging online, showing her boyfriend getting cozy with ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli in Monaco. While it is still unclear as to why the socialite flew out to Monaco with Bartoli in the first place, the paparazzi snapped dozens of photos that evidently showed the reality star cheating.

Along with the recent scandal that had reports claiming Disick was allegedly hooking up with a 21-year-old at a New York hotel last month, Kardashian is said to have ended her eight-year relationship with the 32-year-old. Kardashian has stressed to friends that she cannot babysit Disick any longer, having had to deal with the fact that her partner could not control his alcohol whenever he was paid to host a nightclub event.

Disick, who notoriously makes a living from paid nightclub parties, is known to drink uncontrollably; it has often led him to brief stays at rehab, and by the look of things, they have never done him any good. The Hollywood duo have fought and argued so much in recent months that Disick has spent more time away from his girlfriend than with her, despite the fact that they have three children at home that need looking after, it is claimed.

Judging by the photos that have now surfaced online, it is clear that the aging reality star has no interest in being a committed family man, showing signs that he has given up on the relationship himself. Kardashian has reacted to the photos by making several phone calls to her lawyers who will handle her forthcoming alleged custody battle — she is certain Disick will put up a front in court for joint custody.

A source tells Life & Style magazine, “She called Scott after the latest story about his infidelity came out and told him that he will never see his kids again. Kourtney told Scott that her lawyers will destroy him if he tries to touch her $44 Million fortune in retaliation.” Kardashian feels as if she does not even know the man she has spent eight years of her life with, an insider adds. Kardashian understands that the loss of his parents in 2013 was extremely hard on him, but she cannot excuse his alcohol and alleged drug problems any longer. Either he chooses to be a family man or he leaves everything behind and does his own thing. It seems Disick has already decided what he wants to do.

While many have doubted the idea that Kardashian could dump Disick for good this time, the 36-year-old is said to be sticking to her word. The only way Kardashian can find happiness is without having to worry whether her boyfriend is allegedly cheating on her again. Or better yet, without having to worry whether Disick can mentally cope being in a nightclub without drinking so much that he begins to act like an absolute fool.

Fans of the famous family have since praised Kardashian’s decision to leave Disick, noting that raising three children will be hard but she will undoubtedly feel much better without the stress that her boyfriend brought to her home. Kardashian has yet to confirm the news unless one of her sisters beat her to it. It seems as if another Kardashian romance has fallen apart.

By Maurice Cassidy


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