Gisele Bündchen Bids Farewell to the Runway

Gisele Bündchen Bids Farewell to the Runway


In an emotional performance, Gisele Bündchen made her final appearance on the catwalk, saying goodbye to the runway after 20 years. Though she has stated that she will not be done with fashion, her retirement from the catwalk is a major step down for her. In a career that started when she was 14, Gisele stated that she appreciated and enjoyed her experience on the runway, but that it was time to move on. Her husband Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, took a front row seat to her final performance, showing his support as her biggest fan. Her mother, Vania Bündchen, also watched Gisele’s final fashion show, while trying to hold back tears. Tears also came from some of the other models in the show who had worked with Bündchen during her 20-year career. The model, while sad about leaving, made her choice because she said there are much better things to come for her.

As a mom of two, Bündchen is looking forward to having more time for her family. She also stated that she wanted to work in fashion, on projects that she is interested in. As a well-known model, she certainly has a variety of options available for her. In her last fashion show the Brazilian model represented the Brazilian brand Colcci. As a representative of brands like Chanel, Carolina Herrera, and many more, Bündchen’s choice not to perform on the catwalk anymore will hardly effect her income. Especially as the model has her own line of lingerie and has interests in exploring other parts of the fashion industry. After a 20-year career Bündchen certainly has connections in the fashion industry, leaving many doors open for her, even after leaving the runway.

When the announcement was first made, fans and clients went crazy. Bündchen has posted on Instagram that she was grateful for the opportunity and was doing her last fashion show, while still having facets of the business. Many took this to mean that she was quitting modeling altogether. Bündchen’s agent had to explain, to everyone who called in, that she was not quitting fashion, just stepping of the runway. As Bündchen bid farewell to the runway, she stated that the reason was so that she could work on more individual projects, which pleased clients who hold contracts with her.

Her many contracts are actually what provides Bündchen with so much income. Forbes magazine named Gisele as the highest paid model in the year 2014, with a whopping $47 million in contracts. When she started at age 14, she might have never realized what an icon she would become. As she left the runway after her final show on Wednesday, the models put on a show for her, as they all walked out in jeans and t-shirts that represented images of her. At this time, Bündchen had to hold back her tears, as the reality of the choice she was making probably became very real to her.

Bündchen is an icon who has inspired many Brazilian teens and women to go after their dreams, no matter how big they are. Her journey as a model and her representation of many different brands has been a major achievement for her. As she works to spend more time as a mom and focus on more projects for herself, it seems that Bündchen is looking forward to her new venture, away from the runway with the hashtag #thebestisyettocome. Though some sources state that Bündchen will not turn down future opportunities to walk on the runway, others state that Gisele is walking away for good to focus on the future.

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