Kris Bryant Goes Major With the Chicago Cubs

Kris Bryant Goes Major With the Chicago Cubs


At 23-years-old, and with less than twelve days on the minor league this season, Kris Bryant will now go major with the Chicago Cubs. The announcement was made that the Chicago Cubs will be promoting Kris Bryant to the majors for third base and bat cleanup. After a 5-3 season, this move could help the Cubs go on to win a World Series championship, something they have not done in over a century. Fans have been waiting for that big win and many are wondering if Kris Bryant is the man to help them do it.

Kris Bryant was  a major prospect for the Chicago Cubs but they chose to send him to the minors. Manager Joe Madden said that Bryant’s agent made a mistake in trying to put a “rookie” in the majors without first letting him gain the proper experience. president of baseball operations for the Cubs, Theo Epstein, said that Bryant was really close, but that is all he would say about the decision. However, Kris Bryant has not ever seemed to need much experience with the stats he has gotten in his time playing baseball. Many fans stated that the manager of the Chicago Cubs had other reasons for turning Bryant down, in terms of monetary value.

Now their choice makes criticism from fans seem even truer, as they chose to put Bryant on one day after his eligibility for free agency was out of the picture. According to MLA rules, when Bryant starts on Friday there will be 171 days left in the season in 2015. This means that Bryant will not reach free agency until the season starts in 2022, according to sources. This also means that he will not get full credit for the season, as players must be on the roster for 172 days. Because of this, MLB teams can promote players who have no MLB experience and have them team controlled for six seasons after the partial season in which they are called up. This move hardly seems fair, but if Bryant is willing to take it, perhaps he thinks it is a great deal for him. The Chicago Cubs will not have to worry about the contract and were able to make a deal that was much less than the original price. However, if the Cubs are unable to make it to the World Series, fans will blame Madden for not bringing Bryant in earlier, when he had the chance.

This decision did not come lightly for Madden. With a history of developing players, Madden may be making a strong decision, though his decision was also one out of desperation. With Mike Olt being out from third base for suffering an injury to his wrist, forcing him to wear a cast for three weeks only to be reassessed to determine if he will be out for longer, the Cubs needed to change their roster. This is why Bryant, a major home run hitter, will go in as third base and bat cleanup with the Chicago Cubs, just before the Friday game against the San Diego Padres.

With Bryant hitting 43 home runs last year in the minors, and .425 and nine home runs during the spring training, bringing him in is definitely a no-brainer for the Cubs. Though many thought it was a no-brainer at the start of the season when their controversial decision was to not bring Bryant in. It is clear that Bryant will be a star in the MLA with his previous stats, but whether he can help get the Cubs to championship after being 5-3 remains to be unseen. With less than 12 days in the minors and the inability to be free agency, other teams are sure to be disappointed.

By Crystal Boulware


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