Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James in Last Call Saloon Skit

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James in Last Call Saloon Skit [Video]


On Friday, Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, was joined by comedian and actor, Kevin James, and they were in a hilarious skit together, called Last Call Saloon. It was really three skits that Jimmy Fallon combined, supposedly showing excerpts from three different episodes of a TV series from the 1980s, called Last Call Saloon.

The premise of the fictional 1980s TV series that Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James were supposed to have starred in is that they were bikers who always went to the same bar, “The Last Call Saloon,” and they always managed to wind up in slow-motion fights together. Admittedly, that is not much of a premise, but the three mini-skits that Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James did were pretty funny. Check them out, below!

Jimmy Fallon had interviewed Kevin James and had talked with him about Kevin’s kids and Kevin’s latest movie, Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. Then, to introduce The Last Call Saloon skit, Jimmy Fallon acted like he was remembering back to a time in the 1980s, before Kevin James had become a comedian, and he acted doing more dramatic sorts of roles.

Jimmy Fallon said to Kevin James that they had acted together in a TV series from the 80s called Last Call Saloon. He reminded James that the had “played these two biker dudes who always had slow motion fight scenes.”

Kevin James acted like he was thinking back on those days and he told Jimmy Fallon that they had both done “a good job,” acting in the TV series. Jimmy Fallon then said he happened to have a clip from one of the episodes of Last Call Saloon, and he acted as if he was playing it for his studio audience, as a pretense for doing the skit with Kevin James.

“I still get recognized for that,” Kevin James told Jimmy Fallon. “More than for any other role.”

In all of the skits, both Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James had wigs on. Jimmy’s was long, like he was a hippy motorcycle gang member, possibly. Kevin James’ character entered the bar and asked the character that Fallon was playing if anyone was “sitting there.” Fallon said that he was sitting there, and that was seemingly all it took for the two to get angry enough to want to have a fight together. He told James that he was his “worst nightmare.” The fight came to an end when Fallon’s character kicked James’ character in the groin.

After that brief skit, Jimmy Fallon told Kevin that “It still holds up.” He said that he thought he might have one more clip from another episode of Last Call Saloon. This skit started of with the pair acting relatively friendly towards each other, but then Kevin James reached into a bowl of snacks and ate the last beer nut.

That seemingly innocent act enraged Jimmy Fallon’s character, who said “Everyone knows I always eat the last beer nut.” Kevin James spit the beer nut he had in his mouth right at Fallon’s jean jacket. James told him, “There‚Äôs your beer nut!”

James asked him if he wanted beer nuts, adding that there were “some behind the bar.” He acted like he was throwing Jimmy Fallon’s character over the bar. Fallon then stood up from behind the bar, saying that there was “room behind the bar for one more!”

Try as hard as he might, there was no way that Jimmy Fallon could get Kevin James over the bar. James had to help out, by scooting himself over, as Fallon grabbed a hold of him.

Then, both Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James rushed back to Falon’s desk and Kevin’s seat. Fallon said that he could not believe it, but he had found one more clip. James said, “No, no, you didn’t.” He did not seem very enthusiastic about hurrying back, changing into his biker clothes again, and being in a third skit.

However, that is what they both did, and they were seated at a table together playing cards. Jimmy Fallon’s character said that he had four Aces, “Read ’em and weep!”

The character that Kevin James was playing said that could not be possible, as he had the exact same hand. He showed Fallon that he also had four Aces.

Once again, they had a slow-motion fight. Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James knocked over the table, then Fallon grabbed up a pool cue and broke it over James’ back. Kevin James picked up a beer bottle, but he could not break it over Fallon’s head in slow-motion. Fainally, Jimmy Fallon said “Just do it!” and Kevin James hit him with greater force, succeeding in breaking the bottle. They both fell to the bar room floor, ending the skit.

Back at Jimmy Fallon’s desk, they did not bother changing out of their biker clothes and wigs. Fallon told Kevin James “You kind of look like the same guy now.”

Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, has often done skits with his guests before, This was the first time that Kevin James had been on the Tonight Show, and the three mini-skits that they did together, called Last Call Saloon, were pretty humorous. Perhaps the funniest part was when Kevin James protested that he did not really want Fallon to show any more clips. Check out the Last Call Saloon skit, below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James in Last Call Saloon Skit

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