Hillary Clinton, Starting Small to Go Big

Hillary Clinton, Starting Small to Go Big


When Hillary Clinton announced her run for the White House, she did it in a small and unique way. She announced her candidacy through a video she launched from her Twitter account. The night before her announcement, it was leaked that her campaign strategy was going to be a smaller, more intimate campaign. This would allow her to get to know the voters and tone down her ‘celebrity’ status. This strategy would also allow voters to get to know Hillary as an individual.

After her announcement to run as a Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary left New York and headed for Iowa in her little ‘Scooby’ van (named after the Scooby-Doo Cartoon). Her first stop on the trip, was a coffee shop in Le Claire, Iowa. While Hillary is in Iowa she is planning to visit a community college and open up a round-table dialogue with the teachers, as well as the students in Monticello. Keeping things small and informal.

On April 14, Hillary said in a fundraising email, that she wanted her supporters to know she will work her heart out and earn every vote. Campaign advisers have set a goal to raise $100 million for the primaries. Hillary is not using a chairman of finance to gain wealthy contributors. However, EMILY’s List, a foundation that bundles campaign donations for female Democratic candidates, who support the right to abortion, has favored her. After her announcement Sunday, EMILY’s List had started collecting contributions for Hillary within hours.

Leaders of Priorities USA Action, a super PAC, has started to ask Democrats with deep pockets, for six figure checks. This organization raised $80 million for President Obama’s re-election campaign. Bill Burton, a former House aide under Obama, who also helped to run Priorities USA Action, says that most of the money comes into the campaign near the end, when the investment feels less like a gamble. However, the most money is needed early in a campaign, so the candidates can determine how they are introduced to voters as well as have the necessary capabilities to respond to attacks from the opposition in the media.

Burton believes the 2016 race for the White House will see more political money than any other presidential campaign. Committees and Super PACs that can raise an unlimited amount of money are backing 11 or more candidates, according to a USA Today poll. Several Super PACs, together, have collected $31 million, in just a few days for Ted Cruz’s campaign.

Hillary’s fundraising will primarily come from smaller donors. Her fundraisers only have to bring in $27,000 in the next month. A much less overwhelming amount to ask from the general public. Donators will be referred to as, “HillRaisers.” Outside groups are bringing in small dollar contributions to the Hillary campaign. Emails that were sent out this week, to Hillary’s 4 million supporters, asked them to checkout Hillary’s campaign website, www.hillaryclinton.com.

January 2016, registered Iowa voters will nominate their preferred candidates for the Republican ticket, and the Democratic ticket. In these early days of Hillary’s campaign, she plans to build grassroots supporters, new supporters. The hope is that her support base from 2008 will be expanded in several different ways.

Even though Hillary’s allies that are looking for large donations, Tuesday, Hillary scrutinized the unlimited amount of money in politics. She said she would support a constitutional amendment that would fix the ‘dysfunctional political system.’ She believes that there is a need to counteract the influence money has on the United States political system, this is one of her goals if she is elected president. The other three main points of her campaign are, helping families, strengthening the economy and protecting the country. Much like what a continuation of the Obama White House.

This is why Hillary’s ‘starting small and going big’ campaign is so important. In going small, meeting people in small groups and collecting smaller donations will keep her consistent with her White House goal to get money out of politics and continue to look like the ‘People’s Champion.’

By Jeanette Smith



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