Science Funding at Its Lowest

Science Funding at Its Lowest


Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists, told Reuters, the governments declining spending on science research is causing research for life-saving approaches to come to a halt, and it is threatening the future of America. Science funding at its lowest, causes the steps to finding solutions in areas such as Alzheimer’s disease, agriculture, fusion energy, and robotics, limits the impact of evolution in the many areas.

Congress and the White House’s failure to reduce the federal deficit, have begun to damage the budgets of science agencies and the National Institutes of Health. Budget cuts on research have recently fallen three percent in 2015.

As other countries are getting ahead in science due to investing in research the U.S. is falling behind in the innovation movement. In 2014, Europe’s Space Agency landed a spacecraft on a comet, and the world’s fastest super computer was built by China.

Among other areas of research MIT has reported, new drugs for antibiotic-resistant bacteria are advancing at a slow process, due to drug companies receiving little funds towards profit. As science funding sits at its lowest, doctors and scientists are afraid of the times when identifying serious diseases, and having the lack of supplies to formulate medications to prevent sickness, will come to a complete halt. MIT physicist Marc Kastner, told Reuters, he wish he knew the answer when asked, when he thinks the funding of science decline would reverse.

By Krystle Mitchell



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