How President Obama Is Viewed in the Media

How President Obama Is Viewed in the Media


When assessing President Obama’s performance in office it is important to take a look at how Obama is viewed in the media. As media representation of Obama is a large part of how American’s judge him, his appearance and the appearance of his family can come across the wrong way, often times. We must first look at his appearance because the public view of Obama plays a major role in American’s opinion of him, as the majority of the population only get their information through media represented information. Second, we must look at the important issues that is represented by the media and his methods for solving these problems. Things like tackling each issue with forceful measure, using his ability as a speaker to communicate effectively with the public, and matters of law that he has changed, such as health insurance and unemployment, become magnified when looking at the bigger picture. Through media representation of these issues, the Obama’s decisions and character seem to be under constant scrutiny, giving him a rating of the worst president in the history. However, regardless of media representation many are able to see past this and make their own judgement, but many only determine how good Obama is as president, through the way he is viewed in the media.

Media coverage of Obama can take both sides. However, usually the side taken is a side that shows what the media believes to be ‘mistakes.’ As the president with the most executive orders, the maker of the Affordable Care Act which forced everyone to have health insurance, and the man who wants to take away the right to bear arms, Obama does not have an outstanding record, in the eyes of the media. Social media paints an even darker picture, as pictures circulate that appear to show Obama not saluting the flag, posts are written about his ‘Muslim background,’ and pictures with added words make slanderous remarks about him. Often times, news sources do always work to give both opinions, as someone is always there to defend Obama against remarks, the majority of the media shows how American’s feel about his presidency and the way the believe that Obama is infringing on their rights.

Obama does get high points and praise for being a family man, as his wife and his daughters remain in the background and serve as a solid support system for him, a side of media coverage that gives him a good reputation. This gives credence to the opinion that they are the ideal family. However, both Malia and Sasha received criticism for their conduct and dress during the president’s speech, one critic suggesting they looked disinterested, and were not dressed in the appropriate attire. Both Sasha and Malia seem to be unable to remove themselves from the line of fire that comes with being the president’s daughters, making it difficult for the public to properly assess the president’s performance as leader of the country objectively and with no bias. This being yet another of many negative opinions that the media have formed about him and his family is making it difficult to separate Obama from family man and his role as president.

Are the concerns in regards to the conduct of the president justified? Obama, even against all the criticism and attacks, seems to handle himself well in the face of any personal jabs that are made about his character, composing himself in a manner that keeps him immune to reproach, and not taking offense to the smallest comment. If the public were to witness President Obama’s decisions first hand, rather than through the representation of the media, no matter if their views are negative or positive, how would American’s really feel? How can one not feel discouraged about the president’s moves when there are always critics and naysayers who stand by to watch him make a ‘mistake?’ Though Obama has seemed to find a way to keep himself out of the direct line of fire, he continues to view any criticism as part of the job of being president.

Written by Tabitha Jenkins

LA Times

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