Kim Kardashian Is Having a Boy

Kim Kardashian Is Having a Boy


Sources have released news that Kim Kardashian is having a baby boy with husband Kanye West. The couple made headline news when they announced the birth of their baby girl, North West. Now fans are rearing to know that the two stars are adding to the West bunch. Kardashian revealed in a tweet June 21 about the new addition, telling West that he would be the best daddy to their son, just as he has been to their daughter.

As fans find out that Kardashian is having a boy, many have swarmed to Twitter to speculate whether the new West will be named South. However, Kardashian has said she will not be going for another compass direction as a baby name. The reality star is expected to deliver sometime in early December. With news following about the socialite’s new step-mother, Caitlyn Jenner, the weeks have been hard on the reality socialite. Kardashian continues to swoon over her husband and father of her soon to be two children, as she posted to Twitter saying that the bond the two share is irreplaceable. Fans everywhere love great fan-favorite news, such as Kim Kardashian having a boy with Hip-Hip star Kanye West.

By Danyol Jaye

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