‘The Walking Dead’ Star Chad Coleman Went Ballistic on Subway

‘The Walking Dead’ Star Chad Coleman Went Ballistic on Subway


On Friday, The Walking Dead actor, Chad L. Coleman, who played Tyreese in the series, went ballistic on a New York City subway train. Coleman, who also starred on The Wire as Cutty, began shouting and ranting, making sure that the entire subway train knew his name, in a meltdown of epic proportions.

Chad L. Coleman later claimed to TMZ that he was not drunk when he went ballistic on the NYC subway. He does sound like he is possibly inebriated in the video, but that might be due to the mediocre sound quality on the clip.

The seemingly crazy outburst, by AMC’s The Walking Dead star, was for a reason, according to the actor. He presumably wanted everyone on the subway train he was riding on to know about the problems that were going down in Baltimore, where The Wire was set.

If so, The Walking Dead actor did not find a very receptive audience. Getting screamed at on the subway, or pretty much anywhere else, often signifies to everybody in earshot that the person doing the screaming is crazy, or has some major issues to deal with. In a profanity-laced video taken of the incident that cannot be included here because of some of the language, Coleman’s fellow passengers recoil and eventually clear their seats when the subway makes a stop.

The shouting and ranting by Coleman on the 4 train, as it traveled through lower Manhattan, appears to have been touched off when The Walking Dead actor overheard a man and woman talking and wondering if they recognized Coleman, and if maybe he was an actor. He heard one of the two refer to him by the derogatory “n” word, and that was the moment when Coleman began to go ballistic, supposedly trying to “defend” himself.

The Walking Dead actor told the passengers to go ahead and record him. He shouted out “Yes, I’m an actor! You want me on TMZ, record it!”

Coleman wanted everyone to know that he was, indeed, an actor, and that he had starred in The Wire and The Walking Dead. He yelled that he wanted someone to stand up for him, to be his “humanitarian.” He also later said that when he used that word, he was referring to the injustices taking place in Baltimore.

Eventually, a man wearing a Security jacket approaches him in the clip and talks to The Walking Dead actor, but he does not hassle him or reprimand him. Instead, he defuses the situation by being a “humanitarian,” by saying that he recognizes Chad Coleman from The Wire as playing the character, Dennis ‘Cutty’ Wise. He and Coleman briefly talk about how realistic the situations portrayed in The Wire were.

Finally having somebody say out loud that he knew who Chad Coleman was had a calming effect on the star of The Wire and The Walking Dead. Seated, Coleman continues to talk, to someone unseen sitting across from him on the NYC subway train.

The entire video takes up about four minutes. If the star of The Walking Dead and The Wire was not inebriated, it seems, at the very least, the actor who played Tyreese was having a pretty bad day, and was sick and tired of the injustices in the world, and that nobody seemed to know who he was.

Whoever the Security officer was who approached Chad L. Coleman as he was going ballistic on the subway should be commended for not taking any actions that could have caused the entire situation to become more volatile. Everybody has a bad day now and then, but by not hassling Coleman, and by acting like a genuine “humanitarian,” the Security officer prevented a bad day from becoming one that was potentially much worse.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Daily Mail
Photo By Gage SkidmoreFlickr License