History Channel Offers Up New Series ‘Alone’

History Channel Offers Up New Series ‘Alone’


The History channel has announced their newest series project entitled, Alone, which offers the viewers a chance to witness one of the longest survivalist experiments, that has ever been recorded for a television audience. The announcement for the new show came on Wednesday, April 15, 2015, from the VP of History’s Development and Programming, Russ McCarroll.

In the press release, McCarroll called Alone, a survival series that was one-of-a-kind. He described the program as one in which people are placed in complete isolation, pitted against what is really the unknown. McCarroll explains that there will not be any camera crews or producers with these individuals, so no one is there to follow every single move they make. Instead, these people will be going off the grid, to use perseverance and endurance, in order to make it through until the very end.

Alone is being described as one of the country’s longest, and possibly boldest, experiments in survival to ever be filmed. The series is scheduled to air in the summer of 2015, with it airing as a, “synchronized global TV event.” The program will air not only on the History channel, but also on other channels from the A+E family of channels. It is set to air worldwide in over 200 territories.

The History channel is offering up the new series, Alone, as a 10 episode event. Set in the wilderness of Vancouver Island, there will be 10 survivalists, each considered to be hardcore specialists. They will each be on a single mission of survival, alone, without any teams, producers or camera crews to offer any form of assistance. At the end of Alone, there is a prize valued at $500,000 to whoever is able to survive the longest, during this test of endurance and an individuals desire to survive.

Each participant will have a single backpack, carrying whatever they can fit into it. Then, they will all be separated from each other, placed alone in the wild, which is being described as terrain that is harsh and unforgiving. The survivalists will have to build their shelter, hunt and also to fend off any predators that head their way. Not only will they have to fend for themselves, but the survivalists will also have to endure psychological distress, plus extreme isolation. Along the way, they will be documenting their experiences, as they deal with being alone in the wilderness.

Alone is being produced by Leftfield Pictures for the History channel. Zachary Behr and McCarroll act as the History channel’s executive producers for the program. Leftfield Pictures executive producers are, Shawn Witt, Brent Montgomery, Gretchen Palek, Grant Kahler and David George.

When the History channel’s new series Alone, premieres in the summer of 2015, it will be a brand new experience for the viewers. It will be a chance to experience the wilderness in a new, highly innovative manner. Vancouver Island, the wilderness and 10 survivalists, all on a journey of survival for a prize of $500,000.

By Kimberley Spinney


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        • I’ve watched the show and read the comments. I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what I do or say I would not be picked for the show. The producers know people, most likely like you, me, and many others asking how to get picked would have no problems living in the situation presented on alone. I’ve lived through some hard times and adapting to the survival part is not the hard part. It’s the emotional attachment to family, friends and being ALONE. Daily life on the grid can be tough. These guys were not as alone as they think. America was there with them and they had a button to push. I wouldn’t get picked simply because I could live for as long as I wanted. Good luck, Walt, the old man, Flynn

    • Need info for next season!! Please reply. My boyfriend want to do this. He is a Vet from Desert Storm. He is very interested!

      • go to alone on history. you can watch all episodes read bios see what each person took for their 10 items and they have a heading that says be on alone click send a email and they will let you know what to do next, they responded within 24 hours to my request.

    • I would loike the opportunity to sign up. This is something I was born to do. I cant make a happy career to wake up to everyday. I want to wake up happy to live and survive with the predators. I. Am prepared to live the rest of my life alone so my children and grandchildren can live a better life. Please belive me and give me a chance. I am already disappointed with the competitors. I am an interssting smart tough old man and will show the world how its done. Plesse contact me and let me know how to get in and get drpped off.. this show is meant for me. I’m jealous I didn’t hear of it sooner. Thank you, Walter Flynn

    • Go to their website. I would totally sign up if I wasn’t sick! I can handle being alone, I go up to the North woods every summer for 4wks alone. I wouldonly have a problem with the cold, that’s all. I could do anything else. Fish, fires, shelters, I live in a cold climate, so I got my money on the guys from MI and MN. If a woman wins (Tracey), I would be thrilled b/c if you watch Survival shows, women are better at it. They have more body fat stores and just are mentally stronger a lot of the time. It probably comes from having to be the bearers of humanity.

  1. How do we apply for next season. My husband, a stay at home dad raising 6 kids HAS what it takes to survive. Alone. Please help me get him on the show!!!

  2. This show should be for people that are not survivalists. It should be for normal day to day people that are willing to give it a chance. Ever since the show surviver came out i have been saying that there should be a show that requires true survival and it looks like it has finally happend. The average joe should get the chance to do it not only just for survivalists. My name is Chris Chasteen and when you guys decide to put the average joe to the test then let me know cause i would really like to give it a shot. Now that would be a good show to see how the average person can survive without any real training. Lets see that show.

    • Chris it’s not something your average Joe could do it is a life or death situation you do needs some skills trust me I don’t think your average Joe would last more than 48 hours but it is a good point would be quite interesting tho

    • If that Marine can’t make it 5hrs, and you have no outdoor experience, why not one of the Bear Grylls shows? He does his with everyday people with no experience. The Island, The Raft. Both were interesting. It’s funny b/c Man, Women, Wild doesn’t have great ratings but shows awesome survival techniques. I am so happy that this show is on b/c it’s about time they show real survival. I picked last summer’s winner on the first episode but then I thought the man who made the yurt & canoe was going to win!

  3. This sounds awesome!! I want to do this!! Where can I sign up? Is it just for professional survivalist? Why is that so interesting? They do it for a living dont they… I could and would do this in a heart beat.

    • I would like to as well. I am from north western montana. I grew up chasing black bears for an adrenaline rush. I’ve caught 2 badgers and 1 bobcat with my bare hands. I have pics and witnesses to prove so. Put me on the show and I’ll show you what a montana mountain man is all about. Thanks

  4. My name is Sir Clarence Potts. I am the man that can win the show. I am the best in the west not to mention the north east and south want to know how to get on the show to show everyone I am who I say I am

  5. I would like to gn up for next season I am not a professional survivalist buy I am a true cowboy and could be the last one standing

  6. I am a Dharma Buddhist who would value the opportunity to be alone in the wilderness more than any monetary prize… My greatest contribution to the program would be the karmic focus of my existence exhibited in circumstances much like those in which I have been spiritually compelled to live in many of my lives.

    • Nope, no guns, that’s part of the challenge. Bear spray though and that’s all you need. That time of year most of the small animals are gone, so hunting and trapping won’t bring much. The ocean is where the food is and black bears aren’t very dangerous. They are just curious and more afraid of us.

  7. I’m not a professional survivalist but i know i have what it takes to survive alone in any terrain or conditions. I always wanted and opportunity to prove this to myself and family

  8. I want to play I’m missing two legs but walk fine. I dare you to put me on the alone show illl beat them all hands down. Go American vets!!!

  9. I’m a lazy .i sit around and do nothing ..lol no I’m no survivalist ..but I do know the out doors a bit ?I live I. Ontario and spend lots of time in northern Ontario ..I could walk in the woods and come out years later with a new coat and boots made from a local bear …s
    Sign me up ..Jay

  10. I want to apply for this show for 2015-2016 please contact me my name is Jeff Priest my phone number is 740-745-7072. Im very serious about this so somebody pleas. Contact me

  11. Would love to be able to participate in the next season’s episode of alone I would fair well in this task I’m 27 and I have grown up in the blue ridge mountains how do I sign up.

  12. Hello I am Shane snowberger I am 18 i have the ability to have what it takes to survive alone lived in the wood for 4 months straight with nthn so pick me for next season and you will see

  13. I am not a professional. I am a 50 year old country boy from Kentucky. I have 32 years military experience and a life long addiction to the outdoors. My hands on experience comes from hunting, fishing, and trapping. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the outdoors and just being. To me this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Being just a common average Joe, it would be an amazing experience.

  14. wow…. every sickening one of you, lazy, bored, lonely, screaming for attention,junk food eating, TV obsessed, non contributing zero’s are so desperate and disgustingly identical.

    You wouldn’t survive a week.

    • Dear Tony,
      How about both of us apply to get on the show together. Your comment would suggest a challenge, and sir, I Love a challenge.

  15. ok so there is a overwhelming response for this show. “History” channel how about getting someone who will definitely boost your ratings even more with someone as crazy as i am when it comes to surviving in the woods. Has anyone considered that you might be staying out in the woods alone for over a year! and next season could be in Africa with the lions! good luck people

  16. I grew up in northern Canada. Father was stationed in Borden and wawa.taught me all about how to survive in the woods. I would give anyone a run to the $ please consider me. It would be good tv….

  17. My husband is your man for the next season. He his a south Georgia man who was born and raised in the swamp. He raised 5 boys by his self and living off the land and off the grid is his life’s goal. I don’t know a man around that could out do him except for maybe his boys. Pick him please. It would mean so much to him and our family. Please call me anytime @ 912-599-9743. Thank you.

  18. Jeff hardwood .ill give you a run on that $ nobody knows better than a Canadian of how to survive in the Bush. Its more than just how to survive. Its a will and a learned art. If ya dont know it in all aspects of survival in all places you won’t. To all other give it up.!

  19. I’m a small town girl from Missouri and I know I can run with the big dogs. I seriously want to be on season two of the Alone series, regardless of whether it is an all women’s season or a mix of men and women I want in on this. Please contact me on being part of the cast members would love the chance to show America want a woman can do in the wild.

  20. My name is Ed davenport 7068514552 I’m a vet from ga I’ll do it for and make it really entertaining for u all give u a good show I’m begging sign Me up no cry baby here how long do icstay 6mos a year u name it

  21. Ya that sonds like a good time and I get money if I out live the next dud cool my pepple live 4 a long time o ya how do I sing up

  22. Hi I’m a average girl from Ottawa Ontario I really think I should be given a chance to prove that a average 120pds girl can survive out in the wild

    • I really hope you do! All the best-Allie. P. S. So disappointed there wasn’t a single girl this season. Guaranteed we could last more than 12 hours. Clearly the first time a guy has ever been afraid while holding some pepper spray in their hand. I call that walking home from classes late at night. The next time that bear starts threatening you to let me know…

  23. My name is Michael Tyler, I am 55 years old. Needing an adventure in my life. I am married, do construction work, and I hunt every fall. I think this is a perfect opportunity to discover what I am really made of. Sometimes a man needs to to remember what all of this life is about. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  24. I think i would kill this just to let you all know do next season.dont waist your time handing me all the money and the glory.seriously i think this is right up my alley and would grab the chance quite quickly.

  25. My husband is ex military, Gulf War Veteran who has EXCEPTIONAL HARD CORE SURVIVALIST skills! The ongoing joke in our family is if he was ever lost in the wilderness, he would have to be coaxed out! No supplies need be dropped for him! He’d say, “What the hell are you dropping this stuff for?? ” He can make a knife out of rock, create spears out of tree limbs, make bow and arrows, hunt deer, etc.. There isn’t anything he can’t do!! He was literally born 200 years too late! He was reading books on Lewis & Clark, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, before he was interested in anything else!! He is your man AND your next WINNER!!

  26. I seriously want to do this! I laugh at what I am seeing! I am 55 born in northern east WI. Bordering the great UP. I Would so put these men to shame!

  27. My name is Sean Loring, I’m 39 years old. I’m a father of two boys and have been married 16 years to my wife Carol. I watch many survival shows and I think I got what it takes to win the show. I also have lived in the right terrain of Honduras and learned many skills there. I’m very happy-go-lucky and have a big heart. There may be people with better skills than me but I think my positivity and whole-hearteness will help me push through and win. I will do anything, really anything to get onto your show. If you need to call me, contact me at: 7542048228

  28. I would be the first to say the money sounds good and so does living in out doors the chance for this would be great sign me up

  29. My name is Erick Johnson I am 34 years old, I am a survivalist at heart I spend days and weeks at a time in the wilderness periodically throughout the year. I have gone into the woods with only the clothes on my back and a knife….longest time out 20 days and had to go back to work…I have been in all kinds of terrain…I would like to sign up..I am from Tyler Tx. Please get back to me ASAP! I would love a shot at this …you won’t be sorry!

  30. Well everyone else is leaving a name and age I’m 22 and the woods are my home I don’t know if anyone that matters will see this but without a doubt I would win I am a new father trying to get by there is nothing that would detour me from this I will win if given the chance 2488183689 2486341794 give me a call thanks

  31. Hey my name is Brad Settle. I watch the show and enjoy it. I would like to know how to sign up for this show. Can you please let me know how to. Thanks

  32. I like the idea of this show but its mission g one thing ..me! So when I learn how to apply for the next season I’d love to do this I spend a lot of nights in my woods I know how to start a fire unlike them survivolists so i know many others want to get on and try this awesome experience. I love the woods and I love survival situations so consider me please in any type of survival situation your wanting a test dummy. Emaol me at dirtjoefire@gmail.com. thanks for reading (:

  33. I am in for this. I love to outdoors and would like to put my skills to the test. I believe I have the skills to do this. Being able to live in the woods alone would be something I believe I want to do so getting chosen for this show would be an honor. When you pick me I will not disappoint.

  34. More difficult than a moose lottery in NH. Love to try and accomplish a personal goal like this. Hunt fish live or just exist. Sign me up.

  35. This is so great !! finally an adventure and test of will and skill. Love it and i love the show. Sign me up for season two please i have experience in many lands in the wild. Ready and willing lets go this!!

  36. This is for The History Channel executives. My name is Jedi and I am Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran. I was a Infantryman who has been deployed and have had to survive in the middle eastern deserts in the middle of nowhere. Yes we had help from tu military but when you are out there you have to be creative to basically survive and have some sense of being “normal”. I am asking you for the opportunity to be on one of your upcoming seasons of your new hit show ” Alone”. I promise you I will be great for your ratings. I am experienced and tough and I will never give up. I can indure some pretty harsh conditions from extreme heat to bitting cold temps. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much for the opportunity, have a great summer.

    • I also would love a chance to try.I live in the south and have no training at all bit ibet I could out last all of those first season men. I have raised 5 kids and have 25 years of hard living give me a chance. Thanks

  37. I don’t know how long it would take me to come up with the 500,000. But I am all in if you have an opening for the adventure.

  38. This will be my favorite show this summer. I have read the comments above and would also enjoy the challenge of being on the show. I live on the southern end of Vancouver Island and have been in the wilderness since a young age. I have taken survival courses and always enjoyed the experience. I have done many solo excursions and enjoy the solitude. Northern Vancouver Island is some of the most brutal terrain in North America. Like every where else there is always a way to survive. I find it interesting that these expert outdoorsmen do not no how to deal with black bears and believe the myth that wolves will attack humans. I would love to go and play in my backyard

    • Well I asked a question, how do I get a shot at being ALONE. I don’t play with my phone, I survive without it and don’t need it. If you can’t answer how to get dropped off I’m looking in the wrong place. I find solitude elsewhere. I need a plane ride and a roll of duct tape and animals to eat. BEARS are tasty treats and wolves are fun to play with, bot za nice cougar pair of underwear would be a new experience. Flossing my teeth with their claws would keep the oily bear meat and fish guts from causing plaque. Let me know or I’ll find someone who will. Thanks anyway. Walter Flynn, the old man

  39. After watching a couple of episodes why is it some do not know how to light a fire? They are supposed to be survivalists arent they ?? The forest is full of dry cedar bark..Also what about a whistle for scaring wild animals!!! Not very impressed…Sorry

  40. I am calling shenanigans here. Hard core survivalist goes home after one night in the wild? Obviously scripted, and payed for.

  41. I really want to be on the show. It will be easy money for me. I have survived in the most dangerous situations and have the best survival skills and would love to feed off the land. How do i sign up.

  42. How do I get on the next season? I grew up camping all the time with very few supplies. I’m not scared of the preditors and I’m in the Canadian military for reserves for infantry. I like to go test my limits and see what if is like to actaully live in the wild. I can be very resorceful and know quit a bit from watching other survival shows. It will be such a good experience and I think I would deffinitely be up there in the final few. If I won the money I could put away lot of the money to help my niece for when she grows up she will have education fund, I can travel take awesome photography, help my family out, and just have a great experience from the show its self. I would love to do this show more than you know.

  43. I thought this was going to be great — until I went and checked out the gear for each contestant, as recommended by the show itself.

    I was paying special attention to Mitch Mitchell, thinking his use of a coracle ingenious. But what did he lace it up with? Allegedly he only has fishing monofilament, which that certainly was not. I saw a roll of wire in his camp and thought that nifty… until it, like whatever he used for his coracle, wasn’t on his list of gear —

    …as were NOT his two (not one, but TWO) tarps.

    Ten items my keister. If you can’t keep this part straight, what else isn’t aboveboard and kosher?

    SERIOUSLY disappointed. I had genuinely high hopes for this show and was ready to follow it faithfully, even apply for a future season.

    • Yes! I noticed the same thing. Lucas has at least four different tarps!! Alan has a silver pot and a black pot. Very disappointed. Great idea for a show. Why lie to us?

      • There suppose to only have specific items I notice bear spray on them I noticed some have extra tarps and rope some have items they did t select. I notivlces one fella had a frying pan. And I did notice some camera images are not self filmed. Is the show lowing to its viewers. I only know of two people in the world who can service that long I’m one of them. I did pay close attention to what items are in the show and what’s on there belts. There is obviously being provided with items they were not suppose to have there batteries don’t last a month especially in the cold seems this reality show is not necessarily reality. Rules seem to be bent. I applied to the show a few times just get generic responses I bet anyone on day 43 there all taped out

  44. Me is survivor an I be third best I feed fuzzy wuzzy bear can me out saddle on big bear me want to sleep wit mama cugar and strap staek too my chest

  45. Me also want snuggle witth meemaa cugar and let baby Cubs suckle me drink mama milk me also have wolf pet and ride papa bear with baby wolf I hav poodle me know how to take care of dog me repopulate island with mama cugar

  46. My name is Brandon Landphere I would love the opportunity to be in this competition I really don’t want to be on t.v. but it seems that’s part of the deal so I guess I would do it.I group up hunting /fishing/camping lots of ououtdoors experience raised on or around and working on a farm. I live in NY. I’m used to the cold and rough weather. The conditions on Vancouver island look terrible and the animals are a real worry and the thought of being attacked just terrifies me.I have a girlfriend twin daughters 2 yrs old a 3 yr.old son and my girlfriend has 2 boys 3&5 I would love to win that money I could do so much for my family and for my parents and start some kinds of business to support my family and I I don’t know who I talk to or how to sign up but if any one from the show see this email me at blandphere58@gmail.com for more information about me would love a chance. ……

  47. Hey I am a teen, who has spent most of his life in the outdoors… and doing stuff like search and rescue. I believe this would be a great opportunity to try to show what I can do.

  48. I would love to try this with the skills I have.. Test of endurance… I can do this… Give me a shot…please

  49. Eugene Muskett i am ready willing and able to be apart of this fantastic show fell free to get a hold of me at

  50. Hi my name is Tim Clark. I would like to do the next season of this show. I am very disappointed in some of the contestants that couldn’t make it just 5 days. In my opinion those guys stole a spot from someone that could have done much better and they should be very disappointed in themselves. I am not a survival teacher but am a survival expert. Hunting fishing and trapping are my strong points. I can make fire, build very good shelters among many other survival techniques. The prize is nice but i just want to show the world what a real survivalist is all about. I live in Tennessee ( the volunteer state) and i am volunteering to be put in the worst conditions known to man and come out on top. So please consider me for the next season .

  51. sign me up. 42 year old Chiropractor that was raised in the woods. I work as in Humanitarian aid right now and believe I would be a good fit for the show. I could definitely make it interesting. I have camera time as well.

  52. Live to survive, survive to live. I would love nothing more than to be a part of this experience. This kind of stuff is what I live for. Please let me know what I need to do to sign up or Please consider me for a future season.

  53. I’m 45 may Name is Richard M Laurin I grew up in northern Ontario I do have experience in the wild, I’m very interest and would like to apply for the show. I guarantee I will be the last man standing, our ancestor’s survive this life I’m sure I can, how do I apply for the show. can someone send me the information or link to apply for the show please.

  54. Where did you guys find these candy asses? You gave them every tool in the shed and they are crying for their mommies on day 5???? I am a veteran and a 46 year old man. Give me a chance and i will gain weight and thrive in that environment!

  55. I want to join ur serial as a competitive member For giving the experience . I am Indian person please contact on my no +918857010609 please contact me .If I come in ur serial this serial make very popular because 1st indian people joining ur show as competitive member

    • Yes it would be a great opportunity to test your self to the max. Great show many oeoe can learn a great deal might even be a life saver for anyone who could pick up a few lesson that could help them in a serious survival situation. I would love the privilege to be a part of this challenge like many of you. Imagine having your true sills pit to the test I think viewers can learn a lot just from the show on servo all techniques I’m glad it’s becoming a hit for the viewers. I takes one hell of a person to even accept a challenge like this but you better know what your doing it is a life and death situation when there know one to come get you on tap out. I think is it could educate and save one individual the tips on the show are priceless makes it all worth while there are sites you can apply for castings

  56. My husband is a true redneck.. he would love a chance to be on the show.. I would love to see him try and see how he handles the experiences the men on the show are going through.. he always thinks he can do better..

    • Hi my name is Robert . I am 57 years old I am from paintsvillie Kentucky . I would be good on your show. I hike all the time at red river gorge here in ky . I love to hunt and fish . I walk for hours in the gorge . Some time 15 to 25 miles a day. I love the out doors . I am the only boy in my family I have. 8 sisters .i would love to be on your show. I even won’t to go on the apperlation trail . It starts in George all the way to main. You go through 13 states . That would be a good show for you all to do about who could survive the apperlation trait . So keep me in mind. My phone is 606-264-2767. Address is 30 coby drive west vanlear ky. 41268

  57. Well I signed up fit next season tonight and I hope that I get picked! After watching the idiots they have on this season I know I could beat them no problem lol! The only one that would worry me its Lucas he is the one I think will win, but the rest….I don’t even know what to say lol. O no there are wild animals in the woods! And they are”professionals”…. anyways I hope they pick me I’ll site them how us Alabama women do it lol! Krystal! 😉

    • Do you rely think it’s that easy go spend a week in the bush than if you can hack that is love to challenge u on that. It’s not that easy would be nice to find out though

    • Come up to northern ontario for a week when I do mining claims in the middle of no where let’s see if you can hack a week in there with nothin

    • these guys are not idiot some are very well versed. you go out for 6 days with nothing but a knife than come back and lets here how well you did seriously its not that easy I know been there

      • This comment is for Richard Laurin. To survive in the woods or a jungle for 6 days with just a knife is impressive, but these guys aren’t going out with just a knife. They get to take 10 items and they get to pick those items. That makes a world of deference.

        • Justin its just not that easy , every set of elements have a different planning process, the biggest problem is the mental issue one has in a survival situation. planning and execution is key. people panic and start thinking to much , second guessing, what happens is , three states fear, plays a serious issue if you not willing to go hand to hand with large game your not going to make it, weather elements beat you down, every element requires a different order of execution. weather plays a larger role in mental status, than the third. having live and learn life in under a roof with water electricity people miss the comfort of other the alone factor is the hardest. combine it all for most people start giving up after only a few days..I am disappointed to see only 5 left I thought they would be at battle for months especially after being experts.. good luck if you make the show just keep in mind if you do its all about mental awareness and planning with firm execution. but hats of to those who have tapped out I think they did a great job. Even attempting it. its defiantly not for everyone. survival is not a fight with the wilderness its a fight with your self. cheers. go out in the woods along for a weekend I bet by the 2nd night you wont think the same.

        • One last think all of these guys have some serious skills its not the skill or lack of that the issues in a survival situation its the mental state of mind that pushes someone to tap out.. its not about having balls or ego being alone in survival situation can break anyone even the most skilled. All these guys have my respect for just attempting the show..

        • You know all joking aside I agree a lot with what you had to say, the elements are a big issue, and the mind is powerful. If you can’t control your thinking your going to get emotional and your mind is going to get the best of you. When that happens you no longer make intelligent decisions. As far as what comforts you think I have, you don’t know enough about me to say what I have or have not experienced, just as I don’t know enough about you, but you honestly can’t think you can survive in the wild without something to use to boil water, or do you drink straight from a creak?

  58. Watching Series, Disappointed So Far With LACK of Skills, Stamina AND Common Sense! These Are SUPPOSED To Be EXPERTS??!!! Not The FIRST Spear, Trap, Snare OR Even Water CATCHMENT System Made in a Place That is CONSTANTLY Raining and They ALL Have Tarps, Several Have Pots!! Disappointed!

  59. Very disappointed, but so far entertaining. I’m no survival expert, but have a lot of common sense and in a survival situation you have to know how to keep a clear mind. Emotions are the body reaction to thoughts, if you can’t control your thanking you can’t control your emotions, it’s that simple. Everything else is just knowing what you need and how to get it. For $500,000 sign me up, I’m ready.

  60. So far I’ve only seen the first three episodes. I’m watching this and not only am I disappointed, but I can’t help but feel like I can survive longer, in the same place with only the 7 items I have in my bug out bag. (2) 10′ × 10′ tarps, 1 gal pot, 100′ of cord, hatchet, knife and a fire starter. That would leave room for three more items to take with me. You put me on the show… easy money.

    • I am guessing you have never been in a real servival situation a pots not going to save your life or keep you alive its a waisted item what u Gina do have a corn roast. Lolz. If you make the show I’ll be watching to see how good a pot serves you good luck

      • A pot is just 1 of 10 items that I would bring. Do you understand that you could bring 10 items? How would you boil water? I’m just wondering, what would you bring to boil water?

        • You know all joking aside I agree a lot with what you had to say, the elements are a big issue, and the mind is powerful. If you can’t control your thinking your going to get emotional and your mind is going to get the best of you. When that happens you no longer make intelligent decisions. As far as what comforts you think I have, you don’t know enough about me to say what I have or have not experienced, just as I don’t know enough about you, but you honestly can’t think you can survive in the wild without something to use to boil water, or do you drink straight from a creak?

          • Because the only other way your filtering water without the use of a some sort of life straw or water filter, which is an item., is with charcoal and sand, but you have to have something open-ended to pack the charcoal and sand into. Plus it’s more effective to just boil the water. Am I wrong? If I am please someone share with me a better way. I’m all about learning.

          • And I understand water is just one of five things the human body needs to survive. Shelter, fire , water, food and security. As far as the items I listed above that’s only 7 items you don’t know what other 3 items I would bring and that all depends on what they would allow me to bring. And if you truly know how to survive then you would know that every item you bring make that much more of a deference, depending on what you chose to bring. Again if I’m wrong please correct me? Like I said I’m always willing to learn.

          • And trust me I know all about how dysfunctional the mind can be if you can’t center yourself in the present moment. In fact if a person of big ego gets excepted, they will not win.

          • You can drink from trees. But there are more important items than a pot. there are about 20 ways to get make or find fresh water other than boiling, I like tree extraction most have natural sugars. more energy and does have some healing properties, funny because I have never seen other methods used on any survival show. most so call professionals have never been in a survival situation.

  61. I’m an avid outdoorsman, love wildlife and survival, would enjoy the opportunity to try. Any info about next season?

  62. I would eat this show alive! These guys are pussies? I quilt cause of a bear, I quit cause I miss my family! Fucking really! I would eat this show alive! Maybe I’ll just build a cabin and live there forever! Give me a break wear do they find these guys! Man up bitches! Really four days and like five guys gone what a joke! Please show me wear to sign up! Please I will destroy this show!

  63. Extracting water from a tree is a good technique, but it is a seasonal technique and survival expert will tell you they really only use it in locations where there’s no water or when the waters so dirty it’s not worth filtering. Not to mention you can only rely on that technique in early spring or late winter or if there’s a high level of sap on the tree and the only trees I know of that you can do that with is maple or Burch. There some vines that could do that with as well. I know it works but I also know it takes a while. Nothing personal but I would rather find a nice source of fresh water and just boil it. You can get a larger amount of water in a lot less time. If I can find fresh water.

    • I’m be u can extract water from a tree 10 months of the year it’s a rain forest my friend every has there own technique if it saves someone’s life it’s all valuable the more options the better eh

      • And your wright it is a rain forest so that technique would probably work on just about any tree. I don’t know if there are trees that you wouldn’t want to do that to, do to health reasons. For instance I believe eucalyptus trees are poisonous, I wouldn’t want to tap into a tree that I know nothing about, that may potentially make me sick or do you think that would even be an issue?

      • I just got done watching the 4th episode and one of the contestants just tapped out because he drank to much contaminated water. Water that he tried filtering through moss, because he couldn’t get a fire started to boil the water. A pot did nothing for him except hold that contaminated water he was drinking, so I do see your point.

    • Double sided Axe, big ass knife, 200 feet of rope and pully , Tarp , Bow and arrows , box of tea , wire First aid kit , sleeping bag

    • I would set up a base shelter them once water and live game are found I would move my shelter to an elevated plat form to sleep and hunt wilt game from ie bears dear they do not look up they tent to show up on kill sites keeps dangerous game from you when you sleep. I have some methods you never see on any servival show old school stuff from way back. I could live out there from months being alone is the biggest challenge out there it plays in you thoughts fear is the second everything else anyone could do. If they keep changing game plans it gets real hard in a hurry I’d love to be on the show but that opportunity is so slime like winning the lotto I’m surprise in 6 days 5 tapped out tho weren’t they experts lolz

    • My army issued survival knife . A reflective tarp.a lighter. Lol..a 1000 ft of paracord..my Bible.my gun if allowed if not a bow.a metal pot. A canteen .a siren type of microfone to scare the predictors away or air horn.and last but not least a survival book.jkn a parachute.something u can do 100 things with

    • My name is Greg used to work in construction and now I work for my church and after hours I go to the woods.I live around Searcy Ur and know alot about surviving.My dad loves to reach me a lot of awesome survival skills, but due to an accident in his earlier years he can’t goout much more.I would love to go on this show for him and prove I that I have learned and show my dad that I can live in the wild.I am a prepar at hear; which means I prepare for disastors of any type and I think this would be a great way to show that I am ready to take on the weather, the animals, the thirst,hunger,and the mind games. I am 20 years old and might be young but don’t let that discourage u to give me a shot..I am a good photographer and pretty good video recorder. I love taking photos of nature especially winter.so I’m ready thanks for reading!!(:

  64. Like your list and we would definitely start out with the same approach. I’m wondering what’s on the list of things you can’t bring, I’ve searching but so far I can’t find any such list. I would like to know how much rope a person can bring? As much as you can carry or after so many feet does it turn into a Second item or does it just have to be in one peace when you bring it, regardless of the length? If bows are OK to bring then absolutely, which I think they might be, I thought I saw on the preview someone using a bow and I don’t think he made it there. The bow looked quality, if he made it there then that pretty good. Also would a bow count as one item and one arrow another item or is a pack of arrows count as one item? Or is a package deal, a bow and arrow counts as one? The pully idea I like, that would make getting thing up off the ground a lot easier, and again would that count as an item or if the pully is secured to the rope would the rope and pully count as one? That’s what I’m wondering, because depending on the rules of what counts as one item, I can see that changing what I would bring dramatically.

    • The pulley is to hang big game and for shelter building I’m sure they have a list to go by but aperantly they only pic so called experts so far they seem to know a lot but defiantly not experts out of the survival experts I know I know only one other than me who’s spent more than two weeks in

  65. You seem like you know a lot, what do think about a well. Being a rain forest you probably wouldn’t need to dig to deep. I don’t think it would work close to a beach do to the salt water, but if you move more inland I could see that working. But that’s something I personally never tried.

    • some times you have no options, a well can work but its always dirty 2 feet down is safe safest water is moving water stream river rain.. if water is not in motion it can get bacteria in it. at the point of total de hydration you could take a small stone or peble and put it under your tonge it will by you about 8 hours pretty neat trick. but drinking water from a tied run is really dumb ad fish die and other small sea creatures and the next time tie is in is steams out bad water.. o
      r drink blood from large wild game just as nourishing,
      work at night sleep at day this way you don’t get de hydrated

    • Good question, have you ever had been in a real survival situation, do you have survivor skills, are you willing to take a bear down with ur bare hands, I don’t know any females who are survivalist but would be cool to know one..nothing wrong with a woman giving it a go eh,

  66. David Cameron, I saw your reply and appreciate your positive attitude!!! Thanks for your service to us!!! And good luck! Semperfi!!!

  67. I think it would be fun to do. I mean these guys on the show are a bunch of cry babies if you ask me. I can do what these guys are doing and maybe better than they’re doing it.

  68. I am dating a twin both are very much competitive.. They can survive with anything around them I have witnessed this.. I would like to sign them both up.what a great show that would be.. Please contact

  69. Where the heck is the registration I wanna bring it home for the ladies!!whoop,whoop!hook me up!ya all stand back cause the moneys mine 2016 Im all in

  70. Where do i sign up. I would rather die then leave. My boys will never see me quite. They would have to drag me out of there.

  71. I cannot believe these guys are trained” survival experts”. Whining & crying like a bunch of 3yr old pussies. If I was on this show they would have a hard time finding me to tell me that I won. They just have to give the prize to my family. None of you people have a clue what true reality is!

    • I’m with you Big Dan, four of these guy’s bailed in the first week because they were afraid of their shadows.

  72. I have a lot of questions about the show “Alone”? My big question is what are the rules? No rifles, shotguns, or pistols? What were the total items list the participants could choose from to bring along? I count 19 different items between participants lists. Are there more? Are they allowed to move around or must they remain within a certain distance from drop off point? May they build a structure? May they dig predator falls? May they hunt, trap, snare, kill the predators (Bear, wolf, coyote, cougar)? May participants build weapons? How much footage must participants record each day? Seems like the focus of show is how much the participants miss home. Was that the prevailing background experience requirement of participants…how much they need to be around others? The participant items lists don’t show fire starters, backpacks, clothing, cameras, tripods, satelite phone, and other (required) items. The producers are leaving a lot of information out (on purpose?). Great show concept. A little dishonest in the presentation. If not, prove me wrong and disclose Answers to the above on your website.

    • I’m from Arkansas to I hope one of us can get on and show them how country boys can live in the wild. I’m near Searcy Ar. and we get rain and snow and hot hot summers, but I love it all. Hope if u do make it u win!

  73. Im a father of three and grandfather of ten.Im 54 semi tiered oil patch worker. I’ve always been an outdoorsman and would love the challenge

  74. I want to be on it but my wofe told me I have to be 130lb to join but I am 113lb. Can anyone tell me how to gain weight

    • There is no weight rule to join she full of stuffing best way to gain weight is protein wey. You can buy it at most Heath food places for body building you don’t need to work out just make 4 shakes a day way normally and you will bulk very quickly take about a4 months but it works very well

  75. Hi my Name is Marc, I’ m from the Montreal area and like this show very much. I myself have tones of book smarts but little wilderness experience. I’ m sure that I could survive a similar situation if given the chance. I also think that such a show with the average Joe, placed in this situation would be more interesting to the general public as they could relate more with the participants. rather than a bunch of experts, showing there skills. Mite I add, over half of these so called experts bailed in the first week. Fear was a factor not skill. I can master my fears. I would love to be considered as a contestant in the next season. I will not disappoint.


  77. Am I the only person who questions all of the other cameras? There are obvious displays of panning, angles, etc., etc. If there are no camera crews, then there must be an inundation of cameras on every square inch of land. (I’m aware of each participant carrying his own, along with the motion detectors). It’s actually insulting that viewers are told there is no one else filming.

  78. All I want to say is I can stay longer than anyone that has applied 417-317-4505 David 831wilson@gmail. Com you have week people on this show 417-328-4505 put all my life savings on it.. They should be afraid

    • David I bet some cash you would t last more then 5 days. You have no idea what it really takes you are aware after 72 hours 95% of all people start to lose there minds right any one can use basic skills and service but it’s the thought process and rational thinking that goes whe. The alone factor comes into play most common cause of deal in a servival situation it the ability to be rashanal and collective even the most greatest servival it’s can ask bear grilles not even he does it alone

  79. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for a number of years I wonder how unprepared the contestants were for the rain. Winter here can be days and days of hard rain with temperatures in the low 40’s. Add a strong wind to that and it can suck the life right out of you. I’ve gotten so chilled from just walking across a large parking lot that my head hurt like hell. Something all of you who want to sign up for this show should seriously consider when selecting your survival gear.

  80. Hello, please accept me for the next “Alone” challenge. For $500.000 I would win or die trying. First I would smash the phone! So I had no way to quit. That kind of money would be life changing for my two children. They spoke of being hungry but none look like they came from Auschwitz. worked 16-24 hrs. per day for 12 years.two full time jobs. ex-army, stone mason. put me in so those can laugh if I cry like a little girl , but keep the others far away. Lord of the Flies./chariots of fire, shit. its a half million ,& I don’t have to do any thing illegal. sign me up. Please & Thank you!

  81. From Ohio and most certainly I’d be a huge favor in a survival contest!! .. Don’t like bragging but I’ve lived off the grid half my life!! Bring it sign me up

  82. Hi.
    I’m from a small town in Ontario.
    Going fishing, hunting and being in the wood is why I book my vacations for.
    I want to try this new experience.
    Pick me. Thanks

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