Scott Walker Indecisive?

Scott Walker Indecisive?


Is Scott Walker indecisive, or is his new position on immigration firm? Many have been criticizing Walker for his new-found view on immigration. Even his followers have been criticized, but Walker seems to stand by his decision. As a possible 2016 presidential candidate, this could be good news for those against immigration and bad news for those who are for it.

In the battle over illegal immigration, everyone seems to have a side. Some say that those living in America illegally should be granted full amnesty. This is the current president’s position. President Obama has been talking about an executive order that would give nearly five million illegal immigrants amnesty. As the bill does not seem to be able to pass through Congress, it has not moved on, just yet. Many citizens say that Obama does not have the legal right to pass the bill without Congress, but others say that the ‘legality’ issue has not stopped him yet. Then there are few who say that Obama’s amnesty law is actually unfair to illegal immigrants, as it would affect their status.

Either way Walker, who used to be in agreement with amnesty, has now stated that he is against full amnesty, and thinks that legal immigration should be limited. While the opposing citizens are calling him a hypocrite, Walker states that his decision is because of the information that he has gathered on the subject. Glenn Beck interviewed the Republican governor on Monday, where he began discussing his views.

He stated that he and Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, discussed illegal immigration, which then gave him more concern over how the move affected American citizens. He said the country should first be worried about American jobs and American wages. Walker said that immigration should be handled with care, over time, rather than all at once. As the chairman of the Senate’s Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, Jeff Sessions could be pretty persuasive, but according to statements previously made about Walker, he is not one to be swayed, meaning that this decision could just be what he believes based on the new information he received, rather than just an indecisive move.

In the past Walker has been somebody who was secretive of his political decisions. He would make decisions on his own and then fill everyone in, after he had presented the ideas to the right political party. According to those who have worked in office with him, Gov. Walker knows the issues and always knows what he wants to do. Quoting a bunch of statistics on Glenn Beck is how Walker said he knew that total amnesty was not the right way to do things.

As the Republican party has been concerned with the way Walker does things, this move is sure to give them a reason to be in favor of him, as the majority are against amnesty, in the first place. Though his new move to take a different position on the subject has deemed him indecisive, Walker could be just heading down the path that he now thinks is best for the country. As a possible 2016 presidential candidate, making his own decisions and standing firm in them is a trait that Walker needs to have. Then again, listening to what Americans want is also a trait that will serve him well.

According to statistics, the majority of Americans are still in opposition of Obama’s amnesty plan. Though not all of them are against illegal immigration, many Americans are worried about what will happen to the American economy when illegal immigrants are, sort of, made legal. Others who are in favor of amnesty state that immigrants are already doing many things in American, whether they are legally allowed to do them. Some reports even state that illegal immigrants are paying billions in taxes every year and it is a fact that they are buying things in America. With so many different angles on illegal immigration, it is difficult for politicians to make a one-way decision.

Walker’s decision to change his mind could just be in light of the fact that he did not know for sure which specific side to take. As Walker often has a set way in mind, this time he made a decision, and then made the opposite decision. This does not necessarily make him indecisive. It could just mean that he is a politician who looks at all of the sides.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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