‘Ready for Hillary’ Campaign Travels With Hillary Clinton

‘Ready for Hillary’ Campaign Travels With Hillary Clinton


In the 2008 presidential nomination for the Democratic ticket, Hollywood was split between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. However, this time around, Rodham Clinton has little competition in the primary election. Also, the members of the entertainment industry that lean to the left are ready to become major donors for the Ready for Hillary campaign.

Some of the most prominent leaders in the entertainment industry, such as, Steven Spielberg, “Girl’s” creator Lena Dunham, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, to mention a few. Andy Spahn says that he has an email inbox full of people who want to hold events for the Ready for Hillary campaign. Andy Spahn works for the political consulting firm, Gonring, Spahn & Associates, which advises Katzenberg and Spielberg. People of Hollywood respect, admire and have an understanding of what is at stake in the choice to invest and promote Rodham Clinton.

Hollywood is an important source of money for any Democratic presidential candidate. In one fundraiser for President Obama that was held at George Clooney’s home, raised $15 million for the 2012 re-election campaign. This was one of the biggest fundraisers in political fundraising history. There are still some Democratic backers that have not given their support to Rodham Clinton yet, but they are definitely on the left, so they are expected to fully support Rodham Clinton.

Donna Bojarsky, a Democratic political strategist believes the odds of a Democratic president is high. The Republicans have the House and the Senate and the treatment entertainers have gotten from the Tea party and right-wing Republicans has not been taken to very kindly.

Rodham Clinton’s long and strong support of Israel will definitely help in gaining political campaign funds. Also women in the industry of entertainment will be strong supporters of a free-thinking female president. Not everyone is on board with the Ready for Hillary campaign at this point. Also, left-leaning liberals think of Rodham Clinton as being too moderate on issues that are close to them, such as defense and climate change.

However, Rodham Clinton has many supporters in her corner. Already, the planning has started for fundraising events for the Ready for Hillary Campaign, in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. These may start as early as next month. Katzenberg is a big Rodham Clinton supporter and is Ready for Hillary. He will play a large role on her behalf in this election, but he said it was too early to give any details. Rodham Clinton’s campaign supporters have been working to raise money for the past year. People have asked possible donors to give to the Clinton Foundation for the Ready for Hillary PAC. Hillary is raising large amounts of money and is gaining celebrity status on social media sites. Rodham Clinton’s start small campaign has certainly gone big overnight.

When Rodham Clinton went to Iowa to meet with everyday people at a coffee shop, Tuesday, it was discovered that the people she was photographed sitting with,  were personally invited to, and then driven to that round table. It was said that this was unscripted. The three who sat at the table and had coffee with Rodham Clinton were, the University of Iowa College Democrats president Carter Bell, Obama campaign intern Austin Bird and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland staffer Sara Sedlacek. Apparently Bird reported this information during a telephone interview with the Daily Mail. He said, a campaign staff member, Troy Price called them all to set up the meeting at a Davenport restaurant. They were not aware that they were going to be meeting Rodham Clinton, they thought they were meeting with Troy Price.

Next week, Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to go back to the small part of her campaign in New Hampshire, another early voting state. Rodham Clinton will attend small events Monday and Tuesday. She will be having roundtable discussions with students as well as small-business employees. There will be private meetings as well, with activists and elected officials. No other details were given.

By Jeanette Smith


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