New York Mets Suffer Injuries Sunday

New York Mets Suffer Injuries Sunday


The New York Mets may have won their game on Sunday, April 19, but the team also suffered some losses as multiple injuries landed people on the Disabled List (DL). In fact both injuries, which occurred during the game, are being described as costly to the team. The Mets lost both their catcher, Travis d’Arnaud, as well as the left handed relief pitcher, Jerry Blevins. Both men ended the game with broken bones.

In the case of d’Arnaud, the injury happened in the bottom of the seventh inning. He was hit by a pitch from the Marlins, A.J. Ramos. The ball hit d’Arnaud on the right hand, fracturing bones.

Then in the eighth inning, Ray Ramirez, the Mets trainer, came out to say that Blevins had a left forearm fracture. This injury occurred after the pitcher was hit by a comeback, line drive just a half inning prior to the d’Arnaud hit. Blevins was able to complete the play before having to leave the game.

When the dugout learned of both injuries, the Mets players became silent. Players even went in to console their teammates. Even the crowd grew quiet, as word spread across the ballpark.

After the game, the Mets Manager, Terry Collins spoke about the injuries suffered on Sunday. He said that it was not a good day, although he did acknowledge that the win was a good thing. These were not Collins’ first losses this year either, as injuries seemed to have plagued the Mets even in Spring Training.

Since the Mets Spring Training started (and including the season itself), the team has lost David Wright, Zach Wheeler, Vic Black, Josh Edgin and now Blevins and d’Arnaud. The team also lost Jenrry Mejia, although that was to suspension and not injury. On top of the losses during the game, more news surfaced about Black. The player, who had been rehabbing and just moved to Double-A Binghamton, was sent to the Hospital for Special Surgery over the weekend. With the additional losses of D’Arnaud and Blevins, that brings the teams total losses up to four relievers, one starter and two every day players.

Although the loss of two more key players from the roster is a cause for concern, there was still some positive news on Sunday. The Mets came away with a win of 7 to 6 over the Marlins, completing a series sweep.

The Mets seem to be on fire with the best record in the National League, and the second best record in both leagues. In fact, in their first 12 games the Mets have won nine games and are currently 7-0 at home. As many analysts point out, much of this success is because of the pitching staff.

Sadly, this good news comes with a down side. As of Sunday the Mets have no real timetable for the return of their newest injured players. Both players are expected to be evaluated on Monday by doctors. In the meantime, the team is calling up a right handed pitcher, Hansel Robles and catcher, Kevin Plawecki (who is considered to be a prospect with promise).

By Kimberley Spinney


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