Nelly Arrested for Meth Possession, Denies the Drugs Were His

Nelly Arrested for Meth Possession, Denies the Drugs Were His


Rapper Nelly was arrested yesterday for possession of meth and marijuana, as well as guns. However, the 40-year-old is contesting his arrest, claiming that the drugs found on his tour bus did not belong to him whatsoever.

The arrest in question occurred in Tennessee, when a state trooper pulled over the vehicle on account of it not having a Department of Transportation sticker attached to it, something which is required given the nature of the musician’s travel. Upon inspection of said vehicle, officers reportedly experienced a significantly high level of marijuana smell, and decided to investigate the matter further.

When these officials entered the tour bus, they found a bag of crystalized substance that proceeded to test positive for methamphetamine. In the sleeper area of the vehicle, they also discovered a small amount of marijuana. As well as discovering the illicit drugs, authorities also came across a rather substantial amount of guns. This stash consisted of a .50 caliber pistol, as well as a .45 caliber, and a .500 magnum Smith and Wesson.

Nelly was subsequently booked for possession of the methamphetamine, as well as the marijuana. Possession of the first drug lead to a felony charge, whereas the second was registered as a misdemeanor due to how small of an amount was discovered on the aforementioned tour bus. In addition to these charges, Nelly was also booked for drug paraphernalia, given that there was approximately 100 Ziplock bags found on the bus, items which are commonly used in the participation of drug distribution.

Nelly was not the only passenger aboard the vehicle who was arrested during this incident. An additional passenger, Brian Jones, was also arrested in regards to possession of a handgun.

Scott Rosenblum, who is acting as Nelly’s attorney, has since given the statement that there were between 15-20 individuals who had access to the vehicle in question prior to the stop at which the aforementioned search was conducted, and therefore the drugs found could have belonged to any of these individuals. In regards to the methamphetamine, Rosemblum admits the discovery of the drug but makes effort to refer to the fact that there was only a small amount of it found on the tour bus.

In regards to the judicial decision that could be made surrounding the discovery that authorities made of methamphetamine and marijuana on Nelly’s tour bus, his laywer says that the rapper will not be associated with the contraband found. Whether or not this holds in a court of law, however, remains to be seen.

By Rebecca Grace