Karrueche Tran Abandons Puppy, Says She Reminds Her of Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran Abandons Puppy, Says She Reminds Her of Chris Brown


Karrueche Tran has hinted that she could potentially give up her Siberian Husky puppy, as it constantly reminds her of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The socialite was famously gifted the puppy, named Athena, as a Christmas present last year, but according to the 27-year-old, the dog has been nothing but trouble ever since.

During an interview on iHeartRadio’s The Melting Point, she says that while she loves the dog more than anything, there are several reasons why she is considering giving the puppy away to a relative. Firstly, Tran is currently planning on expanding her career as an actress by auditioning for several upcoming television shows. Should she end up making the cut for any of these programs, she knows that taking care of such a young dog will be extremely time-consuming. Tran would never be at home.

Secondly, the Siberian Husky is not a trained dog. In the interview, Tran shares her frustration with having to deal with an untrained puppy, recalling the time she came home to find many of her shoes ripped into pieces while all her clothes were scattered across her L.A home. The 27-year-old says that Athena has been with a dog trainer for the past couple of months so that if she does decide to take her back home, she is rest assured that her shoes won’t be torn up any longer.

Still, the most important reason why the dog cannot be kept is down to the fact that she reminds her of Brown. Having left the R&B singer earlier this year following the shock announcement that the 26-year-old had fathered a one-year-old daughter named Royalty, Tran immediately ended the relationship and vowed to never get back with her ex. Had he only cheated on her, she may have still forgiven him, but for the fact that he had impregnated another woman and did not even tell her bother telling her about the baby, Tran was certain that moving on was the best decision she could make.

Taking this into consideration, it makes sense as to why the socialite is so paranoid about having Athena in her house. The dog was gifted to her by an ex-boyfriend who did her wrong in more ways than one. The fact that Athena could potentially return to Tran’s home is almost seen as if she is taking back a piece of her ex-boyfriend, which is one thing the 27-year-old clearly has no interest in.

“I want to love her but it’s a reminder of, you know,” she says, insinuating that because the dog was a gift from Brown, she feels uncertain in wanting to keep it. If she is going to start a new beginning without her ex-boyfriend in her life, Tran wants to distance herself from everything related to the 27-year-old, and Athena would be a part of that.

By Maurice Cassidy


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  1. She wants to sell the poor dog for money. Well go ahead and sell the dog. It would be interesting to know if she gives it away or sells it.

  2. Why now they’re apart, Dats why I hate dat kae mtcheww, he’s tired of ur mind games and am tire too. Pls try sm thrilling to boost ur stardom lolz