Holly Madison Slams Hugh Hefner: Playboy Girlfriends Always Cheated on Him

Holly Madison Slams Hugh Hefner: Playboy Girlfriends Always Cheated on Him


Holly Madison has shocked fans by admitting that sex with Hugh Hefner was atrociously bad, adding that many of the Playboy founder’s girlfriends would often cheat on him behind his back. The not-so-shocking claims were made in Madison’s controversial memoir Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, in which she discusses all things surrounding her time as a Playboy bunny.

Madison lived with Hefner for several years alongside his two girlfriends Kendra Wilkinson and Bridgett Marquardt. While the trio appeared to be the best of friends on their hit reality show Girls Of The Playboy Mansion, Madison has stressed otherwise. The 35-year-old reveals in her memoir that sex with Hefner was torture for everybody — it was one of the reasons why many of his girlfriends would sneak out and sleep with other famous men. She was never that close to the other girls but did not want any drama, so she kept her mouth shut when it came to Hefner’s women cheating on him behind his back.

Famous celebrities would often stop by the Playboy mansion seeing that Hefner was holding lavish parties every other week or so. This supposedly gave many of the girls connections to Hollywood’s leading men which usually meant they would hook up with that particular person the very same night. In her memoir, Madison is quite specific when recalling the time a certain Playboy housemate hooked up with Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Cris Judd in her bedroom that is believed to have been right around the corner from Hefner’s master suite.

Fans are convinced that Wilkinson may have been the person Madison is talking about since the 30-year-old was often seen trying to keep her space from the rest of the girls during her time with the 89-year-old. It should not come as a shock that Hefner is reportedly fuming over the allegations Madison has made against him and his former love interests, having vowed to never speak to her again.

Sources close to the mogul believe that the reason why the former Playmate has talked so much trash about her ex-boyfriend is simply down to the fact that he had absolutely no interest in marrying her. Madison was determined to marry Hef, even telling his friends that she was desperate to have his baby. Unfortunately, when their relationship ended, Madison was beyond livid and has used her memoir platform to let the world know what really happened in the Playboy mansion during the time she was staying there. In other words, she is being rather spiteful since an elderly rich man did not want to commit himself to a relationship to one woman.

Aside from admitting that the sex was awful and that Playboy girlfriends were constantly cheating on the aging businessman, the former reality star also reveals that she was never comfortable around Wilkinson. The comment was somewhat shocking for the fact that Madison would often engage on fun activities with the 30-year-old, but one has to remember that these “activities” happened on reality television where everything is scripted. The memoir sounds like it would make a good read.

By Maurice Cassidy


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