‘Ballers’ Brings Football to HBO

‘Ballers’ Brings Football to HBO


The new series premiere of Ballers brings football to the HBO network. Fans of the wrestling star, The Rock, otherwise known as Dwayne Johnson in his movie credits, may give the show five cool points straight out of the gate. A high profile player turned manager, Spencer Strasmore, is monetizing his friendships in an effort to increase his management company’s roster of star athletes.

This Ballers trailer alone indicates that there are bound to be a truck-load of athletic stereotypes that people will either love, hate or love to hate. When it comes to sports-related shows, aside from the occasional documentary, fans of the network say they are surprised that HBO has taken on the Ballers series. Most HBO watchers are accustomed to shows that deal with period pieces such as Game of Thrones or Spartacus. Aside from period pieces, the fan favorites of espionage and crime are genres that fans are more likely to see on the network.

Critics expect that HBO will stick to its formula with Ballers, of shocking and direct sexual prowess as athletes are seemingly always moving from one girl to another. With stacks of cash on hand, there is no secret that a show following promising football stars is appropriately named Ballers. Following the Sunday night premiere fans have already taken to social media saying that although the show is not an HBO network game-changer, they did well in putting Johnson on the credits to lead the show.

Many critics have already deemed Ballers the football version of HBO’s hit show Entourage. Basically a show about rich bratty kids spending money and getting into trouble. However with a Metacritic score of 64 out of 100, fans are hopeful that the show will last a few seasons. As is the network’s way, the show is up for an eight episode run its first season. Critics say that if Ballers continues to do well beyond the premiere they can look forward to increasing the show to a 10 episode season, though any thoughts of a 22 episode series on HBO at this point is highly unlikely.

Female fans are sure to watch Ballers, even those who are not fans of the game, just to see the sexy men pass their screen. While men are sure to get into the athletic draw of the show as well as the money spending, bottle popping, strip club attending lifestyle also tickles their HBO watching fancy. Not much can be said by a person who does not like football or who does not enjoy Johnson’s acting (a few female fans just fainted at the thought), but HBO has a knack for choosing actors, subjects and shows that not only bring in a following but ensure multiple seasons.

Whether critics and fans loved the premiere of Ballers and are bound to hate the series or hated the premiere and are bound to love the series, one thing is for sure, Johnson is expanding his net worth and visibility far beyond what any other wrestler turned actor has done. For that, many fans are applauding Johnson and thanking HBO for his muscled presence.

Opinion by Danyol Jaye

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