Miley Cyrus Happy Hippie Foundation for Homeless LGBT Youth

Miley Cyrus Happy Hippie Foundation for Homeless LGBT Youth


When Miley Cyrus dresses crazy and shows off some skin, it is because in America, she has the freedom to just be who she is, without legal judgement. 22-year-old Cyrus believes all young people should be allowed to live out loud as they choose. So she is launching the Happy Hippie Foundation to benefit homeless LGBT youth. Cyrus did not go into detail, but also stated that not all of her relationships have been of the heterosexual type.

Cyrus says that she feels she has a lot of influence. However, there are so many adolescents and teens that do not feel the same. They are under the rule of their parents, which can be both good and bad.

At the 2014 Video Music Awards, Cyrus famously, invited a homeless man to accept her Video of the Year trophy on her behalf. She was inspired by the attention she was able to generate. Another inspiration was the December suicide of transgender teen, Leelah Alcorn. Over 1.6 million young people are without homes in the United States, this number was determined by the National Coalition for the Homeless. According to Cyrus, 40 percent of those homeless young people, identify with the LGBT community.

As an entertainer of 14 years, Cyrus feels that it is time to use her fame to make a difference. She referred to Bruce Jenner as, her “hero” for bringing light to transgender issues. She had to ask herself, “when all eyes are on her, what is she talking about?” She said, “I know you’re going to look at me more if my (breasts) are out, so look at me. And then I’m going to tell you about my foundation for an hour, and totally hustle you.”

There are many issues that bring out the passion Cyrus has, but she has chosen to place her focus on homeless youth, because it is tangible and specific. This is an issue that is right in front of people, and yet it is ignored. Cyrus is going to stay focused on LGBT acceptance for youth, and improving the lives of homeless youth, for at least five years before she expands her charity efforts.

The funds that are raised by the Happy Hippie Foundation will be used to create digital support groups for LGBT youth and families. It will also aid, My Friend’s Place, which is a center for homeless teens in Hollywood.

Cyrus will unveil a compilation of music videos, filmed in her own backyard, with artists that include, Ariana Grande, Melanie Safka, Laura Jane Grace, and Joan Jett.  These “Backyard Sessions” will be available on the foundation’s Facebook page starting May 12.  Each video will be exclusive to Facebook and with a “Donate” button, so fans can make a direct donation. The first video has been named, Different. This is how Cyrus plans to launch the Happy Hippie Foundation, and this will be the beginning of fund raising, and awareness for the program.

Cyrus talks about judgement and the effects, as being too common. Everyone’s feelings should be validated and everyone should share the same rights. Cyrus will be the voice for those who feel they do not have one, everywhere and encourage human evolution. No one should have to hide who they are,not their name, status or gender.

Cyrus reported that she is writing songs about loving each other, and being true to one’s self. This is why she has dyed her armpit hair pink. She said that the pink pits are staying. She believes that she cannot tell kids to be themselves, and not be Miley Cyrus. She is going to be herself in all her pink pit glory too.

By Jeanette Smith


NY Daily News

Brisbane Times


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