Is Russell Crowe Making a New Religious Choice?

Is Russell Crowe Making a New Religious Choice?


Choosing a religion can often be a difficult decision for many. Though most tend to stay with the religion they are born into, others choose to make a change after they decide a different religious choice suits them better. Though Russell Crowe had looked into the beliefs of Scientology in the past, he states that he was never quite ready to make a new religious choice. Stating that as a kid he was always interested in different aspects of religions, Crowe said that he was curious, so he looked into it. As he had worked closely with Tom Cruise many times before, Crowe asked his fellow actor about it, as Cruise is a big believer in Scientology. He said Cruise is not the one who convinced him to look into the religion, but that he did go ahead and look into it, at the time.

At 51-years-old, Russell Crowe talked about the time when he decided to look into the religion, Scientology. In an interview with People magazine he recalls his interest in the subject. Stating that he can remember having the interest since he was a kid, Crowe talks about his curiosity that led him to watch a documentary on the subject. He then told People magazine that the documentary had not been very informative. He mentions that he had talked to Tom Cruise about the matter, as Cruise is well known for his religion of Scientology. With no pressure Cruise suggested that Crowe think about it and that if it interested him, he would probably pursue it one day. But Crowe stated that despite the nonchalant conversation between him and Cruise, he never “graced Scientology’s doorway.” Crowe’s curiosity caused him to look into it and talk to people about it.

Scientology is pretty much the study of knowledge. The website says that the meaning of the word, derived from different roots, is “knowing how to know.” Created by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology claims to be the understanding of the mind, spirit, and life through the study of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Using the motto it is not something a person believes but something that they do, Scientology is designed to help people live better in the here and now.

According to sources, it was not until the HBO documentary, Going Clear, came out that Crowe opened up about his previous interest in the religion. Going Clear is supposedly a documentary that accused the Church of Scientology of mental and physical abuse and forced labor. Just as the subtitle suggests, ‘Scientology and the prison of belief’, the documentary works to show that those who follow Scientology are basically imprisoned. This documentary apparently started a slew of negative reviews about the religion. The show features eight former believers of Scientology. All eight of them describe the negative effects that Scientology had on them. They state things like “you didn’t even realize what was happening to you,” in reference to the idea that Scientology is somewhat mesmerizing.

But Crowe would not really know about whether or not Scientology effects a person’s mental state, as he never really joined the Scientology religion, though the fact that he was willing to open up about it most likely shows that he does not necessarily believe all of the bad reviews that are going around about the religion. Whether Crowe was not ready to make a new religious choice, or just did not take the jump, it seemed that his interest in the subject was simply just an interest.

Many celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, are well known for their belief in Scientology. As a popular religion that many are a part of, Crowe could have become a believer, but his interest in Scientology never went that far. In his interview he explained it all to People magazine, but it seems Crowe never made the choice to take on a new religion.

By Crystal Boulware


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