Bobbi Kristina Brown Life Support Condition: ‘Breathing but Unresponsive’

Bobbi Kristina Brown Life Support Condition: ‘Breathing but Unresponsive’


Bobbi Kristina Brown is still on life support as her condition has shown no sign of improving in recent weeks, reports have claimed. While the 22-year-old is said to be breathing without any trouble, she remains unresponsive, giving family members the thought that letting her rest in peace is the final option.

Many fans were outraged to learn that the former reality star was still stuck on life support after doctors had reportedly told the family how Brown proved to be partially brain-dead following examinations in January. The chances of her making a full recovery are very unlikely — keeping her on life support is more painful than to accept the fact that the socialite will never recover from her bathtub collapse, sources say.

As previously reported, Brown was found at her Atlanta home following a supposed collapse in her bathtub. It is believed that Whitney Houston’s only daughter spent close to an hour underwater, before she was found by a relative who immediately called the ambulance, hoping that Brown would be able to make a speedy recovery. It was later revealed that if the youngster had not spent the drastic amount of time underwater, she could have possibly been saved.

Regardless of whether she could have been saved or not, sources claim that Bobby Brown is in denial that his daughter will never get to talk to him again. It is believed that as her sole guardian, the former R&B singer holds the right in deciding whether Brown will have her life support switched off or not. While doctors advised the 46-year-old back in February to say his goodbyes, convinced that the 22-year-old would not be able to recover, Brown has stressed in recent weeks that he is still holding out for a miracle to happen.

Insiders say that one of the reasons why the family is so hesitant on keeping her life support on is simply down to the fact that Brown is breathing absolutely fine. It is said that whenever relatives visit the TV-personality at the current Atlanta rehab where she is staying, Brown looks so peaceful — almost as if she is sleeping.

Many believe that for Brown to be in the same room as his daughter and to see her breathing is beginning to make him paranoid. Some people have argued on social media saying that Houston’s ex-husband is troubled by the idea of seeing his child pass away so soon, telling himself that because she is breathing without any problems, she will eventually return to her former self. Of course, this is not going to be the case if one was to go by what doctors have told the family in recent months. While Brown has no problem when it comes to breathing on her own, she remains unresponsive with the Houstons still holding out for a miracle to happen.

By Maurice Cassidy


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