United States Issues Protest Against Russia

United States Issues Protest Against Russia


United States officials are issuing a protest involving the interception of an American reconnaissance plane by a Russian fighter jet. The incident occurred last week, but the protest was issued Sunday night, according to officials.

Pentagon officials state the U.S. plane was north of Poland in international airspace when a Russian SU-27 fighter came at the rear of the American plane at a high rate of speed. It then began performing maneuvers that were close to the reconnaissance plane, officials said.

American officials said this is not the only incident where a Russian fighter has intercepted an American plane. A similar incident happened last spring while pilots were flying over the Sea of Okhotsk. The United States and Russia have gone on a downward spiral in relations in recent years. The case of Edward Snowden, who U.S. officials call a traitor, gained sanctuary in Russia. Ongoing conflict in Syria and the Ukraine, made for tense relations also. This latest incident proves a bit of irony for President Obama. He pledged five years ago in April to repair relations with Russia.

By Melody Dareing



Washington Post

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