7.9 Nepal Earthquake Kills Over 100

7.9 Nepal Earthquake Kills Over 100


Shortly after 11 local time, the city of Nepal experienced a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that killed over 100 people. As the death counts keep rising, as people buried below rubble are found, the count slowly went from 70 to 100 to, now, 150. Rescuers continue to search for people who may have been trapped under buildings during the earthquake in Nepal, while city officials assess the damage done. It is a grim scene in the city, as hundreds rushed to the hospital after the event with severe, sometimes fatal injuries. With an earthquake so severe, Nepal has surely had, and will continue to have, a long journey ahead.

Kathmandu, Nepal was the city that apparently received the majority of the damage. Though the earthquake in Nepal could also be felt in nearby cities like Pokhara, Nepal, and even Lhasa in Tibet and Lahore in Pakistan, and nearby countries like Bangladesh and India, officials worked quickly in Kathmandu where many residential buildings and monumental buildings were brought to the ground. A once tall tower at 63 meters in Kathmandu is now nothing but rubble on the ground, as Dharahara Tower (pictured above; also apparently known as Bhimsen Tower) folded in the earthquake leaving many trapped inside. Century old buildings seen as monumental were brought down to the ground in one quick move. Damage was also reported in Kathmandu, Nepal, as the epicentre was largely hit.

At Kathmandu’s Norvic International Hospital, people were being treated outside due to the hospitals lack of space. Mattresses were laid out on the ground where the injured could lay. Those with minor injuries were refused treatment until those with major injuries could be taken care of first. Though many rushed outside of buildings when the earthquake in Nepal began, some were not lucky enough to make it completely outside before being injured, and some even became injured while outside, as large amounts of rubble continued to fall in the aftershocks. One Swedish woman reported riding in a bus in a nearby city in Nepal when rocks began to fall near the bus. Others called in to report the damage that they had seen, including one reporter who called about the destruction of the Dharahara tower, though phone circuits were soon tied up, and people could not get through.

NepalOverall the earthquake in Nepal was rated at a scale of 7.9 and has experienced eight aftershocks, 4.5 or higher, with some even being as high as 6.6, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). According to their reports a seven magnitude earthquake can cause severe damage, while an eight can cause devastation. With the earthquake being a 7.9 it was nearly in the range to cause massive harm, which it did in fact do according to the amount of damage. A Twitter user, Alex Gavan posted that the earthquake even caused avalanches on Mount Everest, which sent many mountain climbers running for their lives.

Nepal, Asia is a region full of mountains that lies between India and Tibet. With nearly 2.5 million in population, the region also attracts many tourists, especially for the thrill of climbing mountains. The region is a partial home to the Himalayan Mountains and Mount Everest, including the Annapurna circuit. With a population that dense and the earthquake being felt in many cities in Nepal the death count could be much higher, but so far, the 7.9 magnitude earthquake has only left a death count of over 100, though that number is expected to rise.

The Information Minister Minendra Rijal has been working to provide residents with updated information. Though the exact extent of the injuries, deaths, and building damage is not yet known, the country has asked for help from other countries in caring for the damage. Other countries have already extended their help to Nepal in rebuilding the damage that the earthquake has caused. Officials in Nepal even asked international agencies to help, as they are better “equipped” to deal with the matter.

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake that has killed over 100 people, so far, is the worst that the country has seen since the year 1934 when an 8.0 magnitude earthquake nearly destroy Kathmandu. As cities in Nepal who felt the worst damage begin to rebuild, getting through this tragic moment and treating all who were injured will be the hardest part of the job. As well, finding all those who are trapped underneath rubble requires a massive search, but hopes are that many people can be found in time.

By Crystal Boulware


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