Sudanese Voters Begin to Cast Ballots

Sudanese Voters Begin to Cast Ballots



Sudanese voters are beginning to cast their ballots, going to the polls amid protests, according to media reports from the area. Voters were slow to get to some polling places in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital.

President Omar al-Bashir is expected to win the election in a landslide vote. His election comes with controversy and grievances. The Sudanese president is wanted on genocide charges. He is the only world leader facing such allegations. The president has had control of the country for more than two decades. He also controls most of the local councils.

Those opposing al-Bashir are boycotting the ballot box. Protestors said there is no freedom of speech or assembly. The boycott includes voting on local legislative candidates as well, according to reports. Sudan has been in a state of protest since Arab spring began in 2011. The African country has also faced humanitarian difficulties with many of its people in dire need of basic food and water.

By Melody Dareing



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