Lamar Odom Heading to Rehab as Two Friends Die of Drug-Related Causes?

Lamar Odom Heading to Rehab as Two Friends Die of Drug-Related Causes?


Lamar Odom has reportedly been convinced by Khloe Kardashian to enter rehab following the deaths of his two closest friends. Jamie Sangouthai and Bobby Hayward both passed away last week in drug-related causes that nobody supposedly saw coming. While Sangouthai was said to have suffered from a flesh-eating disease caused by his ongoing drug use, Hayward suffered a tragic substance overdose despite having told pals he had been sober for months.

While Kardashian and Odom have gone their separate ways following the reality star’s decision to file for divorce from her basketball player husband, the reality star was one of the first people to reach out to the 35-year-old, hoping that he was okay. According to sources, 30-year-old Kardashian has pushed for her estranged husband to check into rehab, hoping that his stay at the facility will stop him from relapsing following the death of two friends.

Insiders close to Odom have recently dished that the former Lakers star has been sober for more than a year. The beloved athlete has worked hard in trying to rebuild his tainted image after it was revealed in 2013 that he had been battling a drug addiction for years on end. His year-long sobriety battle has been really difficult for him, but he is determined to get back on the right path, a source revealed at the time.

However, with the death of Sangouthai and Heyward, close relatives and friends are worried that Odom could potentially relapse again, fearing that if this was to be the case, he will not pull through this time around. Kardashian, in particular, have stressed to Odom that the death of his friends should be a real wake-up call to the basketball player; the drugs have lost him his career, his wife, and his friends. While he seems to have done a terrific job at staying away from any form of substances, insiders are convinced that at this particular point in time, the Odom will really be put to the test on whether he can fight his demons or not.

While it is unclear when Odom plans on checking into rehab, Kardashian is said to have been told by her husband he will make the move to visit a nearby facility. While the NBA champ is not worried about himself or his health, his main reason for wanting to go to rehab is so that people will see that he is a changed man. If going to rehab will prove to friends and family members that he has no desire in taking drugs again, Odom is willing to do so. He has come too far to suddenly fall back and worsen his reputation some more. It is also believed that Kardashian has even mentioned a possible reconciliation in the near future if her partner manages to continue a clean streak without having to find the need to relief himself through drugs,

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