History Channel Gives Car Enthusiasts ‘Lost in Transmission’

History Channel Gives Car Enthusiasts ‘Lost in Transmission’


The History channel is known for providing not only educational shows, but also entertaining programing, and in their latest offering the network is giving car enthusiasts something new in Lost in Transmission. Not only will the show cater to classic car lovers, but it will be hosted by two men who are themselves automotive aficionados. Lost in Transmission will be hosted by Rutledge Wood, a co-host for Top Gear and another car fanatic in George Flanigen. The two men have one goal, to get on the open road in an effort to both rescue and restore some of the most under-appreciated cars, many deemed to be classical, in America.

In Lost in Transmission, Flanigen and Wood, comb through American backyards, garages and barns to find cars that might be considered rare and vintage. Then the duo will help to give new life to the vehicles that they find and get them back on the road to live once more.

The pair will get the chance to resurrect a DeLorean from 1981, that was a victim of Hurricane Sandy, and which was actually submerged in flood waters. There is also a Ford F100 from 1964 that is heavily infected with insects, and that has been subjected to the elements for years. None of the rehabs pictured on the show are for money, but instead they are about allowing Flanigen and Wood to uncover these hidden treasures and restoring them to a like-new condition. It is about getting these truly classical and historical vehicles up and running, after years of neglect.Lost in Transmission

In Wood, there is a car aficionado who can easily spot and find rare cars. Flanigen on the other hand, is much more shrewd, with his eye on the budget. The two car enthusiasts act as counterbalances to each other, in History channel’s Lost in Transmission.

Not only will Flanigen and Wood be on an adventure that takes them on the back roads of the country and well off the beaten path, but they will also encounter some very unique individuals along the way. With Lost in Transmission, both men will get a chance to explore the true heart of the car culture within America.

Adjacent Productions is the producer of Lost in Transmission for the History channel. The channel’s executive producers include Russ McCarroll and Zachary Behr. The show itself has Tabitha Lentle as executive producer.

Car enthusiasts can look forward to the premiere of Lost in Transmission on the History channel in May. The show is scheduled to air on Thursday’s, with the first episode scheduled for May 7, 2015 at 10PM Eastern Standard Time.

By Kimberley Spinney


History Channel Press Release

Photos by Miller Mobley – Courtesy of the History Channel


  1. I have the perfect car for “Lost in Transmisson” A1957 DeSoto fireflight conv. hemi, push button solid body. Has been in garage for years, solid car in dry storage.

  2. PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!! I restored a 66 chevelle back in 1995 drove it till my repairs started to come back to haunt me. Started to take the car apart but now @ 60 years old I’m being tested for cancer and a bunch of stuff that may kill me. I want to hand this car down to my son but I don’t think I have enough time to finish it. I have a new crate engine (572cu 620hp) for the car and a trans that will take up to 850 HP.
    It’s all in the garage waiting for the day that it can see day light again. I’m in Quakertown Pa. that’s about 50 miles above Phila. Pa. I’m @ 267-941-2002
    Please ;et me leave a running car for my boy not a bunch of car parts that he has to figure a way to get rid of. Thanks again Been recording the show,good stuff Keep it up Steven Cohen

    Steven Cohen

  3. Hi there, not sure what you do, one of my buddy’s half ass told me about the show but still unsure, so here goes, if your looking for living dead cars my wife of 21yrs and 1mth to the date we meet has had all 40-70k miles on them, 1 olds tornado (#7 the gold one of the first 10 off the line) 1 67 383 charger, 3 78 grn prix’s 2lj’s-1sj, 1 81 amc concord, 1 81 t-type lesabre, 1 83 regal lmt, 3 84 buick lesabre’s, 1 87regal w/v-8, 1 77 caddy de’elegance, 1 79 trans am, 1 70 blown 1257hp. z28, 1 gm exec.’s 68 olds s convrt. 12bolt posi. 400turbo w/the rated 400 plus hp.455 in 68(yes it had more stock rated hp than the w’s and hurst cars and whipped there bums by 2-3n1/4 car lenth’s every time, thank you doctor olds) all sold and traded up, im left w/ her 85 8in. lift 468 roller b.b. chevy 4×4 picka me up and stomp on you mud/sand truck, 81 1328 hp. blown z 28, 66 caddy Fleetwood, her 68 olds 98 convrt. (never got it fixed because of health probs. that has now left me handicapped,) that’s been parked since 2002, this is the car (hey mama’s big boy if she was in a frisky race mood, or alright big mama top down if going to work or a lazy day, orig. red, but now deep maroon w/ big multi colored flake hence the gender bender) that needs saving, would like to drive by and show it’s mama it finally is all fixed and ready for the show, (before I die)and secretly leave it to my niece gwen, ( who’s in the middle of taking driver’s training) lastly her 68 63k mile survivor Buick GS California w/ a 350 w/stage 1 heads (secret head test for the upcoming 400 stage 1, done in secret in plain sight, no money for new design testing man hours ect. heads not used on 68 gs cars, this car beats them over 2 cars every time and no stock 60’s or early 70’s muscle has got less than 1 1/2 cars close 8 cars at worst, dualquad. ram air’s, tri’s, hurst, w’s, cobrajets, havent raced ac cobra yet that should be the bum whooper, all info from gm engineer 50’s-60’s thru 70’s, my 2 67caddy convt’s 66buick lesabe400 340 engine parts salesman and mechanic/ caddy/buick dealer owner 80’s till 94, heads had certain letters and # stg.1 gm1, later spelled out stage 1) my wife/life was killed due to a known faulty smart traffic light system, while driving her beautiful 83 buick park ave. her daily driver, that’s it, more than any other car her dream was to fix the big baby, hope you can help and this helps you mix it up, if not and might be interested out side of show you have the email, and if need to you can call 5869136567 (for show host or show rep. only, the phone will not accept other calls) THANKS, PETER

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  5. Ok, my take on show, I do enjoy car repair/restore shows. It’s great to help folks who need the help. But,the fellows take the car,and someone else fixes it. yes,maybe some cutting with the plasma,or remove a fender flare.I would like to see “how” you put a Ford 302 in a AMC Eagle, how was the body on the ford p/u that was painted,what panels replaced on the Toyota RV. I have no interest of watching these fellows race each other for 20 minutes, drive a low rider Caddy and get stuck on a high spot,or travel out of State for a fender flare.( I’d would have searched on line). My point, Show whats done,show the good and bad of the car, teach us the detail. That is my take , Thanks, Jim in Ohio.

  6. In 1967, I bought a new VW Bug, two years later while at the theater on a date, it was stolen. It was my very first car I saved and bought. At the time I live in Los Angeles and the police told me its would probably will not be recovered, it was either in a chop shop or parts were already sold. Is there anyway maybe possible it excaped the chop shop and maybe its still around. It was my first love! Is there anything that you guys can do or what can I can do to find it? I really enjoy your show, helping others with their dreams. Thank you, Steve in Sacramento, California.

  7. Holy crap – what world are these people living in – first after looking at some of these so called “restorations” I am embarrassed for these two yahoos – take for example the end of the AMC Eagle video – they must have painted the car with the flat paint to hide the fact that the bodywork really wasn’t done. You can see the dents in the doors and what the ^&*^ is the holes and dent in the rear quarter ? Not to mention the ” we can do it for less” even tho they do NO work themselves other than removing some trim. No – this show is worse than Fast and Loud ( who really do their own builds ) worse than Misfit Garage ( which I didn’t think was possible ) and truly a total cluster from start to finish. Hopefully it will be cancelled and a real restoration show put in its place. To say that hipster Rutledge Wood is an ” automotive expert ” is a joke as far as restorations go. How exactly are they saving money over a “shop” as they mention in each episode other than cutting corners and getting the History Channel to drop some dollars on substandard work – no this show is a joke – please, please let it die a quick death.