Google Exec Died in Nepal Earthquake

Google Exec Died in Nepal Earthquake


Google X privacy director, responsible for the company’s more forward-thinking initiatives, Dan Fredinburg, was known to be very adventurous, by climbing mountains, swimming with sharks, and a regular at the week-long desert festival, Las Vegas Burning Man. He made many choices that made him happy, according to his girlfriend, Ashley Arenson. But now the Google Exec, died during the Nepal Earthquake, while hiking Mt. Everest.

Many of his close friends, Google colleagues, and family members gave CNN their sympathetic remarks in remembrance of him. They all stated how wonderful he was to be around, and how he was such an inspiration for them to do things that made them feel happy.

His girlfriend Arenson told CNN that he went on the trip because it was something he needed to do for himself, to learn about his mental and physical boundaries. She also reminisced on how much he was a doer instead of a sayer. Fredinburg is described as a change-maker, she added, he and all of his friends were doing something to change the world, and he just so happened was caught in the middle of a catastrophic change.

Google’s exec died in the Nepal Earthquake along with increasing numbers of other found deaths. He was there to find himself, and ended up in the mist of a tragic change.

By Krystle Mitchell


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