‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Patrick Dempsey a Mess

‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Patrick Dempsey a Mess


Patrick Dempsey says that he is happy to be leaving Grey’s Anatomy, however, he is really a mess. This past year has been overwhelming, and now it is time to move on, with his entire life. In just a few months’ time, Dempsey went from McDreamy, to starring in a movie with Dennis Rodman, to being written off Grey’s Anatomy, permanently, where he is reported to have been making $350,000 for each episode. In January, Jillian Fink, Dempsey’s wife for 15 years, filed for a divorce, and now the mansion, Gehry designed, in Malibu, is on the market for $14.5 million. In 2009 Dempsey and Fink bought their Malibu mansion for $7 million. According to Mark David, Dempsey paid $1.925 million for a place off Venice’s hipster hangout and Abbott Kinney shopping district.

Dempsey was a beloved character on Grey’s Anatomy for 11 seasons, however, the biggest shock was. when his character was killed off the show, there was still one season left on his contract. Although Dempsey says, that even though his death was a shock to him, he is happy with the outcome. There was friction between Dempsey and Grey’s Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes, but Dempsey feels that he left the show with a mutual understanding with his fellow actors.

It has also been said that Dempsey wanted to leave Grey’s Anatomy. When he was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly he used positive words, such as, “right time,” “organically,” and “naturally.” However, partway into the interview, Dempsey broke down a little. He said he signed the deal with ABC, to ensure he had job security that included a production deal. He said he does realize that there is only so much that can be done with any individual character. Dempsey has not seen the final episode and he did not cry when filming the final Grey’s Anatomy either.

Dempsey did say, that he was still in the mourning process, and was still processing the situation. He said that the final day of filming, Grey’s Anatomy, was pretty much a silent, poetic day, and he was able to exit quietly. It was raining outside and that was beautiful and touching, Dempsey said when he left Grey’s Anatomy it was magic, chemistry, like a married couple for 10 years, and it was that way from the beginning. It is true that Patrick Dempsey is a mess after leaving Grey’s Anatomy, but he has a plan to bounce back.

Dempsey said he is looking forward to exploring other sides of himself, and he is looking forward to trying on other roles. Dempsey has been talking about doing something else with television and television development the past few months. He is putting together a racing drama at Sundance TV, as the executive director.

Dempsey worked a deal with ABC Studios, when he renewed his contract on Grey’s Anatomy, but also to create and develop new scripts for the studio. The same studio that produces Grey’s Anatomy. Dempsey’s production studio is called, Shifting Gears Production with Joannie Burstein as his partner, and manager they have also brought on board, Ben Tierney, as the senior vice president of production.

Published in 2011, Dempsey is looking to script the racing book, The Limit as a television series. It is the story of Phil Hill, the mechanic in California, who in 1960, became the first American-born racer to win the Grand Prix.

Dempsey got his new two-year contract to stay on Grey’s Anatomy through the 12th season. This deal was made after Dempsey was the executive producer for Velocity’s Rancinc Le Mans, which was a four-part documentary about his participation in France’s famous 24 hour race. Dempsey is set to produce the Universal film, Art of Racinc in the Rain as well.

Dempsey has been struggling with life’s issues, the divorce and leaving Grey’s Anatomy a year earlier than planned, did leave Patrick Dempsey a mess. It does seem, however, that he is bouncing back in a new direction that he is passionate about.

By Jeanette Smith


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