Sofia Vergara and Beau Joe Not in Rush to Start a Family

Sofia Vergara and Beau Joe Not in Rush to Start a Family


Sofia Vergara of Modern Family and her beau, actor Joe Manganiello, are not in a rush to start up a family, although Vergara stated in an interview with Vanity Fair that “if it happens, it will be something that will make us very happy.” However, she added that “it’s not a priority in our lives.”

One reason that the happy couple are not in a huge rush to start up a family of their own is likely because of the continuing turmoil that Vergara, 42, is still facing with her ex-boyfriend, Nick Loeb. Vergara became engaged to Loeb in 2012, and they created a pair of now-frozen embryos together about six months previous to when they split up in May just last year.

A legal agreement that Colombian-born actress, Sofia Vergara, and businessman Nick Loeb, co-signed, stipulates that they both must be in agreement about any decision to utilize the two embryos to produce children from them. Loeb wants to obtain custody over her frozen embryos and is determined to continue in his efforts to obtain them.

Loeb, who is a banking heir, claimed on the Today Show on Thursday that his legal battles to obtain the two embryos did not mean that he was not over Vergara. He stated that he was pursuing the lawsuit because “Lives were created.” He wants the embryos carried by someone else to term, and he said he had told Vergara he would pay all of the expenses to raise them, but she did not agree to the suggestion.

Vergara’s take on the situation is that she does not want Loeb to continue trying to, as she put it, “take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself.” According to her, “There’s papers signed,” between the two of them. She seems to be suggesting that Loeb is really more interested in staying in the spotlight and that is the main reason he wants to continue the legal proceedings.

Vergara’s love for her current beau, Joe Manganiello, might be enough to sway her decision to have children with him, despite her ongoing legal battles with Loeb. Still, she will undoubtedly not want to sign any legal papers like she did in the case with Loeb anytime soon.

Another reason that Sofia Vergara, who is reportedly the highest-paid TV actress and has been for the last three years, according to Forbes, might not be in a big rush to have children could be because she already has one son, Manolo, who is 23 years old. He was with her to show his love and support for his mother when the Modern Family star got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She became the 2,551st person to be awarded that honor. Vergara had her son when she was 20, and married to her ex-husband, Joe Gonzalez.

She added that because she has a son who is so much older than a baby would be, it is “going to be really weird if I have another baby.” However, Manganiello has never had children of his own, and Vergara stated that she would not mind having more babies “if it’s going to make him super-happy.”

While Sofia Vergara has stated that she is definitely open to the idea of starting a family with Joe Manganiello and having babies, neither she nor her fiance are in any big rush about it. The happy couple appear to be genuinely in love, and children might be in the cards for them some day in the future, but they both seem content to wait until the time seems to be right.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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