Kim Kardashian and Family Support Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian and Family Support Bruce Jenner


Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian family have all let it be known that they are in full support of Bruce Jenner’s decision to come out about living as a transgender. As Bruce Jenner recently announced that he wanted to live as a woman, the Kardashian sisters seem to be 100 percent behind him. Kim told Today that her stepfather’s decision would be an adjustment for the family. But overall it seems they have no problem with the way the former Olympian wants to live. Kim even stated that, while the media has been portraying the family in a different way, even her mom is in support, as making a decision like this is one that Bruce Jenner did not take lightly.

As the Kardashian-Jenner family react to the news that Jenner wants to live as a woman, their reaction is not one that many people expected to see. All of the family took to social media before and after Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, the one in which he came out as a transgender woman. Though he stated that using pronouns like “he” and referring to his name as Bruce Jenner would be okay for now, he will soon be transitioning to his opposite life. Kim Kardashian posted a comment reflecting her love of Bruce Jenner and stating that love is courage to live to your truest self, using the hashtag #ProudDaughter. Kourtney also stated that she was a proud daughter and that she would stand by Bruce’s side. Khloe posted that dad’s are heroes and that she was so proud. Kris Jenner even posted that Bruce was her hero, after a marriage of 25 years and the ability to call him the father of her children. On the other side, the Jenner kids Kylie and Kendall also posted that they were proud and that their dad was their hero, though Kylie first posted that this was understandably hard for her. One last person weighed in, Brandon Jenner when he posted a picture of him as a young boy, sitting on his father’s shoulders.

Taking part in the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jenner has always been in their spotlight, but now as E! announced that a new series would be featuring Bruce in his transition to a woman, the dad may not be there on the Kardashian show as often, according to sources. Though this new show, apparently coming out in June, will give Jenner a chance to be an icon for Kim Kardashiantransgender life, and perhaps set a more welcoming town for transgenders everywhere to come out, the Kardashian family will probably miss having Bruce around, as Bruce. Bruce stated on the interview with Sawyer that he had picked a new name for himself but that he did not want to reveal it just yet. Whether the Kardashian family knows more information than what was revealed by Bruce is unknown. However, Bruce did state that Kim was the first Kardashian to find out about him.

In the interview with Today, Kardashian told interviewers that it was difficult for her to see Bruce in a dress. Kim said that she walked in on Bruce in a dress but never talked about it because she figured it was just one of those things that people do not talk about. Kardashian said that it was her husband Kanye West that helped her understand the struggle that her stepfather was going through. She stated that Kanye told her all the blessings he felt he had but said that if he could not be himself, those blessings would not mean anything, because he would not be happy. Understanding this probably helped all of the Kardashians understand the reason why Bruce needed to come out, in order to be true to himself.

As the Kardashian family all stand behind and support Bruce Jenner, Kim has been the first to break silence on television, though the rest of the family soon also talked about their support and love of Jenner. With this support, Bruce’s transition should be an easy one, as support is often the most important thing to have when making a life-changing decision.

By Crystal Boulware


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