Lifetime Premiering New Makeover Series ‘Smile’

Lifetime Premiering New Makeover Series ‘Smile’


On April 22, Lifetime made the official announcement that they would be premiering a brand new makeover show on the network entitled, Smile. Although Lifetime is known for being a network devoted to women’s entertainment, they are also a destination for programming that is usually considered to be high quality and original. The network offers up viewers a variety of programs, from movies to an assortment of scripted and unscripted series. Now in their latest endeavor, Lifetime is giving their viewing audience a chance to witness a new type of makeover series.

The premise of Lifetime’s Smile is to document the journeys of a number of individuals, as they embark into the world of dental procedures that are transformative in nature. In the program, viewers will witness the physical, psychological and emotional voyage that each individual must go through, in order to have a smile that changes their entire life.

In the introduction to the series, Lifetime asks the question of whether one can imagine having a problem with damaged teeth, a problem so bad that it is hampering one’s ability to lead a normal life. They continue by pointing out that there are some individuals who have dental conditions deemed so poor that it leaves them not only not wanting, but also unable to date, work or even leave their home because of the pain, distress and even embarrassment that they experience on a daily basis.

Now with the premiere of Lifetime’s newest series offering, Smile, these individuals will get a chance at not only a makeover, but also a second chance. Twelve different individuals will all receive dental makeovers from a team of dentists across the country. For the series, Lifetime has brought together a team of specialists, who will take on some of the most challenging cases that they have ever seen. These specialists include, Los Angeles based Dr, Bill Dorfman and Dr. Kimberly Knopf, as well as New York based Dr. Debra Glassman, Dr. Amir Ahmadi and Dr. Ramin Tabib.

In the premiere episode of Smile, viewers will meet two different individuals, Alyssa and Mark. For Alyssa, her journey starts at birth, as she was born with a genetic disorder that prevented all of her teeth from growing in fully. In Mark’s case, growing up he had no problems with his teeth, then during a baseball game in high school, an accident left him with a mouth that was shattered. Now both Mark and Alyssa will be undergoing dental procedures to help them not only correct the damage in their mouth, but also give them a chance to get out in the world with confidence.

With Smile, Lifetime is offering these individuals a chance to not only regain their smiles, but also a chance to rebuild their self-confidence. Each makeover is about more than creating a perfect smile, instead the network is hoping that this a way to help each person with their pride, self-esteem and overall confidence levels.

Lifetime’s new makeover series, Smile will premiere on the network on May 28, 2015. The program will be an hour-long and will span six episodes.

By Kimberley Spinney


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    • Hi… I’m not sure what to say. I never had the best smile, but I became I’ll and disabled, leaving me to take a lot of medication. Unfortunately, It also is eating away all of my teeth as well. I am so depressed about it that I don’t leave the house unless I have a Dr appt. Please help me!

  1. Id like to know how to find out how to get my daughter on this show? She inherited her father’s teeth . The dentist told her it’s going to take over 10 thousand to get started. Her insurance won’t even being to pay for this. They are breaking off turning black she can’t eat from the pain. My daughter is a great mother she lost net first born she was born 3 months early had a son. And is now raising her husbands 4 nieces. She never has time fir herself. Please can you help my loving caring daughter? She wants to get a good job but can’t like this. Please help her fix her teeth!

  2. Kim how can I get on this show? I’m a mother grandmother and foster parent and have ports of health problems that has ruined my teeth . I’m love helping people as much as I can . live been disability since 2004. And live I. A fix income can’t afford insurance for teeth and my teeth are making me sick .my teeth are so bad that they are affecting my top dentals my bottoms are real so my whole mouth is looking horrible can You please help me out . I’m 60 years old, black mother
    grandmother. Please help please so I can live before I dead.

  3. Hi my name is mack .im a 44 year old father of four .the last few years have been tuff in june of 2014 i was diagnosed with a invasive type of cancer caused by acid reflux. After 6weeks of chemo therapy and radiation therapy. That didn’t remove the cancer. so on the 10th of November 2014 i had Sergey to remove the tumor. So far everything is going well . but i lost all of the enamel from my teeth . So I have lost most of my teeth .I can’t seem to get a job without my smile .I just need a chance to show my family. I beat cancer and will still provide for them .thank you

  4. I guess whoever makes up the saddest story will get a response back. But I’m not about to compete with how my teeth bad n why I need them fixed. I know the chance of getting this blessing is slim. Thank GOD someone life is being transformed..

  5. I have been grinding my teeth for over forty years I have just spent the memorial weekend in pain and sickness, I can’t afford the work I need done even with Insurance, all my money I make as a home health aides goes to household expenses and my minor son . My husband and I work all the time but it is never enough. I try to be a positive person for my family and the many people I care for everyday but it’s so exhausting. I worry want people think when they see me smile, but now I worry how much longer my health will hold up due to complications from my teeth, if it wasn’t for the antibiotics I had this weekend, I probably would of been in the hospital, I , am doing my best, but I really am not sure how long I can keep my teeth problems at bay. I want a good smile, but mostly I want to be there for my son when he graduates in 3 years, after this weekend I do have my doubts, please help if you can if not I get it thanks and God bless.

      • Hi kim i have no teeth i am 34 yrs old i am sober and clean for 7 yrs and still have no teeth please this would be more than a miracle for u to answer thk u.

        • Hi my name is Erin McKinney I am 30 years old. I am a survivor of domestic violence. My ex has kicked and stomped on my face and ruined my beautiful smile that my dads military insurance paid for. I have had pictures done because I do not like to smile. My self confidence is ruined I feel ugly and like a monster because of my teeth. It is now affecting my eating and my health. Will you please help

  6. I a m also in need of getting my teeth fixed as well. I have had issues with my teeth since my baby teeth came in, my parents tried and tried to keep up with all the issues but it was always one thing after another then when I was 15 I got hit by a car breaking my upper jaw in two places. I had so many injuries to my face the breaks in the jaw were missed at first cutting off the blood supply to my 4 front teeth killing them before they were caught. I continued to try and keep up with all the issues but at the young age of 20 I lost my first tooth and by the time I could get an appointment with the dentist all 4 front teeth were gone. At the same time I was told that I couldn’t just get a bridge because all my teeth were starting to rot away from the mixture of acid reflux, medication and other oral issues. I was told it would cost over 10, 000 dollars for the oral surgery that was needed and dentures. I was a newlywed and a new mother it wasn’t feasible, we couldn’t even finance it. I have lived with the pain and embarrassment for the last 14 years. I have lived all these years trying to find ways to cover my mouth so I won’t embarrass my daughter and husband. I try to avoid most events. I am desperate at this point, they are getting so bad I can’t eat most days because temperature makes them hurt and so does chewing. I am so desperate I would go on national TV even though I’ve spent 15 years trying to hide how hideous my mouth looks and makes and makes me feel.
    Thank you for your consideration

    • To whom it may concern I would love to be apart of this generous blessing im 58 years old and haven’t smiled in years due to tooth loss and decay which years ago doctor advised me that it wasn’t good for my health this North Carolina girl would be so thankful if I could smile again.thinking you all for the smiles you given

  7. Hi Kimberly,
    My husband Bill has had major teeth loss from the military medication that they were given. He is missing his four front teeth and majority of his Molar’s. The medication that he was given destroyed his teeth and are still causing more damage. He is a beautiful person on the inside and when he meets people I know that they make judgments of him because of his teeth. He tries to hide it with his mustache and looking down when they talk to him, but I know that he tries not to let it bother him, but it does. We have gone to the dentist in the area and they want so much to repair and replace that we just can not afford it.
    If you could help him out and give him back some of his esteem I would really appreciated it.

  8. Hello Kimberly how can I register for smiles …..iam 33 years old I’ve been dealing with bad teeth since I was a young girl…..i have an hard time eating due to have no teeth to failing teeth .my self confidence is gone down the drain can barely talk with out thinking people looking in my month….and what really crushed my when a young girl ask me can she see my teeth I just wanted to cry…..and she ain’t the only kid who ask me that… life is hard if you don’t have healthy teeth …..p.s ty ?…..

  9. Hi I’m writing you to see how i can get my mom on your show she has had bad teeth ever since i was 6 and i am 13 now. I know it makes her very unhappy. My mom said it is because she has diabetes. I would love to see her smile like she use to. If u could help my mom to get new teeth it would make me and my mom really happy. Please help my mom to get her smile back. Thank You.

  10. I would like to be on the show I have kidney failure and a lot of health problems that has caused a lot of damage to my teeth. So I pray if there is any I can have a chance like this would be a complete blessing.

    • All of my problems started after an accident I was in 2004 also putting me in a comma and life support. I have had alot of health problems. Some has gotten better and some the same but as for some of my teeth they are really and makes me feel really bad about myself.

  11. Dear Kim, I am a mother, grandmother and have been a widow for 20 years. I have a ways have beautiful teeth but, in the last 10 years my teeth begin to separate I say it was because of a fall I had. I don’t smile very often only grin without showing my teeth I don’t have confidence in myself because I’m always too afraid to smile. my two daughters have gorgeous smile and I would like for one day to take a family portrait with me smiling.I don’t have dental insurance and I know it would cost a fortune to pay out of pocket, please consider me and helping me out I would be so grateful.

  12. Hi Kim
    I have terrible teeth and nothing would make me happier than a beautiful smile! Thank you for helping so many people who have rotten teeth and no way of fixing them. This show is a true blessing!

  13. I am a 60 yr old that has been widowed for 15 yrs. I live on a fixed income, my front teeth are crumbling from “acid wear”, and, am too embarrassed to smile. If I could afford to get my teeth fixed, I would do it in a heartbeat, but, I can’t. Help me, please….

  14. I would really like to be on the show I have prayed since my accident and got all the health problems kidney disease kidney failure heart problems coma life support bowel problems colon problem and tramatic head injury. I also can prove it all and the accident that has caused my teeth problems. Please help me.

  15. I have a serious problem with my teeth crumbling, being in constant pain, and my lower jaw bone is protruding on both sides. My lower teeth are “nubs,” I want to much to have my mouth fixed, so I can eat comfortably again, and not be embarrassed by my smile. I cannot find any dentist who will do the work, they all tell me what I have, but none offer a solution. I would love some help..I am 53 years old, Please let me know how I go about getting the help I need to have a smile once again, and being able top eat without pain. Thanks.

  16. I’m sure this will probably be overlooked but im praying for that miracle. I have a severe teeth grinding problem. My teeth are sheared down to 1/4. I have missing teeth and broken to roots. I cover my mouth when I smile. Also due to jutting my chin out when clenching, there is no overbite. My teeth are flush together. I have no insurance. The work needed is something I can never afford. I’m 48 and I’m hoping you are my miracle. I’m a recovering drug addict. Due to that abuse and self hatred that led me to clench, I have distroyed my mouth. I’m so embarrassed by my teeth. I’ve been clean 4 yrs and 4 months. God bless you for doing this, even if it’s not me.

  17. Hi my name is Barbara Jenkins im 41 years old. I would like to know how to get on this show..I have never had work done on my teeth never. I have one tooth on the top of my month the rest are all cracked missing and it hurts everyday.. all my bottom teeth are also decayed..i have high blood pressure and everytime i have tried to go to dentist they won’t treat me due to hpb.. i am so embarrassed to leave my home, i haven’t had a job in 4 years and don’t visit family..i have had low self esteem all my life due to my weight now more so due to my smile. I haven’t smiled in 10 years. I was a home health worker 13 years ago, i stoped because who wants their loved one taken care of by a toothless, fat cna with low self esteem..Please help me, if you know how i can get on this reality show let me know..

  18. How can I get on the show? I’m 25 years old with 2 kids. My teeth are in bad shape and one of my biggest insecurities. My teeth always hurt and break I don’t like smiling or my teeth showing at all its so bad. I know that need alot of work done I have had a dentist tell me that but finicially I haven’t been able to get any work done on them. Its an embarrassment in life and I really would love to have a smile I can be proud of and my kids to be proud of. Its my dream to be able to smile in pictures with my kids. Please help me.

  19. I’m a thirty five year old female with the same problem. Not having but twelve teeth in my mouth has had me very depressed. I can’t talk to people without covering my mouth. Please help me

  20. Hi, my name is Jade. I just seen the commercial for this show and it made me a little emotional. I’ve been battling with my smile since I was a child, I am now 27 years old. Im unable to smile due to teeth missing, through the years I have trained myself how to smile. I feel like this plays a big role in my confidence. I feel like my smile is playing a big role in my life as far as reaching my goals and also my love life. I get really depressed sometimes about my smile to the point that I don’t want to live which is sad and I’m working on this currently. I’ve never been able to fully smile my whole life. I can’t even imagine being able to smile which is crazy. But that is a small summary of my story. Either way I am blessed, and I remind myself that everyday.

  21. Yes my name is tonya jones and I am in bad horrible health and I am dieing all I want before I die is a set of upper teeth. Is there anyway that yall could please help me?? Thank u and god bless

  22. Hello Kimberly! My name is Mia and i really would like to get on this show. I have had missing teeth since i was 7 years old and i am now 21. I first haf a gap in my teeth and then my parents got that fixed , sort of, with braces. But then they couldn’t pay for them anymore so my teeth went back to how they were before. It truly does hinder my happiness in life. I work in retail and im a manager and every time i talk to a customer i know they are looking at my teeth. It really hit me one day that my teeth were so bad when my little brother’s friend asked me why my teeth looked that way. I have a daughter now and I am ashamed of the way my teeth look and I pray she doesn’t inherit my smile and have to go through the embarrassment and feeling not as confident in herself as I did and still do. Please help!

  23. Hello Kim, my name is Trivia and I really need your help, I have a T-12 spinal cord injury due to being shot 3times by my ex, lost my spleen, lf kidney and mu baby. I have always had a job and great insurance, but since i can’t work anymore and on disability and Medicare they don’t pay for dental. I am so in dying need of dental work. In pain everyday due to my spinal corset injury and my mouth is killing me as well. Please if you could help me. I would somehow pay it forward to help someone some how. Being a single mother is so very hard.

  24. Please help my mom she won’t leave the house because her teeth are bad and she has a trachea. We have tried to get her help but she’s disabled because of the medication she has to take. Please just some hope would help

  25. Hi I’m writing this because my brother is only 24 ,and because of an accident at his job it has left him with a messed up teeth . He has very low self-esteem about his self because of his teeth.I think emailing us a second chance on life because he’s too young not to have a pretty smile. I think his smile has held him back on a couple things and have wanted to accomplish in life. I just want to be that big sister to make his dreams come true ,and put a smile on my face to see my little brother happy.

  26. Hi my name is Lauren King I’m, 25 and have been embarrassed about my smile since I was, 7 years old and stated loosing baby teeth that just never grew back. If there is a way I could possibly be a part of this show I would be forever grateful.

  27. Hi, my name is Brandi. I am 33 and I am so ashamed of my teeth. One of my front teeth are missing and it’s so embarrassing. I have some back teeth missing also and it is so hard to eat. My teeth have been this way since I was about 20. There’s been so many days that I have cried over my teeth, especially when you can here people whispering talking about them. I’ve been called toothless, snaggle teeth, you name it. It really hurts your heart being called names. I spend 90 percent of my time at home. I would love to be able to get family photos taken and be able to give a beautiful smile. I have dreamed of it so many times. I would love and give anything to be able to get on your show and have this done. It would really be a dream come true for me. Thank You.

  28. My name is Doreen I am 51 and I would love to be on the show. I have a front tooth that sticks out and are oversized. Now my front crooked teeth have chips in them from a beating with a baseball bat. I would love to be able to Smile without covering my mouth.

  29. So i would love to get on this show. Im 46 and all my top teeth have rotted away. Ive always had chronic sinus infections and on so many antibiotics that it took a toll on my teeth. Yrs ago my dentist wanted to do a sinus lift to save my teeth but of course my insurance didnt cover it.
    And right now i dont have insurance. I made something from Dentist on Call over the counter just so you couldnt tell that i had no front teeth. Its almost like cement. Anyways i would sure hope you could consider looking into my situation.
    Thank you for your time. Michelle

  30. I would love to be on this show I am a mother of three great kid’s and they always ask me why I don’t smile and all I can tell them is it is my teeth I don’t like the way they look so if some one can help me smile to make my kid’s see how really happy I am with them and not hide my mouth when I smile I would really be great full

  31. I See I’m not the only one wanting to have a chance at a normal smile. Ive been ashamed of my teeth since I was a child.This opportunity would be the gift of a lifetime. I’ll be watching the premiere tonight at people who will have a second chance to enjoy the rest of their lives with confidence & pride.Please consider my request to be on your show. It would mean so very much to me.
    Pascalina Valachi

  32. I saw the show and was amazed how could I found out more about this I am 50 Years old and missing some front teeth I wear a flier and hate it

    • Hi im shannon Newman my son is 22 he had to do breathing treatments and it damage his teeth bad he want smile he has a year old son he don’t want to work cause he doesn’t want to open his mouth the baby’s mommy is always putting him down for his teeth and I just know if he had better teeth. It’s so bad that they have turned black it looks like a old man that never brushed I know the roots are dead they said but we just poor and can’t get them fix I have cancer I would Iove to see that smile he once and I know he dose thank u I know it’s going be a freak show

  33. I would like to get my son on here. He has 5 children and can’t afford to get his fixed. I would help him but i have been out of work for over a yr. Due to an accident. Please if you could help him. I would love to see him smile again. Thank you. God bless.

  34. If another season is produced, I would love to see my brother get a makeover . His current situation leaves him unable to eat without cutting food into miniscule pieces. He has always had problems with his teeth growing up but it seems that he always put everyone else ahead of his needs and never had the money to work on his teeth. His teeth have now deteriorated to the point it will never be financially an option. My brother is awesome and I would love to see him be able to socialize with confidence,but most importantly I want him to be able to enjoy food and literally just be able to eat normally again .
    Thank you ; please contact me if the possibility of his participation in future episodes could become reality . A makeover for him may leave him in tears for days it would mean that much .

    Loved this show by the way , I think that it’s wonderful that someone finally sees and wants to help those that have suffered so much on so many levels because of dental issues

  35. I need my smile back!!! I’m 53 years old. I really don’t know how to explain how much it would mean to me to be on smile, please, please, please, please, please, for you to consider me to be on smile, I’ve prayed for something like this to happen to me, to find someone who mite help, and be a part of it. I just want my smile back!!! I’ve just recently lost my job, and to find a job, to me it’s hard because of my smile, because I don’t smile, yes I grin, but it’s not like my old smile. You would be a answers to my prayer.

  36. This series is amazing. Im a single mama to 5 sons. My husband is barred to Mexico. After being on low dose chemo and beating the odds this series would be a dream come true. Is there a certain place to apply? Im my children’s representative and would love my smile back.

  37. Hello my name is crystal im 27 with two kids i can not afford dental work and have really bad teeth i need help please

  38. I have no idea if these even truly get read but I’m desperate. My name is Kayloni and I am 25 years old and I have an 18 month old son. My missing teeth probably started my first year out of high school (I thank god I didn’t have to go through this in highschool). My family has a history of bad teeth. I’m missing a lot of teeth from my top row and a small amount from my bottom row. My Teeth have now become an obsession, I wake up thinking about them I go to bed thinking about them. I practice talking in a mirror to make sure people can’t see, I try different ways of talking and even laughing as sad as that is. I’m so self conscious about my teeth. My partner hasn’t even seen them. We hardly joke around anymore cause of the fear that by him making me laugh or trying to tickle me, my teeth would get exposed and he’ll see the same disgusting picture I see and stare at every single day. I don’t even see my face anymore, the moment I’m in front of a mirror my eyes immediately go to my mouth. It’s completely shot my self confidence and oftentimes hurts my relationship. I find myself unproductive at work some days because I’m at my desk continuously staring at my mouth and feeling more embarrassment and hate. Hell I made sure to get a desk job out of the public eye. I’ve gone to plenty of dentists who tell me all they can do is slap some dentures in my mouth. Guess I can thank the county for the medical assistance… Pure embarrassment and shame keeps me in the house. And now I’m supposed to be my sisters maid of honor in her wedding, when she asked me all I thought about was my mouth. I even dread the day my son catches a glimpse and asks why I obsess over him having perfect teeth when I don’t even have any. I’d give up everything to have my smile back. Everything. Ive been telling myself when I pay my car off I’ll use it to get a loan. Even trying to improve my credit to try to finance this but it’s way more expensive than I could ever cover. Again if these even do get read and if ever someone was picked from comments I created an email specifically for this post and other options… I will obsessively check this email as it was made for my dental inquiries.

  39. Hi, my name is Rena, and I would love to be on your show. I am 51 years old, and I haven’t smiled over 30 years. My mom died when I was three, and my grandmother let these social workers take me to a dentist when I was a little girl, and I was so scared of the dentist. I screamed and cried in the chair, and he put his knee in my chest to hold me down along with his wife. So I never went to a dentist for a long time. I now have a severe case of terrible teeth. I am so depress. Please help me! I just want to smile.

  40. Hello my name is Christina I’m from Colorado I have had bad teeth since I was a teen I’m about to turn 33 I would really love to get my teeth fixed so I can finally smile again I hate leaving my house because of my teeth everyone always tells me that my teeth are bad and nasty I have two kids and no money to get them fixed please help me thank you

  41. hi my name is Katie I really will need to have my teeth fixed I was born with alerts Danlos syndrome and it has caused my teeth to decay before they even came out and broke the gum line my upper jaw has had had all the teeth pulled and I’ve had two sets of dentures made but they don’t fit right my upper jaw is in pain all the time and I just need to find a way to get my smile back to the way it was I really feel bad when I hear all the other people talking about what they’ve gone through I really don’t want to have to go to these extremes to get help I’m on disability I’m going to be 57 years old my teeth my permanent teeth when they came in were rotten had to be filled and then had to be refilled the dentist even told me to quit brushing my teeth so much because I had brushed all the enamel off of them then eight teeth I have left in my mouth are just as bad they are on my bottom draw in the front I have no other teeth on my bottom jaw and the dentures that I hadn’t wearing now don’t go all the way back on the teeth the way they should they stopped halfway in the upper jaw and they don’t stay in my mouth anymore I really need to have something done to get this fixed please call me at area code 360 491 8648 my name is Katie thank you very much

  42. I need to be on this show so bad, I want to rejoin this world. I won’t leave or have visitors because of my teeths the ones I still have left.

  43. Hi my name is jasmine I just turn 30 single mom , I really want start saying love the show makes me cry , I know how it fell not have confidence smille , I lost alot to much teeth my mouth last year I been taking out over 9 teeth , I had pass abusive person , alot bad happened to my mouth, I would love to say if there a chance out there I pray to god one thing is smile.and a chnce this show, I still want say love the show god bless the one got on show , love washing show like this thank very much show:-)

  44. I NEED to get my dental story to you. I had to have 6 teeth pulled and 5 partials on the bottom but nothing but just a hole left on the top. It started with 3 surgies I had that made me have dry mouth dry. They said the medication would make me have dry mouth but did not tell me what to do about it. I have been a prisoner to my home for 3 years. I can hardly eat as the partial flips out. I had beautiful teeth before these surgeries and always taken good care of my teeth and this has been devistating.
    I would love a responce and for you to look at my teeth. Plus I want people medication can harm your teeth so ask your doctor or dentist what to do.
    I can’t afford to get my teeth fixed as I’m on medical disability from a 32 year career as a cosmetologist that killed my body and I hate it I loved my job. People who want to get disability have no idea what it’s really like, I rather be doing my job than be a prisoner to my home as I’m embarrassed of my teeth.

  45. I know you get a lot of messages and I pray you read this. For ten years I have lived in pain. I had beautiful teeth and I had dental insurance. I was going to loss my insurance and my dentist said I needed over twenty fillings. Well it all went wrong in so many ways. One thing the fillings fell out and instead of fixing them he pulled two out and broke one of my teeth while doing that. I went years without being able to do anything and my teeth looks so bad. I am so lost and the pain is to much. I have had nothing but bad things happening in my life. I lost my 19 year old son last year and more. I was wanting to know how I could get help because I can’t smile because of how I look. Please help me please.

  46. I wish everyone struggling with dental pain and complications all receive a blessing in getting the problems fixed. Everyone deserves to have a smile that makes them feel confident in themselves.I also suffer from major dental problems and have been told I will have to have full dentures which seems embarrassing since Im only 21. My children are still young and I’m hoping to have my problems fixed before they get older but between being a single mother and trying to work to pay for medical school I just don’t have the money to afford it. Which there are lots of people that struggle from this same situation and I only wish everyone had the chance to have this opportunity that this show offers.

  47. Hi turning 38 in 10 days and I haven’t smiled in 6 years without shame , not being able as a mother to look at my kids and smile or look at my husband and smile. No pictures with a real smile… I lived the wrong way for 4 tears and did it to my slef.. but I have changed my life 100%.. today is my 6 years clean birthday and all I want is to be able to leave all my past in the past but when I see my myself try to smile all I see it all the horrible things I went through. I want to be pretty And not be ashamed for my kids and husband it myslef..have went to dentist and they only hand me tons of paperwork with lots of big numbers that put me into panic attacks.. have insurance but can’t afford dental. . I got my life back better than it was before by far , married the man of my dreams and raising our wonderful kids, but I just want it smile with these painful tears coming with it. Thank u for hearing my story . Don’t expect any responses back, could have a blessing that great happen for me… but Thank u letting me share…. xoxo mama who hides her smile

  48. I would love to be the recipient of a second chance. the importance of a smile and what it does for your self esteem and what it does for others is something that I want to be blessed with. as you can see by the replies what you’re doing is bringing hope to thousands of those of us didn’t feel like we had any hope due to either financially not being able to afford the dental procedures that were needed or just not having enough hope to believe that our issues can be fixed. it is a bondage that many of us want to come out of the bondage of fear of others opinions and judgments the bondage of not fitting in the bondage of not being seen for who we are due to them not being able to get past our physical appearance. even though I know it’s television entertainment but there are lives attached to it that were changed and were given hope so for that I say thank you and God bless you for this opportunity.

  49. Hello…
    I’m Paula and I have read all the request from all the people who need dental care. I was really saddened to see that there was so many people who need dental care. I myself am in need of dental care but after reading the other request, feel that I should not or don’t have the right to ask for help. My problem is very small compare to the others. I’m 52, divorce after twenty years of marriage and in nursing school. I just saw the show on lifetime and thought maybe something good could happen to me. I just want to able be to smile back at my patients, classmates and instructors. It has been a struggle to get up everyday in front of people and pretend like nothing is wrong just because I’m determined to help others.That’s always been a lifelong dream. So with that being said thanks for letting me share my story and keep up the good fight. Helping others is what life is all about…


  50. I would love to be able to come on this show. I used to have beautiful teeth. Just wanted a perfect “smile” again.

  51. I am 42 years old. When i was 23 i was really over weight and hated myself .my husband always cheated on me and i blamed myself someone i knew introduced me to cocaine to help lose the weight which turned into addiction. After 6 years i realized the effect it was taking on my family,and prayed for the first time in years. My 13 years old daughter was pregnant at the time and i blamed myself for that also God gave me the strength and i had the willpower țo quit.and have been clean every since .i thank God my children don’t remember any of it and most people didn’t even know. Shortly after i quit my teeth just started falling apart. I’m missing my two front teeth and all my back have me in torment all the time..i would love to be I this show and pray for the smile i need for myself. thank you

  52. So many responses, I realize there are many people who need help! It is a shame that dental insurance and dental care is far to expensive for today of us who truly need it. It seems only the rich deserve a beautiful smile.
    Hi, my name is jo…once (long ago) a model for the Elite agency. My smile once won me commercials and print ads, but now, I too desperately need help! Health issues, bad decisions and lack of finances have taken their toll, my smile is gone! As a single mom fighting to survive, $10.00 is more than I have…much les the $30,000. I have been quoted. Better jobs and opportunities are out of reach because of my teeth, or lack there of. Sad how people judge you because of your broken and ugly smile….but they do! I need a helping hand and have no one to turn to. You could be the miracle that changes mine and my daughter’s life!

  53. Looking for a miracle.. So many people in need. I know of a woman young thirties, works at a $10.00 an hour job trying to make it in this world. she had a great smile and because of a medical reason teeth started to turn black and rott out of her mouth.( She looks like a drugie. Even with a college degree in criminal justice , people look at her teeth and wont hire her. She wants to get married and all I can think of is how she will hate the wedding pictures in years to come if these teeth arn’t taken care of. I can’t find anyone wiling to help with the cost and or do pro bono work for this young woman. This show would be a true god sent , what a blessing for all those who were able to get help from this show… Wedding is set for September 2105 Wouldn’t that be the best gift for her and her family.. May all who get on the show be happy, loved and blessed…

  54. Hi my name is valeska and I am 30 years old. I’ve been having problems with my teeth since I was young. My mom got me braces as a child thinking it would be good for me but when I took them off on more than half of the teeth they were cemented to had cavities. The dentist said that they were to small to do anything with them at the time. Then I got pregnant and moved into my own house. My daughter was born with cleft lip and palate my pregnancy was very complicated and took a toll on my body and my teeth. So all the cavities started falling apart very quickly and I was young and on my own and did not have the money to go to the dentist. Year later I had another child then got divorced. Not long after that I was in a bad car accident that left me with back problems and the doctors put me on pain medication that I became addicted to which led to other things. Three years ago I got really sick and almost die the doctors didn’t know why. After being there for a week they figure out it was an abscess and a blood infection that spread throughout my body that kept me hospitalized for over a mouth. That was really hard on me and my body and my already messed up teeth did not take it well. after that I went to rehab and it’s been two and a half years I’ve been sober. When I got out my front teeth started to break off and all I would do is stay my room and cry. My mom said she would try and help me fix my front tooth cuz she didn’t want to see me hurting and sad anymore. I went to the dentist and half of my front tooth was missing and even though the back were worse and causing me pain I wanted the front one fixed and I would just deal with the pain. So he fixed it and two years have gone by and I’m left with all my teeth missing in the back a tooth missing on the side and filling from the passed and the front tooth filling that he did falling out.The pain is horrible. I had to go buy super glue so I can keep gluing the front fillings back in my mouth just so I can talk to people. I won’t leave home without it. I can’t eat cuz of the pain and I’m terrified that I will swallow the filling and won’t have to glue it bk in. It has become my biggest fear and has turned into a phobia, I have nightmares about and wake up crying. I’m so embarrassed and ashamed and scared to death now cuz I have two abscess and don’t want to get sick from this again. I have no insurance and can’t afford anything but super glue. I’ve prayed for many years for help and I have asked my mom if she would write to Ellen for me cuz I was to ashamed and i know she helps people then yall came along and it was like a dream come true. I know God has already blessed me in giving me the strength to overcome my addition and illness but depression for me is the hardest and if you could give me my smile back then my prayers would be answered. I would just love to get out of my room and step into a new life. Thank u for taking the time to help and change people’s lives. God bless you

  55. Hi kimberly my name is duane taylor i have painful teeth and missing rotting teeth please i would love to have a second chance .

  56. Hi Kimberly I was wonder how do you apply to get on the show? I really want to get my mom on the show. Hoping to hear back from you soon. Thank you and have a wonderful day

  57. Hi I would really like my mom to get a chance to be on smile show she is mother of 5 and she has been a single mother and always been there for me and my sibling. She is a hard worker and a great mom. She is a funny person hates photos and smiling because of her teeth. This would be a god since my mom went Thur a hard life with my abusive father for 20 years and naming calling and I just think this would be a wonderful gift I can give my mom. Please and thank you

  58. Hey my name is deanna and im posting this because my mother is a mother of five and we live in a hotel. She works seven days a week and still cant get us out of the hotel. Also she cant get into the dentist she has rotted teeth and no teeth im.not sure if that make sense. We cant affored to get her teeth done at all! Im desperte im not sure if this is gonna be seen but if so. Please help jer so she can be a more confited mom a better impact on my life by seeing her smile non stop! Thank you

  59. I am wondering how to get on the show. I have cleft lip and pallet and am in dire need of teeth repair on the top. its been a long road and also have a daughter with cleft lip and pallet and she has extensive work done in the last few years.

  60. I want to have my mother mouth worked on . Am on a fix income and my mother hasn’t have a job in 6 years she is living with my grandma because her home was destroyed by fire 2 years ago but I rather her mouth be worked on because she has no kind of Medicaid or insurance I really hope you can help . Here my email qaela27@gmail. com

  61. I would love information on how to get on the show. I have not been able to smile for years have no top teeth and very few on the bottom. Cant get a job becausr of my smile.Please help with how to get on the show

  62. Hello I’m writing on behalf of my boyfriend he is 26 and he really need your help his teeth need help really bad he has had 4-5 teeth extracted already and has at least 6 that has chip I’m currently 4 1/2 mnths pregnant with twin boys that is due Nov. 1 I would really appreciate it you could help us out on how to get on the show cause he never wants to go out because he think people is always looking at his mouth so I’d you could do anything to help please do thks

  63. I would love to do the show I’m a 36 year old mother 5 and I can’t go out into the work world because of the stereotypes and how I think people look at me for having no teeth and being so young it makes me look like I had a hard life also I feel unhealthy because I can’t eat enough to keep weight on my body I can’t smile haven’t smiled in years I need to do this for my kids first and for me!

  64. Heii Kim, just watched the show on Lifetime and it gave me hope that there’s still an opportunity on getting my Teeth replaced. All my life I had to live with my yellow discolored Teeth and I hate it. Really hoping to get a chance on this life changing opportunity.

  65. Hi Kim, I am 52 and a breast cancer survivor of 17 years and my teeth have really gone down hill. I really would like the opportunity to getting these teeth finally looking good.

  66. My name is Michele, when I saw this show I instantly fell on my knees crying and praying in hopes of maybe and finally I can get help. But when I read all of the stories before mine, and to see that I’m living the same nightmare that’s reality for me and more made me less optimistic. But I pray still that my story is recognized because I don’t know how long I can live with the pain and suffering of a UGLY smile. It has ruined me and my life. My teeth hunts me all day everyday. I’m so tired of living life this way. Help me please, please help me

  67. I’ve never left a comment about a show before, but I just watched the megan/melissa episode and fell apart. My teeth are worse than what I saw on the show, and have had life-threatening bacterial pneumonia and recently kidney problems as a result of the constant infections. I was born with nearly no enamel and as a kid the dentists told me I’d be lucky to have my teeth past 25. I made it to 45, but I’m at the end of my rope as I cannot afford to fix all I need fixed being a single father of 4 kids. Please contact me and I can send you pictures. I would say you won’t believe it but after watching what you did for Megan and Melissa, I guess you would.
    Even if you pass me up, thank you for finally bringing to light the enormous psychological, emotional and overall health impact that ruined/missing teeth can have. I have not smiled in over 10 years and I now have first-hand experience with the ramifications of other health issues stemming from bad teeth. You aren’t just making better smiles, you’re saving lives!

  68. Can someone please find and give us details on how to apply for the show…I haven’t smiled in 16 years, a relatively young, beautiful woman that just has not been able to afford the the cost…being retired due to injury. I thank you in advance if ANYONE can help.

  69. When I was elementary I had buck teeth and a gap, my mother took everything she had to get me braces, I was no longer asked to fit quarters in between my teeth or laughed at because I had head gear, I was skinny called skeleton and olive oil. I thought I was so ugly , then my mother put me in modeling at 14 by 15 I was signed to a modeling contract in new York , I was the only one out of 100 girls in Alaska who was chosen I made the paper and was compared to Halle berry, that was my nick name all. Thru school, my mother decided not to let me go so at 16 I got pregnant, I was abused by her father and have been a domestic violence victim for most of my life which started a nervous paranoid condition of consistent grinding , I now have teeth I have grinded down to nubs, I had two teeth pulled in 2014 and yesterday morning I was flossing and my front tooth chipped, I am still told how beautiful I am but don’t see who everyone talks about, I walk around as if it doesn’t bother me, but I cry when no ones around , I recently moved from Alaska to Las Vegas and finally feel safe from abuse but feel so out of place even considering I’m told I’m beautiful everyday I don’t want to smile or laugh with my back turned and can’t afford the dental work necessary, I’ve had numerous suicide attempts as I was growing up feeling like I wasn’t worth being alive , the last D.V abuse I was subjected to , I was pistol whipped and all I could think of while a pistol was in my mouth was losing my teeth, I was hospitalized with severe injuries and ever since my grinding gotten worse and even though I Recieve Medicaid it only covers the basics, I no longer see me I see and feel the missing teeth cracked teeth and nightmares of which one will go next. I have now 4 beautiful daughters who find pics of me all the time of when I was young post them for me, and love showing me off to their friends, even though they see the beautiful popular mom everyone gives compliments, all I feel is ugly and hope that no one notices what I c , decay, and disgust, I just wanna feel the way everyone else sees me, I don’t know else to do. I saw the commercial for the show on the morning my front tooth cracked and know that it was a sign, Your show is the only thing giving me hope of a real life that I know I’m missing,

  70. Please help me I’m 55 with 6 grandchildren and I have such shame of what’s left of my rotten teeth. I can’t even smile at and with these beautiful kids. There are no words for how it makes me feel. That is the worst of it, I feel ugly and hide most of the time. I have no well not much of a life anymore. I’m still young and have a lot to live for but I feel such shame to even be around family. I’m missing so much. I raised 3 children by myself I was busy taking care of their needs. I didn’t have the means to take care of mine. I have so many to love and enjoy and I just cry it’s so hard. Please help me if you can! I really want to live. Life was hard and that’s ok but now it could be good and. I think I have that right now and I have so much to share with my grandchildren and family to spend special time with while I can. This affects my whole life or lack of! It breaks my heart. Thank you for your time, Linda

  71. Hi I’m Angela I’m a single mother of three beautiful kids my whole life I have had dental problems I had my kindey taken out in 05 I thought things where going to get better for me but they didn’t because of the medications I was taking my front teeth started to brake they look really bad I’m 30 years old I don’t feel pretty or good about myself at all I wish I could have a nice smile so I can enjoy life again I can’t afford to get them done 🙁 but I just have to have faith that one day I will get them fixed so I can eat the food I want and feel good about myself again Thank you for your time Angela

  72. Hello and good evening. My name is Robyn I’m from NYC and am desperately. In need of a good dentist help. I’m miss most of my teeth because of botched dental work.I have exstrem bone loss . I’m a single parent of five. Please tell me how I can get on Smile.please help I’m desperate I can’t go to work or school because I’m so embarrassed. Ps i need help please

  73. Hello Kim, my name is Tara mckinney,When i saw the preview for your show i have thought of nothing else. My mouth has been in been in very poor condition for years…there arr four on top and the bottom is rotting away.They look terrible and it so hard to talk to people and do the moat basic daily living activity due to this issue. My children and family are very concerned for my health due to this issue. I have lost alot of weight due to the infection and on top of the weight loss i Have been diagnosed with multiple slerosis. This show would be such a blessing to me . Thank you for your time.

  74. I am 38 years old and have periodontal disease. It has caused my teeth to shift, a massive gap inbetween my front teeth both up and bottom. The teeth pushing together has caused chiping, breaking, multiple teeth being pulled, holes in my teeth…the pain….it is worse than anything I can describe, only someone who has teeth issues knows….breathing hurts. Having to go through life, after having beautiful teeth and now living with embarrassment and shame…no one should have to feel that. Nobody understands and all we hear is ,”why dont you just go to a dentist?” If it was that simple and inexpensive then it would have been done. I saw about 5 minutes of this show tonight for the first time and the tears started flowing. What it would be like to have healthy, normal teeth… this show is a miracle for those who are able to be a part of it.

  75. To whom it may concern. I am a mother of 2 and was born with cleft palate and hair lip. I have struggled my whole life with getting made fun of bc of my teeth. I was born with a piece of my bone missing from my gums, and so I have always had a gap. It’s very embarassing. I’ve been to dentist after dentist and it always seems to get worse. Just recently I had a dentist tell me there’s no hope and that eventually I’ll need all my teeth pulled and no one here in my home town will even do dentures on me bc of my cleft palate. It’s so bad that my 3 year old daughter ask me “mommy you’re teeth break alot” because I have a partial and don’t look right. Please please help me.

  76. you know for a very long time I assumed that I was the only one living this way of life…now I see there are so many others who also live with the pain and the shame….our teeth and our lives are so full of decay we are saddened every minute of the day we cry every day…. just want to say thank you to the dentist and lifetime for helping with making dreams come true for some of us…there is still some decent and caring people in this great land and I am sure if it was possible we all could be helped

  77. Hi my name is serina and I would like to know how I can apply for this show. I’m a single mother of four with really bad teeth that causes me to be in tremendous pain everyday, I have no dental insurance and can’t afford the work needed to be done. Please let me know how I can apply for this blessing. Thank you,

  78. How do you apply for this show. I flew to California in 2009 for a makeover for the Dr show and Dr Dorfmans office did part of the work and I stayed in town an extra two weeks for the rest and it was never completed. I am in so much pain and can’t afford to get it repaired. I haven’t dated anyone in over 22 years and I don’t go out because of all my missing teeth that were suppose to be fixed. Help please

  79. Hello, my name is Chelsea. I’m not really sure how to apply for this show, but this is one amazing chance for a lucky individual… I’ve never applied to anything like this before so I thought I’d give it a shot… I am 27 with a 2 year old baby.. I want to take her so many places, but I’m too embarrassed of my teeth.. I have been made fun of since I was in middle school.. I have always been called snaggle tooth.. Because of that, I have always hid my smile… I have never taken a picture with me truly smiling.. My stepdaughters even notice my teeth.. I haven’t taken very good care of them because I hate them so bad, and they are an embarrassment. It is coming to the point to where I have the worst pain ever all over my mouth.. I would to be able to really smile for the first time.. I would love for people to look at me instead of my teeth.. Maybe I’m selfish, but this would be a blessing.. not just for me, but for my daughter as well.. I would love to be able to take our first real pictures together without me faking a smile.. Hopefully I can get this chance.. It would definitely be a blessing.. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write to you.. Chelsea

  80. Please Help me I’m 32 yrs old and I have really bad teeth do to the medication I take on the daily basis and I really just want to be able to have my teeth and JUST ME BACK AS A PERSON CAUSE HONESTLY I’M JUST TIRED OF CRYING OVER SOMETHING THAT I CAN’T FIX ON MY OWN PLEASE HELP CAUSE ALL I WANNA DO IS LOOK UP FOR A CHANGE.

  81. I was wondering how I can possibly get on the show? I’m only 33 and I keep losing teeth. Don’t get me wrong I try to go the dentist when ever I can afford it. However right on on my left side I’m ashamed to smile or even talk bc of how bad my teeth are. I’ve been told I need so many dental work that the cost is way out of my budget. I’m disable and don’t have money not dental insurance. Can YOU PLEASS HELP so I can feel normal again

  82. My teeth are bad. I have read some of the comments I’m sure there are heartwarming I haven’t smiled in 15 years I would like your help no I pray for your help I can send you a picture of my teeth if you want to know my story please let me know. You can send me any forms if they need to be filled out at 300 East Mount Morris Avenue Wautoma Wisconsin 54982
    I am very tired of not eating my favorite foods. Please help me.

    Thank You for your consideration
    Jeff Dobrecevich

  83. Helen gilhart iam 51 and back in 2006 I had heart attact and strock iv been trying for my diabililty since then and haven’t got it yet also back then is when ilost my uppers to a cow kick in the mouth I was a dairy farmery it was a cold morning machine was to cold on top of it all I hav atheritis on top of it all and lupus too now her it is 2015 just had a strokemy dream is to get my teeth ill still be ugly but it might help a llil bit iyou see iam still a destinatated ugly fat friend to everey one thanks for your time

  84. Hi my name is Elizabeth. All my top teeth are down to the gums. The bottom teeth the front ones I don’t know how they stay in my mouth, because there is no gums in front of they. When I had teeth I use to scribble them very hard because I never thought that I had them enough. I’m insulin dependent two types of insulin. So I’m a Diabetic type 1, I have congestive heart problem. I can’t even eat veggie or lots of fruits, because I can’t chew them good enough so I choke. The same thing with Spaghetti, I can’t chew the noodles so I choke on them. I really wish I could get a second chance , plus I need two knee replacements and can’t get they because of my teeth. Thank you so much and God Bless for giving those people s second chance.

  85. I would like to know who I write to, to get on your Show. I have had Gum problems since I was 12 years olds and I need a lot of work on my teeth, it is so embarassing to talk and smile at people, I am so tires of taking pictures with my mouth shut, cause of the embarassement of my teeth, for the past 2 years my teeth have started shiftting.

  86. Hi I really wanted to get my mother on the show. She is beautiful but she hates her teeth. I feel she will be better if she gets her teeth fix. I hope the best for her. How can I get her on this show???? I’m not the happiest with my smile…but it would make me even happier to see my Mom smile with out covering her mouth.

  87. How can I get on the show? I’m 32 a single mother of 6. With all my attention being given to my 6 kids I forgot or felt I didn’t have time or money to tend to myself and each pregnancy took a toll on my teeth. My teeth are now in horrible shape. I hate being around people and talking and definitely smiling in fear that they will see my teeth or what’s left of my teeth. I don’t like leaving the house unless it’s absolutely necessary and even smiling and talking around my kids, family and friends have become uncomfortable. I’m newly divorced and was on a path of bettering myself. I’ve recently lost the weight from 6 kids and a bad habit of eating out of depression. I would love to be able to get back into the dating scene and feel more confident about my appearance but unfortunately with my teeth in such bad shape I feel I’m at a stand still and unable to move forward out of fear of someone judging me because of my mouth. I really am a great person. PLEASE HELP ME??

  88. How can I apply for this show? I was bulimic from a teen to an adult. I was also a victim of domestic violence and became addicted to percocet. I have been clean for 2 1/2 yes and out of a 20 yr. Violent relationship for 2 1/2 yrs. Because of the eating disorder and addiction I have lost most of my teeth. I am happy that I have come so far,but I can’t even smile. It is to the point that I can’t even eat because I have no molars left. I need help really bad. I want to be able to talk to people,eat,smile and laugh, because I can’t do any. My story gets deeper,but not enough space. Please if anymore has information let me know,I would appreciate it.

  89. How can I get on this show. I’m 29 years old and I’m fixing to get the rest of my teeth pulled I hope because they hurt so bad and I’m a single parent of 4 children and my I don’t hardly smile and more because I don’t have any teeth

  90. Hi. I really don’t know what to say so IL start of by sayin that as a kid my teeth was not always in the best shape an as I got older they became worse especially after having my kids iv lost all my front ones an have a partial that is now wearing down the ones that the partial is hanging on an at times get infected an causes me not to eat and at times be sick. I am a single mother an it would feel good to look at mi kids with a big smile an they can say WOW UR SMILE IS BEAUTIFUL!! I work in the public an its embarrassing when speaking with people sometimes you spit not meaning to or worry bout people thinking bad of you for your teeth or you can’t smile much due to low self esteem from not having many teeth at all. If yall have another show I’d like to know how to sign up for it. Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

  91. I would love to find out how to get on the show my teeth have been bad sense my twenty and I’m so ready to be able to smile again cause the way my teeth are now I go around and try to never. Smile I would truly love to smile with nice teeth instead of what I’ve been stuck with for years thanks for the ones you do help cause I know they wAs truly feeling blessed

    • Id love to get on the show. Ic neva had perfect teeth an when i had my kids tgey became worse. I work with the public an its embarrssing at times when i have to smile an talk. It would be a blessing to be able to smile again an feel better about my self.

  92. I have had weak teeth all my life ever since the third or fourth grade my teeth have been really bad! I come from very humble (low income, no insurance) having family. A lot of love, but being one of seven children funds were used to pay rent, utilities and groceries! When I was 20yrs old I was accepted on the State Medical Program and took myself straight to the Dentist. I would have loved to save some of them (teeth) but I knew I only had a limited amount of coverage and anything else was considered cosmetic and they didn’t cover anything except check-ups, cleaning and extractions! So, I had them all pulled. I figured that since all my teeth seemed to be breaking and some crumbling it would be better in the long run to have them all pulled! After I had them pulled and had a top and bottom plate made for me, I some how grew another tooth on bottom. So, needless to say I haven’t had full set of teeth on bottom for 30yrs. I very rarely smile or have pictures taken of me. I know that you will be getting a lot of these stories from people who I’m sure need your help as much as I do. I actually had to talk myself into submitting this E-mail because I’m so use to trying not to be noticed! I just want to feel pretty before I’m too old. I’ve been with my significant other for a little over 10yrs and I never let him see me without my teeth. I would love to be able to smile in my wedding pictures!! So, if you would consider me as a patient I would do anything you needed me to do to be able to smile normal!!!!

  93. Watching this show makes me cry. I myself have just top dentures, and while I could use a chance to get this done, I’m asking for my husband. After loosing our 21 year old son, our life changed drastically. My kids have all weak enamel and have had many problems. My son passed away with his upper 6 teeth missing and afraid to smile. My husband teeth are actually falling out. The gums are wearing away and has teeth missing in the front up and bottom. He says he would feel happy to have them fixed and when he smiles he’d smile twice, once for our son. It makes me sad to know that in one more month, my son would have smiled bright again. I am worried because I know someone who had an infected tooth that spread to his brain. That’s my worry. I can’t loose my husband to this. I pray you have room for just one more case…. please email me.

  94. I have been watching your show, it definitely brings tears to my eyes. Such joy and happiness that you bring to people is amazing. I wold love for my boyfriend to be able to come on your show. He has not been blessed with good teeth, like me. I can’t even imagine what he has gone through over the years. He is a beautiful man inside and out whom I love very much. Always taking care of others and so deserves to be taken care of himself. This would be a life changer for him, build confidence and allow him to smile thst amazing smile he hides.

  95. I too have noticed at lifetime is not replying to all of these requests there are many women out there that really need the services and would do it for a whole lot less money than is being paid to fix these people my daughters one of them she’s it in terrible pain but the show isn’t for real they’re not resng to real people the people they have on the show don’t have half the problem is it real people do anyway I can see by the lack of response to all of your request I’m not even going to try but good luck to all of you.

  96. I would like to try to be on the show do too I have extremely bad teeth am 99% of them are broke off and I have the go paradigms disease and in another emergency room every two months for infections I am financially struct where I can’t go to the dentist and have more pulled out and I could really use your help so if all possible please help me my teeth are extremely bad

  97. I don’t ever smile and don’t let nobody see my mouth and tired and depressed of the way my teeth look and I just don’t feel like me I want to look like me again and I have to worry about any of this anymore

  98. How do I get on this show. My daughter is embarrassed for me to go to her school. I am embarrassed I can’t even get a job the way my teeth look and I’m also getting married but won’t do it with my mouth like this and my fiancee is taking it personal

  99. I would love to tell my story and be able to be on this show, I have had Gum Disease since I was 12 years old and now at 47 I have so many gum problems and I have to lose teeth, it is so embarassing, I do have Dental Insurance, but my insurance hardly covers any of the expenses and being a single parent and my 12 year old daughter needs dental work and braces, I have to wait for my teeth to be worked on, she comes first and I want never want my daughter to experience or be embarassed of her teeth as I have my entire life.

  100. Don’tknow how oor if you can apply to this show but I guess I’ll leave my story here in hopes for a reply. My name is Brittany, I’m 21 years old and I am a single mother to two beautiful children. I also have six broken teeth on top in front that are broken to the gum, black and cause extreme pain. I also have to have most of my bottom back teeth pulled as well. I’ve never had good teeth and to be completely honest I never really had good dental hygiene either. Not to make an excuse but my mother became an extreme alcoholic when I was three and didn’t entail very good dental hygiene. I’ve always been made fun of, cause me to hide my smile and speak with my hand in front of my mouth. People assume I am a drug aaddict I am not. However, I smoke cigarettes. Besides the constant pain, drinking out of a straw and figuring out the best way to eat I unfortunately can not hide away in the house. I have anxiety every time I walk out the door, I won’t speak unless spoken to or have to. I avoid getting all dressed up so I don’t get approached by men and I stay in a unhealthy relationship for the fear that no one will love me due to my teeth. I feel as if all judgments of me are solely based on my teeth, I fear interacting with anyone outside of my home. I think what you all are doing a is a very wonderful thing. To give someone confidence, pride, joy and hope is priceless.

  101. I would love to be a part of this show. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful kids. I would love to be more confident in myself to be a better role model for my children, but it’s very hard when you’re embarrassed to smile. I have had trouble with my teeth since I can remember, but I have recently had a lot of health problems & am on multiple medications that does absolutely NO good for my teeth. I’m getting ready to turn 30 years old…. I have so much to live for & so much to look forward to …. A beautiful smile would be a huge bonus!!!!! Please Help!

  102. Hi I am really going out of my comfort zone doing this but I really need help and I can’t afford to fix this problem that makes me not kids say I always look like I’ll frowning,I was born with a gap it was little and I guess to some sexy..I have had several teeth pulled in the back so now the gap is huge.and my surrounding teeth are bad due to in ability to pay to have fixed….this affects my everyday life I hate to smile..I would love to have my teeth fixed so I can feel human again..

  103. This show looks really good. I’ve always liked real reality TV shows, unscripted. Seeing this for the first time, I had to rewind and sit there and watch over again. I guess my thinking was, wow, would I allow myself to go on National TV, in front of family, friends, and my children, and really show them MY teeth. I don’t think I could, it’s great to see the people on the show that had so much courage to do that, I think I’d suffer in silence. 8 years ago, I weighed 250 lbs, and had lapband surgery. I’ve maintained regular weight, sometimes a bit more, or less depending on the holidays. A few years ago, I noticed a small black spot on my tooth/gum line area, and went to the dentist. She basically said it was nothing to worry about and to watch my soda intake. Today, every single one of my teeth are broken, with what looks like black spots or decay. I have 5 children, 2 grown, and 2 grandsons that I love to laugh and play with. Would I do that outside of my house, heck no. When I go grocery shopping, I zip in and out, say thank you under my breath hoping the cashier heard me, and run out, head down. I have no dental insurance, and over the past 5 years, my husband lost his job, so the only thing I could do if they hurt was to go to a clinic and have them pulled. I look at my pictures before, I had a beautiful smile, and was often told that. I’m not sure if it was the lapband Procedure I had done, because I don’t eat like I’m suppose to, but would never have it removed for fear of gaining 300 lbs. I can totally understand everyone on here. I feel like I’m living in a cave, the only ones that see me are my 3 children that are home right now. I avoid parties, get togethers, going out to dinner, everything to stay home so I don’t subject myself to people seeing me and thinking I’m a crack addict (which I am not). If I have conferences with teachers, I literally let them talk while I shake my head. This is the first time I have ever put this out there, and really have no idea why I have. I guess just reading everybody’s blog, gave me a little courage to tell my story, it’s one thing to write it, and one thing to be on a show where the whole world sees what you look like, and will always have the before pictures. Good luck to everyone, hope to see new people on the show;)

  104. I’ve wanted to submit an application to be on this show from the day I saw the advertisement for it. I’m 44 years old and am in desperate need of a mouth full of needed work. I’ve had countless root canals, an implant, a bridge (that was cut out), an implant, and most of my rear teeth have been removed. One rear tooth came out down to the gum line last week as I as eating. I have front tooth that is chipping away and falling out, with the latest time being last weekend that part of the tooth came out as I was flossing. It’s almost 1/2 gone now. If I smile showing teeth, I usually cover my mouth due to how my teeth appear. My self esteem has been crushed due to my teeth problems and their appearance. I’ve even contemplated getting dentures because I’m unable to chew food correctly. I tell people, “When you see me chewing, I’m actually gumming food trying to get the food small enough to swallow. I have a hard time swallowing due to the food usually being too big to swallow properly. I then get a stomach ache because food isn’t chew well enough before it gets to my stomach. This vicious circle is all due to lack of teeth.” I have had an incredible amount of pain from my teeth issues. I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars out of pocket trying to stay ahead of my teeth problems. I have failed miserably at this route. Plus, I can’t afford to fix my issues due to being the sole household income, having to support a partner that is disable due to multiple medical issues, with medical bills in the excess of $800K. I’m barely keeping utilities on in the house let alone having any extra money for dental procedures. I’ve looked into full dental implants/dentures, however, I’m really not able to afford $50K as insurance definitely won’t cover these type of charges/procedures. Please feel free to contact me if you’re able to help me.

  105. I’m writing to you for some help with my teeth, I have a total of 12 teeth left on my mouth, 7 of them are crowns. I also where parctials. I am 47 I have had partials since I was 20 years old. I hate to smile because when I do I feel like it is so fake. I am afraid I’m going to loose my crowns giving away from the gums. I’m a single mother of two children, there father passed away three years ago, and I lost my mom, dad , and two brothers. I work as a lunch lady and I love my job, but I’m always worrying about my teeth in front of the kids as always making sure I have my partials in. I love my job and if I can make a difference in a child’s life then that would mean the world to me. Please if you can help me that would make a difference in my life , I would be truly grateful.
    Thank you,

  106. So this show gave me some hope.. But I have no idea how to try to get on the show. I am a 26 year old girl with health problems that I take many medications for and the meds have destroyed my teeth. I’m afraid to eat anything because I usually lose a chunk of tooth every time I do. It would cost over $20 grand to get all my teeth fix and I cant afford it. All of my money goes to my medical bills. I could really use the help if anyone knows how to apply.

  107. I’m in need of a lot of dental work I am a 36. Yr old single mother of 5 and I can’t afford it but would love to smile again and feel confident and show all my teeth. Thank you. So if anyone can tell me how to apply that would be a blessing.

  108. I am in desperate need of any help you could give. After all of my back surgeries, kidney surgeries etc….my teeth are no more. I am a 52 yr old female who dearlybloves her Grandchildren but hate the way they look at my mouth as they get older. I poke tissues where my 2 front teeth should be to make it look like “normal” I have developed a heart condition and am constantly on antibiotics for infections. I am on disability because of my back, but I am very active. I just want to smile again : ) All have broken off or fell out. Contact me, please. Thank you!!

  109. Hi, I want to start at the beginning, I’m a 54 year young lady. I was born with an underbite and when my teeth came in my eye teeth were growing over the top of my other teeth. I was made fun of all of my childhood and into high school. Everyone called me names! Mostly ( Gomer Pyle) it was and still is devastating! My mother had my eye teeth removed when I was 16 I actually smiled for the very first time ( with my hand over my mouth) And then when I was 18 I had an abscessed tooth and we were very poor so I went to the county hospital dental clinic . The Dentists were interns and very interested in reconstructing my under bite. I underwent the reconstructive surgery with many complications. I lost 3 front teeth because of infection. It turned out very nice! I was extremely happy but still hid my smile because of how yellow my teeth were and the missing teeth. In 2004 a Dr. Misdiagnosed me with having cancer which I did not have. His treatment for cancer resulted in me having a stroke. Which he caused. I was in hospice for months and nursing homes and back into hospice. I could not talk,walk,eat and had to learn all over again. To make a very long story short…when I was in a coma the Dr.s pulled ALL of my teeth!:( I have dentures now and am losing bone, it’s so hard to eat and I’m extremely self conscious to even speak to people!:( . I never ever ever smile!:( I’m on disability and a fixed income now. My greatest hope and wish is to smile again! I do not leave my home, I’m embarrassed to talk to strangers and even family. I think I’m still attractive as long as I don’t try to smile. Please please consider me?? I would be eternally grateful!!
    Yours truly,

  110. I wouldreally appreciate some teeth I’ve got broken molars half teeth roots that have been there over 5 year’s I believe everyone should be able to be proud of something that would be my something to be able to smile ,eat ,talk like a normal person and I’m on a fixed income the last time I had a tooth pulled it was 5 year’s ago and that set me back $189.00 I really couldn’t afford it but I was in so much pain so I would be forever in your debt if you would please consider helping me my 20 grandchildren would just love you
    Thank you for your time

  111. I am a mother of 4 ,29 years old. I work very hard but can not afford dental work. I would be extremely grateful for a beautiful set of teeth. I cover my mouth when i smile or laugh and its the biggest embarrassment to my kids. If i could change one thing i would like to smile and be ok. Is there anyway to find out how to get on this show?

  112. hi kim, my name is Maegan im 30yrs old. im a widow for 3yrs now. we had three children. ive been having problems with my teeth since I was young. I did have them fixed when I was 20, and then after that they got so bad toware I don’t have any teeth anymore. they are all broken down to my gums. it is so hard to eat anything without it hurting, and from not eating like I used to I now weigh 98lbs. and I constantly getting an abcess in my gums. I haven’t worked in a long time because everything I am able to do requires me talking to people. and smiling which I cant do because everyone judges me based on my teeth. I don’t like to smile anymore like I used to. I cant even be happy with myself like I should. I just want a normal life again. im so embarrassed with myself and for anyone who has to be with me. can you please find it in your heart to help me? ive been looking for help every where for a long time! thank you and have a blessed day.