Baltimore Authorities Keeping Quiet

Baltimore Authorities Keeping Quiet


There seems to be quite a bit of information regarding Freddie Gray’s investigation, but almost none of that information is being released due to Baltimore authorities keeping quiet. The only question that the public wants to know is what really happened to Gray in the back of that police van that caused his spinal cord to be severed? Authorities are refusing to offer up any more information that could provide the family as well as the public with something that could bring some sense to what occurred that day.

Investigators were able to find and view a security camera recording that showed evidence of the Baltimore police van, which was used to transport Gray, making a stop at an unidentified location. This footage was recorded after leg-irons were placed on Gray, but before Baltimore officers made their third stop to pick up another prisoner and before the van had reached the Baltimore police station, where Gray was found unresponsive with the fatal spinal cord injury.

Baltimore police stated that Gray was clearly injured and requesting medical attention when he was placed into the van, but according to multiple Baltimore police officers, the Baltimore medical examiner found that Gray had not sustained any injuries during his arrest. The injuries that were sustained had to have allegedly occurred sometime after he was place into the police van.

The Baltimore medical examiners also determined that Gray had to have broken his neck when his head was slammed against the back of the van he was riding in, in which Baltimore police admitted to purposely committing a violation by not strapping him with a seat buckle for safety. Medical examiners also discovered a head wound that made an exact match with a bolt that was protruding from the van’s back door.

Turns out, the decision for Baltimore authorities to keep quiet about details discovered throughout the investigation of this case is for the best. The public is getting restless with Baltimore police, investigators and other Baltimore officials telling them that they cannot comment on any information yet, but according to legal experts, keeping a lot of these known facts a secret is beneficial to the case.

There could be a chance that there are witnesses who have not been questioned and possibly even witnesses that have yet to be found that could add something more to this case. If there is information that is released to the public too soon, then there is a risk that witnesses’ testimonies could change in order to fit the description of events that were already released. To prevent a situation like that from happening, findings pertaining to the case are being kept a secret.

Baltimore state attorney, Marilyn Mosby, released a statement saying that whatever it is that the investigators end up finding during their investigation will not be the only thing that they will be relying on to uncover what happened to 25-year-old Gray. All the facts that have been gathered during the investigation process will also be used to answer the many questions that surround this case, but only after each fact has been verified. Till then, Baltimore authorities will continue to keep quiet about certain facts pertaining to the case.

By Kameron Hadley


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