Vin Diesel Promises ‘Furious 8’ Will Be ‘Best Movie’ Yet

Vin Diesel Promises ‘Furious 8’ Will Be ‘Best Movie’ Yet


With Furious 7 now having passed the $1 billion mark internationally, and earning over $250 million already in China, Vin Diesel has broken the news that there will be a Furious 8, and he promised that it would be “the best movie you’ve ever seen.” It is currently in production. This weekend, Furious 7 was again at the top of the box office, grossing $18.2 million domestically, though The Age of Adaline put in a respectable showing its debut weekend, grossing $13.4 million.

On Thursday, Vin Diesel announced the news that there will be a Furious 8 in Las Vegas at Universal Pictures’ CinemaCon. He was welcomed like a hero there. Furious 8 has a scheduled release date of April 14, 2017.

Vin Diesel got emotional, remembering Paul Walker, and he told the audience of reporters, exhibitors and movie theater owners at the CinemaCon who had generated pre-release buzz for Furious 7 that they had helped make it the success that it has been. He asked them to do the same for Furious 8, asking them “Can I get your blessing again?”

Just 17 days out in theaters in North America, Furious 7 had broken the record for reaching the $1 billion mark, counting both the money it had grossed domestically and internationally. Previously, the record for getting to $1 billion had been held by three other movies, at 19 days: Avatar, Harry Potter 8, and The Avengers. Furious 7 is Universal Picture’s only movie, thus far, to attain the $1 billion milepost.

The Fast & Furious franchise will continue on without actor Paul Walker, who Vin Diesel considered to be like a brother, often referring to him as “my brother, Pablo.” Recently, Vin Diesel also revealed that Paul Walker taught him how to be a good father, as well, taking the “role of kind of being the guide into fatherhood for me.”

Vin Diesel named his third child, his daughter, Pauline, after the late actor. He stated that Paul Walker was in his mind as he cut her umbilical cord. Naming her Pauline was, according to Vin Diesel, “a way to keep his memory as a part of my family and a part of my world.”

Paul Walker had told Vin Diesel that he needed to be there at the hospital when his daughter was born. Vin Diesel said “He was so adamant about it.” Vin Diesel stated that he “felt like Paul was there” with him at his daughter’s birth.

Reaction to the news that Vin Diesel revealed about there being another installment in the works of the Fast & Furious franchise, Furious 8, has been mixed. Some fans feel like Furious 7 should be the last movie in the franchise, as it is the last one that will have actor Paul Walker in it. Other fans who like other elements about the series, and who just love action-packed movies, are welcoming the news with excitement.

In part, to honor the memory of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel wants to make sure that Furious 8 will be the “best movie” yet of the franchise. It will be difficult to top the thrills and action sequences of Furious 7, which continues to dominate the box office, both domestically and internationally. Vin Diesel seems determined to try to make the box office magic of Furious 7 happen again, though, and with the support of the franchises’ millions of fans, worldwide, he just might make the magic happen yet again in 2017.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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  1. vin diesel said that about 7 and 5 and 6 are a million times better than 7 so i take his word with a grain of salt.