Robert Downey Jr. Apparently Wants to Move on From His Past

Robert Downey Jr. Apparently Wants to Move on From His Past


It seems apparent that actor Robert Downey Jr. wants to move on from his past. With a past that involves drugs, alcohol, and even prison time, his old life seems incomparable to the life he lives now. It is unavoidable that people would mention his past every now and then, but as he showed in an interview with a British television journalist, he is not willing to to discuss the matters of his past. He has worked hard to turn his life around for the better and most likely wants to avoid the haunting of his past.

As an actor who plays the loveable, intelligent, and strong superhero Iron Man, Downey has created a new era for himself; one in which he is seen by all young boys as their favorite superhero. This was also the thought process Downey seemed to have when he asked the question, “Are we promoting a movie?” As the questions turned personal, when the journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked Downey questions about his time after prison and if he was really done with all of the stuff in his past.

Downey walked out of the interview after it became personal, and as the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron is seen by many young viewers (though not necessarily the interviews on the movie), many think that Downey was completely justified in not wanting to talk about a history with drugs, alcohol and prison. Some fans of Downey immediately criticized the journalist for his line of questioning, but others began criticizing Downey for “storming out.”

As news sources show, the Iron Man actor seems to have tons of fans when it comes to the Iron Man and Avengers movies. Stating that his fans were good for his ego, Downey seems to enjoy the publicity that he gets from playing the famous Iron Man. As a father, Downey also has three of the most important fans looking up to him. Indio, Exton, and Avri will probably eventually learn about their dad’s past, but alcohol, drugs, and prison time is not something the actor is proud of.

Though he was rebellious in his young adult life, Downey has made a whole different life for himself as a family man and “superhero.” Though he states that he is still a little ‘rebellious and independent’, the 50-year-old actor says that he has found a different way to enjoy a little rebellion from his normal family/work routine.

Downey states that many psychiatrists have helped him work through the trouble of his past, and that they stated he could not do it alone. The actor told reporters that he now surrounds himself with positive people who help him look forward toward the future and live a clean and healthy lifestyle. Through these and many other statements Downey has made in the past, he has clearly shown his intention of wanting to move on, and forget about the less than positive things that he has done in his life.

With journalists asking him about his past, something that Downey is trying so hard to forget, walking out could just be his way of choosing not to look back, but look forward instead. Though he did not show that in the best way by storming out of the interview, as this shows a bit of a temper, he did refuse to give in to a line of questioning that could have taken a bad turn.

With all of the bad publicity now surrounding Downey after his unkind exit from the interview, his fans may soon see him in a different light, but hopefully, as they are his fans, they will just forget the bad, as everyone makes mistakes. Otherwise, fans can look forward to seeing him in a positive light in the new movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron which comes to theaters in May.

By Crystal Boulware


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