Statue of Liberty Evacuated

Statue of Liberty Evacuated


Liberty Island, as well as the Statue of Liberty were evacuated Friday morning after a suspicious package was found around 12:30 PM. Tourists visiting the New York landmark, posted to Twitter about something happening, but they were unsure what was going on at the time that they were asked to leave. Pictures of dozens of tourists leaving, as well as video have already started to make the rounds of social media.

The first report of the evacuation was posted to the site Gothamist, which included some of the Tweets, plus a video of people leaving Liberty Island. The website also indicated that the National Parks Service, who runs the landmark site, had confirmed that there were ongoing security sweeps taking place. They also confirmed that there was an ongoing evacuation as well.

In one Tweet, there is word that the evacuation comes after a suspicious package was found in a locker on the island. Another Twitter message indicated that a SWAT team was on hand. Officials have not yet made any announcements or reports as to the evacuation of both Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty at this time.

By Kimberley Spinney



Photo by TanmoyDas Flickr License