NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Marks 25 Years

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Marks 25 Years


NASAIn honor of the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA has been taking part in a number of events and lead ups to the big day on April 24, 2015. This weekend, NASA began uploading short video clips to their Instagram account, all of which were in celebration of the telescope that has produced some of the most impressive and awe-inspiring images of the solar system.

These uploads were just in time for the world premiere of the National Geographic Society’s presentation of Hubble’s Cosmic Journey. The screening and reception for the new special is scheduled to take place on April 14, at the Headquarters for National Geographic in Washington D.C.. The special is being narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, a well-known astrophysicist and the host of the National Geographic Channel’s upcoming Star Talk.

Hubble’s Cosmic Journey is the story of one of NASA’s most successful science projects of all time. The special includes interviews with not only the individuals who helped to create the telescope 25 years ago, but also the astronauts who have worked on it at times in order to fix it and even other well-known astrophysicists, such as Stephen Hawking.

NASASince NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope in 1990, it has been able to capture thousands of images of the solar system, and has also acted as a tool to help revolutionize the way scientists and every day individuals understand the known universe. Hubble’s Cosmic Journey tells the tale of this amazing tool and its journey over the last 25 years. After the special premiere of Journey on April 14, the program will have its network debut on April 20.

As the date gets closer to the actual 25 year anniversary, the excitement will continue to grow. NASA is even inviting the public to take part in the celebration with a variety of special events, many of which are in and around the Washington D.C. and Maryland area. Events include an IMAX movie called Hubble 3D, which is in select theaters across the country, the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum is featuring Hubble as an exhibit, the American Visionary Art Museum is hosting the Heaven’s Carousel imagery exhibit which was created by the European Space Agency (ESA) and even a Family Day Event on April 25 with astronauts is being held.

The Hubble Space Telescope is a joint collaboration between NASA and the ESA. The telescope itself is managed by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

On the actual 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA intends to release an official image commemorating the event. It will be revealed in Washington at the Newseum, and is part of an entire weekend of celebration. At the unveiling of the newest image, a number of specialists in the field including, Charlie Bolden a NASA administrator, plan to speak about the many achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope.

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