iPhone: Will It Be Outshone by the Apple Watch?

iPhone: Will It Be Outshone by the Apple Watch?


The iPhone has created something of a technological dynasty since the release of its original version back in 2007, and has been unstoppable ever since. However, with the release of new Apple Watch, it is worth examining whether or not this new Apple Inc. product has the potential to outshine the gadget that has been dominating the tech market for the past eight years.

Each time a new iPhone is announced in terms of current plans to create a new model, the world goes crazy. Speculation begins immediately concerning possible new specs and features, as well as what the design will look like and how the newest model will differ from those previous overall. Indeed, even though the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were only released in September of last year, people had instantly moved on to discussion of the iPhone 7 and what could possibly be improved from the model that had just been released. The question remains as to whether or not this is simply the human nature of people wanted to move onto the next best thing as soon as possible, or rather if it has anything to do with the product itself never actually being good enough or newly innovative enough to keep the interest of those using it for more than a brief period of time.

The Apple Watch was released on April 24, and is currently available in nine countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Germany. Yesterday, several news reports stated that current CEO Tim Cook was having to set the product up for release in even more countries due to overwhelmingly popular demand, demand which Cook says is beginning to overpass the quantity currently available for shipping.

So, what makes the Apple Watch so different from the iPhone? Company honchos are referring to the product as their “most personal product yet”, this being for one undeniable reason: it is wearable. Even though iPhone users can and usually do carry their device on their person in some manner or other, whether it be in a pocket of their clothing or in whatever carrying apparatus they are using at the time, there is often much concern regarding the misplacing or losing of the iPhone itself. Indeed, the internet contains various horror stories detailing dropped, stolen, broken, and/or lost iPhones wherein the purchaser was left upset and often angry at the situation. With a wearable device, users are far less likely to forget their product somewhere or end up having it pilfered after leaving it on a ledge or the like for even a moment. Unlike iPhones, the Apple Watch is not so heavy and easily damaged, therefore even if it is dropped it will most likely survive. These are a few reasons why this newest company product may end up outshining the iPhone.

There is also the fact that the product is, for lack of a better term, new and exciting in a way that the iPhone has not been since its first inception. The Apple Watch is simply something that people have never truly experienced before, and it cannot (yet) be compared and scrutinized with eight years worth of the same type of product. This is not to say that individuals will not eventually become bored with the idea, as they have done with the iPhone, but this new Apple product will most likely be able to outshine the iPhone for at least the first few models it produces.

Opinion By Rebecca Grace



Photo by Shinya SuzukiFlickr License